what's up?

holy crap

i usually don't go so long between posts, especially when i'm not on vacation or otherwise out of town, away from the puter. but i'm just soooo tired after busy days at work and sitting in traffic going home.

actually, i did work on a picture on monday, but after finishing it, decided i didn't like it so much. i have a few other angles on that particular car, so i'll try one of those another day. sorry ernie.

this is one of the solitos' cars, out on the curb by foursquare church last month. i sort of like all their cars i caught out there, so i suppose i'll get around to posting them one by one, eventually. everything's eventual. just need to find enough time.

a bit of perspective

there is a crazy woman in the house on the corner. luxuriating in outbursts turrets-like, showering profanities on those lucky enough to be in earshot. one woman, who happened by with a couple of chihuahuas too close to her yard, was cursed and her little beasties called an assortment of names not to be here repeated.

i was almost afraid she was going to bound out of her house with either a loaded gun or a large kitchen knife at any moment, to keep the imaginary people off her lawn, and from staring at the spectacle that was herself. fruit loop. or maybe a harpie. haven't decided.

anyway, the solitos co-hosted the show with the church. they parked a number of their cars up and down the street in front of the church, so that's where i was too. 

starting with this one, because i liked the angle and the perspective looking down the street. also that it pissed off the old hag something fierce.

his own, personal, jesus

i've been spotting some really incredible impalas lately. clean, etched, engraved, hydraulics, airbrushed and pinstriped.

saw this stylistics car at the church show too.

what might that man be looking at in the trunk besides the engraved hydralical system? ah, there it is now...

the girl on the wheel cover must have been calling him earlier... >:)

so finny

one more for the day, then off to bed.

this one from yesterday at the solitos/whittier foursquare church show. it's a viejitos car. i've probably posted it before, but usually it's ass up against a wall, so difficult to get a nice low angle of the back end.

don't usually see the viejitos this far north, so it's nice once in a while. one of their guys handed me a flyer for their annual show in july. already planning to go to that one again. other side explained why they weren't at the monthly location last time i drove by...they've moved it to a different address.

wondering who they are mourning here...

strike a pose

quick post to start today. upon returning to town yesterday, i went back out to the solitos show down the street. got there after noon, so i suspect a lot of cars had come and gone already. 

anyway, i'll get to those cars after a few more from the harbor show.

noting this one, as i hadn't seen any pontiacs in the church lot, and spied it on the way back to my car. always stop to shoot the hood ornaments. as i was pulling out my camera, this lady come out of the house, saying it was her car, and jokingly saying to take a picture of her with her car. ok, why not? 

opting not to pull out the other camera, this one had the 100mm lens on it, so i would have had to back up half way down the block to get the whole car in the shot. besides, i had left my bag and tripod in the way, so i hope she doesn't mind this snap of her and her car. you're infamous now, as i don't post too many peeps and their cars here. but you asked, so here you are. nice to meet you, and thanks for letting me snag a picture of your hood ornament.


1939 chevy master deluxe

i thought i broke my foot. been hurting for over a month, but for some reason really hurt this past weekend. kind of ruined plans of walking all over san francisco. my better half pretty much wouldn't let me hobble very far. we got down market, over to the ferry building, and to the bow and arrow thing. went to see that oz movie at the mall. but other than that, he pretty much kept me off my feet. imagine what you will.

anyway, i went to the doctor yesterday and had it x-rayed. got a call today, and was told, not broken, but perhaps an old injury had been aggravated. well. i don't remember hurting it before, so why is there a bone chip floating around, and one of the bones a bit out of place? so i'm supposed to soak my foot four times a day—won't my coworkers be so jealous that i'm soaking in it while i work. if only it was palmolive.

i guess i'll be taking it easy for a few weeks. i'm sure he won't let me go lifting my camera bag. and he'll be making me chug milk, so he won't have to do the i told you so about broken bones when i'm older.

anyone going to the show at chicano park? is it worth going? i've seen pics, so i would have to say yes. we're thinking of going next month. hope to see you there.


here's one of the other shots i took at the midnight oldies show that i stopped at briefly a couple of weeks ago. it's nice from the other angle/other side, but i really like the clouds, so get over it.

quick stop

1954 chevy bel air

i've been working so many hours this past week, that i hadn't even been home until last night. stayed at my parent's house, which is closer to the office, but the mattresses there are so fred flintstone. and to top it off, i ran out of the spare clothes i keep in a closet, and almost had to wear my mom's clothes to work. not ready to give in to that yet, so ended up wearing pants i'd worn on tuesday and a clean shirt that happened to be there.

had to go in to the office today to meet some deadlines before i head to san fran for some business meetings later next week. i'd been told about this show off imperial and valley view, but it wasn't supposed to start until 10am. i headed out later to the office than i'd hoped, but earlier than start time for the show, hoping some cars would be there at least. mostly just stalling on going to work, i really didn't want to, but things have to get done. at least i didn't have to be there at any particular time.

there were a couple of clubs there, midnight oldies and the solitos. this one belongs to the solitos. you can see the guys' reflections on the side, as they had their tent right next to it. oh well.

but i had to shoot it from this angle...just look at the clouds. and hey, earlier equals no people walking into my shot. so yay.

hey to the guy who said he had gotten up before six in the morning to clean his car and put it back together. get some sleep.

so, i finished the things i needed to do at the office, and won't have to work tomorrow...any good shows going on ?