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sorry to report the power is back on, so game over. probably a rolling blackout. same time, same length of time as last week. thanks dwp.

anyway, my car should be ready to pick up soon. got my mom to agree to going to the game with me. i think i will just randomly give the other two away when i get there.


here’s one of the older pics that have been languishing in my to do list.

i like the owner; he always says hello. i think his daughter asked me to shoot her wedding a year or two ago, but i turned her down and pointed her to another photographer that does do weddings…not interested in that pressure.

heart and soul

pearlescent. adj. having an iridescent luster resembling that of pearl or mother-of-pearl. 

it does have a pearly white color. it's a bit more refined than glitter-filled metal flake.

either paint is hard to shoot, especially in the sunlight. gave it a shot anyway.

owner was very nice. said this paint was only a few months old, so it would explain why i didn't recognize the car. words pinstriped on the window say "heart and soul." i've seen that on other cars, but don't remember it on one of these.

anyway, he said was going to have the roof done in some other irridescent opal color as soon as he saves up the money to get it done. that will even more of a challenge to photograph. i'm looking forward to it.

strike a pose

quick post to start today. upon returning to town yesterday, i went back out to the solitos show down the street. got there after noon, so i suspect a lot of cars had come and gone already. 

anyway, i'll get to those cars after a few more from the harbor show.

noting this one, as i hadn't seen any pontiacs in the church lot, and spied it on the way back to my car. always stop to shoot the hood ornaments. as i was pulling out my camera, this lady come out of the house, saying it was her car, and jokingly saying to take a picture of her with her car. ok, why not? 

opting not to pull out the other camera, this one had the 100mm lens on it, so i would have had to back up half way down the block to get the whole car in the shot. besides, i had left my bag and tripod in the way, so i hope she doesn't mind this snap of her and her car. you're infamous now, as i don't post too many peeps and their cars here. but you asked, so here you are. nice to meet you, and thanks for letting me snag a picture of your hood ornament.


1940 chevrolet master deluxe

1940 chevy master deluxe

i've shown this one before, but it really is a nice car, and i found it at the viejitos marketplace show in july, mostly off by itself, so why not show it again?

really spectacular paint and pinstriping. can't really say anything bad about it, except for that the glitter paint is so reflective, it blew out detail in spots because of the hot afternoon sun. that's mostly my fault, for not carrying a filter around or something.

it was a good show. i really need to go back through the pictures from that day. it was during the month i was watching the dog, so i really haven't posted much from there. and there have been so many other shows i've been to since then, perfectly good pictures get lost in the shuffle.

so many cars, so little time.

hoochie mama

1940 chevrolet master deluxe

another incredible car from yesterday's show. this one from the sons of soul car club, is black, with brown paint, covered with rainbow flake paint over the wheels and on the roof, pinstriping on the inside and out by kelly n sons, an airbrushed painting on the backseat. the painting on the window names it "hoochie mama." i found it visually stunning and practically perfect in every way.