what's up?

labor day weekend

1940 lincoln zephyr

1940 lincoln zephyr

computer still down, but just as well—hanging out at the hospital anyway. mother-in-law took a ride in an ambulance last night.

relatives in town with a little kid, so i guess we will be taking turns watching the kid vs grannie. kid not coming to hospital. fun times.

needless to say, no car shows, no new pics this weekend.

at least my car seems to be working. if the light comes on again, they say the part is four hundred bucks to replace.


saw this car at my one visit at ruby’s friday night last month. wasn’t really much there, and was able to get around the cars easily for the most part.


1940 buick eight convertible

1940 buick eight convertible

long day of meetings. five and a half miles of walking. nbd. see if i can keep that going when i get home.

back from the mile to the ice machine in the other “wing” of the building. me and my little metal pail…la la. la la la. call me jill.

real creepy long halls, waiting for the kid on his pedal bike.

didn’t sleep well last night, only to wake up to no hot water. could be worse—another lady in the elevator had to switch rooms, as there was water leaking from the light fixtures in her bathroom ceiling.

keep running into people i see every couple of years for these meetings. kind of think we need a secret handshake or to yell nanu nanu.


here’s a sideview of an increasingly well-known chevy, distinguished by it’s wood paneling. it was on a very busy whittier boulevard, so sort of difficult to shoot it from the other side. that, and i was pretty tired by the time i got to it.

short week

1940 buick super

1940 buick super

today’s a holiday. presidents’ day. pick one, and think about him. whatever. i just know tomorrow i’ll think it’s monday all day. and i can’t have breakfast until after i do a blood test, for my doctors who seem to be vampires, so i hope i remember that in the morning too.

going to be busy packing five days of work into essentially three, since i’ll be flying north for a meeting on friday, and i don’t take a computer with me, so pretty much only working for the two or three hours of the meeting.

better half and i finished taking down the xmas tree yesterday. it only ever got about three-fourths lighted, and his mom finally snapped and said take it down. he’s been so busy, he hasn’t had time to even do that.

well now it’s done, he put all the xmas crap back in the garage, and the room has returned to normal usefulness. xmas sucked this year, and seeing this stuff just made me more grumbly anyway.

just sat and watched out the window as storm clouds cruised in, dropped some unexpected rain, and the sun is starting to come back out. i guess it’s about time to head back to my mom’s house. maybe i’ll be back before my short trip, but taking my bags just in case. i feel more like i live out of the bag now anyway.

i see this car a lot. usually the top is down, so it’s probably the first time i have it with the rag top on it.


1940 chevy special deluxe

1940 chevy special deluxe

missing a couple of good shows this morning. just too tired to move. my arm still hurts. maybe this afternoon, i’ll check out a couple of evening shows. better half has been out at the markets, and i’ve been watching his mom while he’s out anyway.


nice car from a few weeks back at salinas tires. limited space, but nice selection to shoot. 

dreary, deary

1940 chevy special deluxe

1940 chevy special deluxe

saw this last summer, at front street. overcast, and darkish, sort of like today. red cars are a pita. the color usually sucks out all the details. maybe the camera sensor doesn't like red. gotta push the color around to give me what i want. clean car.

been busy, as usual. no one reads this anyway, and things i have to say wouldn't be all that interesting to anyone. or would they? nephew is in a magazine today. i can say i know him...sort of like when my better half's nephew danced around and said, "i know her," when i won my first ribbon at the county fair for one of my pictures.

the other day, i was contemplating that i don't own any work clothes anymore. i mean, more specifically, dresses and suits, you know, business attire / girl clothes. company went casual several years ago, and as i outgrew stuff, i didn't replace it. i really hate shopping.

noticing now that i need to buy new casual stuff anyway, it's wearing out. jeans are wearing through. the quality of clothing now is crap; those clothes aren't that old.

now, wondering what i would wear if say, i needed to go on an interview, and/or found a new job, or hey, i'm surrounded by older people in the family...what if...i need a darker outfit?

then my thoughts go to the undergarments.

wore a thong the other day. not sure why i even bothered, as it really didn't cover anything up, make a pair of old pants look better, or protect the parts from irritation.

hey, where's the cotton crotch? how can it 'breathe'? ...does it need mouth to, ya know...resuscitation?

sure my better half loves when i wear them, or nothing, but under the clothes at work, he's not around to see.

and no one wants to see ye olde grannie panties...leave those to my mom.

who is the evil person that thinks they should construct jeans that only go so high up on the hips, so you have to keep yanking them up, or get used to the sensation of them constantly slipping down, and showing the world your ass crack. wait...dudes get away with that look all the time, but at least their boxers cover their butts most of the time.

long brain dump about nothing, sorry. that's what's bouncing around my brain. having to face up to admitting i have to go to the mall. where, i won't find anything that fits, or i like, or is just hideous. i need to learn to sew.

fire water

1940 buick century convertible

saw this back at dino's bomb squad's blessings of the bombs at lincoln park. was the first time i made it out there, and wasn't disappointed. someone said they usually had way more cars, but there were enough for me that day.

the cars parked in the grass here kept moving around, for better positions or for shade, i'm not sure why. maybe just to park with their clubs or friends—basically the same, right?

so, this is it. i just killed off my old website for good, and am now firmly committed to this version. i'm hoping you like how it functions. i still want to kick a few things at it, to make it do stuff it doesn't want to do. it probably won't. i'm not a coder or a tech head.

at least most of what i wanted moved over here without a problem. just need to touch up some of the older posts.

congrats to my nephew and his wife—first kid born last night—welcome annabelle elizabeth, yet another friday the thirteenth baby in the family.

anyone else use listerine? i prefer scope, but had bought some listerine to have at my mom's house. remembered my dad always had a bottle of the original piss yellow stuff in the bathroom when i was a kid.

i got a bottle of the minty green stuff, hoping it would taste better than the original.

the first two seconds of swishing got me that mint i was looking for, but then the original bottled fire flavor i remembered came up behind the mint and had to spit it out quicker than quick. and follow that up with mouthfuls of water.

i am happy to imagine the microscopic germs getting hit with that liquid napalm and the tiny communal screams of a billion microbes being snuffed out in that first two seconds.

thunderous bday wishes

is it a coincidence that the moment i started singing happy birthday into my phone, to make a recording to my daughter, lightning flashed, thunder roared above the house, and it started pissing rain from the skies? granted, it was just around six in the morning, and i was the only one up in the flickering light of the kitchen table, is it a sign? i texted my better half that "they moved the headstones, but left the bodies," it was the feeling of that scene from poltergeist.

and, the song didn't record as singing, just a lightly typo'd text message, where it said her name was danny. sent the message; she was awake, day off from work, so at least she got my last words before whatever the thunderous rains portend.

my sister-in-law and my bro, freshly coming down from the parrothead party at the jimmy buffet concert, texted from the airport, heading home, "happy giving birth day," as she does every year. she hadn't belived me when i said it was going to rain in sunny southern cali, but at least not until after the concert.

i'd hate to be taking off into that deluge. i've watched planes get hit on the runway in vegas, with no damage, but the thought is kind of disorienting. safe trip to them...

lunch is almost done, so i'll just put this one up. put it on instagram yesterday, so its just an afterthought here, isn't it?

beautiful car. was hard to get a shot without people in it. figured i'd just do a different view of it, to mix it up from the usual angles.

1940 buick woodie convertible

told you it shines

1940 chevrolet special deluxe

how'd it get so late?

quick post, then to bed.

ran into my friend ernie and his wife at the dia de los muertos, uptown last week. they said it was the first one they'd participated in, and i don't think any of their other club members were there, unsure that it would be worth the drive.

they offered me a bottle of water, which i gladly took, as i was overheating about that time, and still hadn't had breakfast.

they took a picture of me, so i took a couple of pictures of them. camera wasn't quite the right setting, and it's not quite sharp as i know that lens can be, but it's ok.

i think they might just have had the best spot on the street, as far as shade goes. probably had shade most of the day, which was quite pleasant on a hot day. being their first time there, they didn't know if pop-ups were allowed, so they lucked out.

i told them their car was glowing, with the light sifting through the tree branches. not sure if i captured it, but there's at least a hint of it here.

to the other couple of people who offered me bottles of water, thank you so much if i refused it—i'd just chugged one right before you asked...

goldie lox

1940 plymouth

at my parents' house. they're outta town at a mini family reunion. all my dad's sibs in one place, probably for the last time...it's a good thing. my brothers are there too, maybe to keep the peace, i don't know.

they're all getting old, and don't travel well. at least i know how my old people grumbled as i dropped them off at the airport. my mom would have preferred not going, or maybe a roadtrip, but then my dad would have fallen asleep at the wheel, and taken them both out. i'd really prefer to take his keys away now, even for local trips, but we'd have to pry the keys from his fingers.

mostly, he's fine. it's keeping him away from costco that'd be preferrable just now. no two people need that much food on hand that often, especially stuff that is sold in twenty-four packs and ripe right now. mostly i think he forgets that he already went shopping.

back to my point, i'm here, watching the house, feeding a turtle that is apparently not hungry and sleeping somewhere in the backyard, and an ancient bird who hates everyone that isn't my mom. it's also sort of creepy being alone in this house i grew up in. i just don't live here anymore, so i am not used to the sounds it makes. and there has been someone calling and not leaving messages all day, who also hung up on me when i did answer. probably just a telemarketer, because they're a-holes that way.

i also half expect my kid to sneak in and scare the shit out of me, since he also has a key. he used to do that to my mom, until i pointed out that he was going to literally give her a heart attack. he felt bad and stopped doing that at least. i'm tired, but don't want to turn the light off...little kid in an old bod.

there are several beds to choose from, one that's too hard, one that's too soft, and a couple that fred flintstone would have been happy to sleep on, until i bought them thick foam mattress pads to ease guests' suffering, most often that being me.

anyway, one more day and they'll be home. i'll probably miss ruby's season opener car show tomorrow, but my better half may go just to send me pics of what i'm missing. it's raining here right now, and probably tomorrow, so maybe the show will start next week, if the clouds head to whittier...

such a busy month ahead for me, i will just have to endure it, and fit in a couple of weekend shows as i can.

i've seen this plymouth before, in previous years at chicano park. people mostly shoot it from the other side, and from the front. i got that shot too. but i am hoping to see things a little different, so here's a shot from the back. i need to post some cars from other areas of the show, than just by a mural wall. the cars are interesting on their own, without the added prop of the art. that is, unless it's more about the location and the car is incidental to the scene...

now i'm just rambling, and i should get some sleep. i'm sufficiently tired enough to not give a rat's ass if the bogey man showed up.