what's up?

thunderous bday wishes

is it a coincidence that the moment i started singing happy birthday into my phone, to make a recording to my daughter, lightning flashed, thunder roared above the house, and it started pissing rain from the skies? granted, it was just around six in the morning, and i was the only one up in the flickering light of the kitchen table, is it a sign? i texted my better half that "they moved the headstones, but left the bodies," it was the feeling of that scene from poltergeist.

and, the song didn't record as singing, just a lightly typo'd text message, where it said her name was danny. sent the message; she was awake, day off from work, so at least she got my last words before whatever the thunderous rains portend.

my sister-in-law and my bro, freshly coming down from the parrothead party at the jimmy buffet concert, texted from the airport, heading home, "happy giving birth day," as she does every year. she hadn't belived me when i said it was going to rain in sunny southern cali, but at least not until after the concert.

i'd hate to be taking off into that deluge. i've watched planes get hit on the runway in vegas, with no damage, but the thought is kind of disorienting. safe trip to them...

lunch is almost done, so i'll just put this one up. put it on instagram yesterday, so its just an afterthought here, isn't it?

beautiful car. was hard to get a shot without people in it. figured i'd just do a different view of it, to mix it up from the usual angles.

1940 buick woodie convertible

sun up

1950 chevy deluxe

from the first show of the day. we got there a little late; i'd snoozed the alarm a couple of times, having gone to bed late, then the third time i'd accidently set it to a weekday alarm. duh. just happened to wake up about six.

still arrived just about roll in time, so we still found parking and had stuff to shoot. really nice cars and many clubs showed up. tried to make the most out of the sun, which was already coming up. most of the beautiful light was hitting the back parking lot, where there were only regular cars still parked at the time, so that was unfortunate.

out here in the front, the host club's cars—old memories eastside—were still in the shadow of the building. had to go over to the far side to find something with some light hitting it.

this one turned out ok, though the camera sensor really didn't like it. had to blur out some horizontal lines, that i could otherwise not explain.

apologies to the club guy who had spoken to my better half about getting a picture of the club, then sent him my way because he wasn't carrying the right lens. we had to leave after a couple of hours, so maybe another time, when your group is already gathered.

armando’s bel air

armando is one of a very few car owners that will stop and chat with me, even if i look busy, or pissed, or whatever you want to say my face looks like. i'm not pissed. usually just have sun blazing into my eyes. hate wearing sunglasses taking pictures.

he usually drives a thirty-nine pontiac.

this show, i see him, but i dont' see the pontiac. he walks over to say hi, shakes hands with my better half and myself, and points out this bel air. oh, and that they've made their plaque fancier.

never did mention whether this is his other car, or if he got rid of the pontiac.

this is nice, but i see them all the time. pontiacs are harder to come by.

feeling dizzy

still have more from this show to work on. only stayed three or four hours, but still took over thirty gigs of pictures; pretty typical. stayed until my side started hurting more than i could ignore it. doctors don't know what it is; i'm thinking i've pulled some muscles walking my kid's dog, or is it him walking me? i can think of no other reason. took some follow up xrays, and the cracked rib seems to be healed.

anyway, was out and about today, side still hurting. stopped by the classic oldies toy drive show, so i'll stop with this one for a few days, and post some of those up.

walked up to the post office and took a longer way, several blocks out of the way home, and just started feeling dizzy. no reason. made it home, and still feeling wobbly and overheated. maybe too much sun today?

i do like the rainbow building in the background, so i may be over posting it too much lately. lots of color and texture of the building playing off the silkiness of the cars is just enticing to me.

parking a fleetline in front of it, just makes it better. love me a fleetline...

pop’s car

i'm getting a little lazy recording which car belongs to which club. i jumped around from one side of the street to another, from car to car, so even if they are parked in groups, i don't necessarily remember which. and then some cars don't have a plaque anyway.

i'm not seeing who this car might belong to, but i do remember a guy asking where he could see the pictures, because it is his "pop’s" car.

i shot the back end too, but i'm not too jazzed about it.

still need to decide if i like any of the pictures i shot of armando's bel air...

under the rainbow

another from this past weekend. i've had a request for more, so i'll put them up as i can. took me more than an hour and half to get home today, and i had to get some other stuff taken care of before sitting at my computer.

got a few shots of cars lined up parallel to the sidewalk early, before they started moving them into the final locations, crammed in together. just another reason to be there early. and usually, the guys are out and about chatting with others they haven't seen for a while, so the cars are all mine. they watch, but mostly are out of the shot.

this impala is beautiful. i'd drive it. love the back of these.

the sideview above was selected to show at the twenty sixteen orange county fair.

early bird

most shows we go to have a posted drive in time and start time. but the host club is usually there beforehand to set things up, traffic, trophies, organizing stuff. 

that means, to us, anyway, that there is always a guarantee of something to shoot if you get there early.

start time this morning was seven. my better half looked at the time stamp from last year's photos, which said about six-thirty, and it was already getting busy. 

so this time, we figured the sun rises by six now, we'll get there before that. we did. about five-thirty. still dark. stores closed. laundry mat didn't even open until six. supposed to rain, but not until afternoon.

drove down the street, just to make sure the no parking signs were up, and that the thing hadn't been cancelled. they were, so we went back around and parked in the parking lot. we chatted about nothing, watched the sun come up, the lady open the laundry, and several women arrive with loads of wash with their choice of machines.

probably about six-thirty we heard the first sputtering engines in the area, and then a few cars arrived. finally. so we got out, unpacked and shot the few that were there.

then the clubs started to show up slowly. originals got there first. clouds came and went, and came back again. we had missed the sunrise, but the skies were making up for it.

weather was the way, i wish it would be all summer. not too hot, not too cold.

saw many people and many cars we've seen before. took time to chat with people, since the light was interesting, and not quickly changing to full sun.

i don't remember seeing this car ever. nice to be suprised once in a while. really beautiful. i caught it before they moved it. and then, only moved it to face the opposite direction, to mirror another packard behind me.

i liked this shot, with the sky, and from this direction, with few other cars, and definitely not the lightpost in the way.

almost forgot

i had to boot up an old computer yesterday, to do some work at home, connecting to my puter at the office. today, i had the day off, to get my car fixed. needed regular maintenance and a new starter. awesome.

they needed the car until the end of the day, so i was stuck at home. since the computer was still hooked up, i figured i'd take a look at what files i had on there. found some 2013 files on the hard drive. while looking through over four hundred and fifty pictures of stuff i'd tagged to work on (shows you all the cars i'll probably never get around to fiddling with), i saw stuff from the old memories eastside veterans' day show.

i forgot that the holiday was coming up. i suppose since i haven't been out much lately, no one had a chance to tell me about it. a little internet search confirms that they are having the show again this year...would have been so bummed if i'd missed it. we really enjoy their show.

so, we'll be there early next week. better half is already thinking of getting his wagon out and setting up his video camera contraption he can roll down the street. me, i'll be doing the thing i like doing best, hauling my tripod and picking out my favorite cars and bikes to shoot.

fun land?

so the beginning of the holidays. so the beginning of my annual crap attitude. don't know why. just don't care about the holidays anymore. just want to hide until they are over.

but i do like the time off. i have so many deadlines at work right now. thought about logging on and getting some of it out of the way, but decided not my fault they are letting all that work pile up; i was going to have a long weekend too. i'll be stressed out on monday, but oh well.

anyway, i've spent a couple of days watching game of thrones again. relatives are visiting, and they've put up the tree and wrapped the zillion lights on the branches. they're all helping my mother-in-law throw up christmas all over the house. i don't even want to go shopping.


nice truck. don't think i've seen it before. i really just liked how it looked from here.

still trying to figure out why, or is it how, that business could be called childrens dental fun land. some of those words just don't jive together. or if i let my imagination run...for starters, i envision slides and bounce houses with dentists chasing kids with pointy instruments; maybe closer to a stephen king novel, with dentists instead of clowns...