what's up?

emerald city

1939 chevrolet master deluxe

one from about this time last year--at dino's bomb squad's blessing of the bombs. haven't seen a flyer for this year, or i'd add it to my calendar.

they said it usually gets packed, but not last year, not while i was there. not when the priest went around flinging holy water around. beaded right up on those shiny polished cars.  

i'm sure there was something else going on, so a lot of cars were siphoned off there. 

still, nuff pretty cars showed up. reviewing old files, and saw that i hadn't posted this one. i like the color, but it does take some getting used to on this model, being so different from the typical/traditional black. 

bunny ears

1954 chevrolet

so it's easter sunday. closest thing i could find to an easter bunny in my recent files. the trees kinda look like bunny ears, right?

can't control the backgrounds in a picture. shoot them where you find them, and this happened to be here. nice car, an interesting, but unfortunate backdrop. i guess i need to follow the same rules as you should when shooting pics of people...watch for things sprouting from the head...eh, fuck the rules.

took a walk up greenleaf this morning, then stopped at the whittier cinemas on the way back. skipped the long ass lines for superman vs batman, and watched a chick flik, big greek wedding 2. it was neither great nor sucked; it just was. was a continuation in the life of, and not all that suprising a story. even room for another movie if they are in search of more money.

ate too much popcorn, and the coke at the front counter was flat, but the refills from the concession stand in the back hall, were much better and bubblier. now not hungry for lunch.

as usual, i'm seeing classic cars drive by, out the window, while i work. say it in a whisper, a la the sixth sense, "i see old cars..." they aren't dead, but very much alive. my own personal car parade, just past the window.

i think we'll go back out for another walk uptown for lunch now. hope to see a few more cars before dark.

shadow king

i'll just post this picture up from last week, while i wait for this weekend's pics from south gate and walnut high school download. gonna be a while. feeling sleepy too...been up since five a.m. lightly toasted by the sun while at the high school, so my skin is all tingly too.

this picture seems a bit dark on my screen. i think i'll go back in and tweak it a bit after the download is done. nothing like kicking the pixels to make them behave. actually, a lot of my pictures seem a bit dark lately. too much sun, or maybe just my screen.

chevy baby

1957 chevrolet bel air

another week of being away. things got busy, my daughter was still in town. generally exhausted by week end.

i've been away, and unable to post more pics from last week, and i'm already looking forward to tomorrow's show in south gate. should we say, i'm gathering my nuts for a rainy day. they still say rain is coming before summer comes slamming back, with it's wall of heat.

pretty sure i've seen this one somewhere else, though i can't quite pinpoint it in my memory just now.

it was just sitting there, with some space around it at this point in the show, so i took a few shots. 

even went back later to shoot the back end. something about it just isn't the right angle to make me happy, but i told the owner i'd post something. the shots are ok, i just know there is a better angle or something, and i know i didn't get it. maybe next time.

lights out

got too late to post last night. fortunately, the power just went out here, in the oc, so i can't do any work. they're trying to find out if the construction site nearby cut a line. awesome.

anyway, back to the blessing of the bombs...

i liked the show a lot. even made a wrong turn off the freeway, and ended up where we needed to be, got a great parking spot. totally was in the neighborhood where my former sister-in-law/comadre lives. only really see her at weddings and funerals now, so didn't stop to see if she was home. probably visiting her mother, since it was sunday. i digress...

we got there about nine-thirtyish. flyer said it started at ten, priest not arriving until after eleven. we took advantage of the open spaces and the cars that were there, which were exactly the kind i was hoping for.

never had been to this park, and my better half took time out to check out the abandoned city pool and the building nearby, where he enjoyed his breakfast/lunch. open space building, with cement picnic tables, and what appeared to be a burned out snack bar at the far end. chicken wire covering the ceiling area; not sure if it was meant to be highly ineffective at preventing birds from nesting, or to give absolutely no confidence in stopping any falling pieces of ceiling concrete or plaster.

the priest arrived with a videographer and photographer, and a few others in his entourage. he carried a bottle of water, aquafina or similar, with the label removed. he used that to fling water at cars, and also people. didn't hit me. that's fine, probably because of the cameras. maybe i'm not worthy. lol. i'll get over it. over it already.

watched the woman in this car being directed by another girl, on how much room she had, before she would hit the curb. i waited until they both got out of the car and off to wherever they were going.

don't shoot a lot of these, but the paint was exceptional, so here's the front end.

power still out. too much longer and the higher ups will bite the bullet and send us plebes home for the day.

bless the bombs

1954 chevy bel air

sorry, this will be brief. it's late, and i gotta an hour to drive before bed.

went to dino's bomb squad's blessing of the bombs show. never been. i'll go again. everything i like, in one place.

heard it's usually a bigger show, but there was plenty to appreciate.

i'll post this shot, since it was the last one i took for the day. yay for the clouds—probably scared some people away, but it didn't rain anyway.

under the rainbow

another from this past weekend. i've had a request for more, so i'll put them up as i can. took me more than an hour and half to get home today, and i had to get some other stuff taken care of before sitting at my computer.

got a few shots of cars lined up parallel to the sidewalk early, before they started moving them into the final locations, crammed in together. just another reason to be there early. and usually, the guys are out and about chatting with others they haven't seen for a while, so the cars are all mine. they watch, but mostly are out of the shot.

this impala is beautiful. i'd drive it. love the back of these.

the sideview above was selected to show at the twenty sixteen orange county fair.

almost forgot

i had to boot up an old computer yesterday, to do some work at home, connecting to my puter at the office. today, i had the day off, to get my car fixed. needed regular maintenance and a new starter. awesome.

they needed the car until the end of the day, so i was stuck at home. since the computer was still hooked up, i figured i'd take a look at what files i had on there. found some 2013 files on the hard drive. while looking through over four hundred and fifty pictures of stuff i'd tagged to work on (shows you all the cars i'll probably never get around to fiddling with), i saw stuff from the old memories eastside veterans' day show.

i forgot that the holiday was coming up. i suppose since i haven't been out much lately, no one had a chance to tell me about it. a little internet search confirms that they are having the show again this year...would have been so bummed if i'd missed it. we really enjoy their show.

so, we'll be there early next week. better half is already thinking of getting his wagon out and setting up his video camera contraption he can roll down the street. me, i'll be doing the thing i like doing best, hauling my tripod and picking out my favorite cars and bikes to shoot.

ninja turtles

i'd like to think that manhole cover is about to fly several feet in the air, and leonardo is going to spring out and kick shredder's ass. but only if it's the turtle from the original movie, not the roid ragers from the reboot. really, can't hollywood do anything new, without creaming themselves on updating old, perfectly good movies in search of an easy dollar?

hopefully, said manhole cover won't hit that pretty chevy back there. from a hot day in los angeles, at a church show i'd never been to, and only did because i had other plans cancelled. i think i would go again, earlier, if they host the show again next year.

vegas, baby

here i sit, all by my lonesome. meetings all week. missed pomona this morning.

spent a few hours walking around an automobile collection/display at the linq in las vegas. no tripod, and indoors, so curious if any of the shots came out ok. using a camera i hardly ever use, since i didn't want to haul the big bag out here. it can wait at home with my better half...next saturday is whittier uptown car show, at last! also supposed to go to a bridal shower that same morning, but we'll see...


last post until i get back, since i had this picture ready to go. blvd bombs car show in los angeles, i think a couple of their cars. i liked the pop of that yellow car, and also that it was a fleetmaster--just love the lines on those and fleetlines. the church building behind somehow just helps the composition. i liked it, anyway.


sun starting to set here, so over and out...night d.