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back in black

1959 cadillac coupe de ville

1959 cadillac coupe de ville

made it out to pomona this morning. after the hike in from the parking lot, i probably only shot for a couple of hours. first time out in a few months, and i was getting exasperated by the people walking through my shots, and just the fact of the pomona swap meet—so many cars, on the move and parked together, ebb and flow of people. it gets overwhelming and boring at some point.

it was a good two hours to bang out some crap pictures, and remember what i used to do. kick start how to 'see' again, mostly anonymously. no one really bothered me.

better half had gone with me, to make sure i was ok, i think. he brought his camera bag with him, but mostly just shot the sunrise, before calling it a day. it was a really nice sunrise, i'll give him that.

got somewhat frustrated after the sun came up, when i wanted to shoot some details, but my second camera is having issues and giving me card errors. finally brought out the a6000, but the lens isn't what i wanted to use, so promptly sacked that one. guess i'll have to send it in for repair, since it's relatively new, and it doesn't seem to be a card issue.

this was the last car i shot, before calling my better half to see where he had wandered off to. he had been hungry earlier, so i assumed he'd gone to eat, and wander the aisles of parts. turns out, he hadn't eaten, and decided the pavement on the aisles was too rough for one of his cameras bouncing around in the bag, with it's delicate sensor.

so i said, i'd had enough, and we left to find breakfast/lunch on the way home.

my favorite end of this cadillac, with the great fins, and dual bullet lights. there was a woman sitting just off to the right end of the car, and her legs kept getting in the shot. so screw her, cropped it to the essential bit of the car. more interesting this way, anyhow.

get out from behind

1959 oldsmobile ninety-eight

still feel like i've been smacked by a baseball bat in the face, but don't look as much as if i did today. seriously thinking of going to legg lake and seeing what's up. >>update: went to legg lake, scoped out all different lots, both sides of freeway--no good times being had. too tired to drive over to lincoln park, so my weekend is done before it begun. shoulda gone out yesterday. 😞<<

wondering if my arms will work, and let me pull my bag and carry the tripod from one end to the other, and have the energy to make it back to the car. seriously. wtf is wrong with me?

i'm supposed to take a portrait of an exec at work this week, and i'm outta practice on taking any type of picture. 

but the sun is soooo bright in my eyes, and it's hard to focus with sun glasses on. at least the weather is perfect.

lately, i've gone uptown about once a day or so, to get lunch or dinner, but mostly to scope out any old cars that may be parked there. if i can't get to a show, i go look for any that may come to me. there are the usual few, belonging to people who work uptown, and then there are always classic cars and harleys that drive through daily. shoot em with my phone, and post on instagram...better than nothing.

saw a poster yesterday for the annual dia de los muertos show uptown. last year was more car show than art show. hoping for the same this year. at least it's down the street and i can go home if i don't feel good.

i've shot this car before. friendly father and son usually go along with it, but didn't see them this day, at the uptown show. it's an unusual car, and i can't recall seeing another one like it, so i always take a shot of it when i see it. such a nice back end.


1959 cadillac coupe de ville

1959 cadillac coupe de ville

feeling a little misty, sentimental, a little cadillac kinda mood. maybe it's just me being tired. was looking for something in my archives, while waiting for my hair to dry, and this car from two-thousand and thirteen caught my eye.

out in rialto, at the annual run whatcha brung show, shooting down low. my better half's old wide-angle lens, that i basically took over until i bought the one i used now. i almost think it's better than the new one...the fade off into blurred detail is a bit farther.

love the pointy back end and the bullet lights. looks so yum

i was nominated for some new award at work. they announced the winners today...i wasn't one of them. and you know what, i'm ok with it. really didn't think what i was nominated for compared to those who did win, and i was actually really mostly relieved that i didn't have to stand up in front of the crowd, and/or have to pose for pictures. hate that part.

they didn't get big hardware or a chunk of crystal, that i would have added to my collection of other glass sitting on an led base, all blinged out, but hey, i still got some brownie points just for the nomination. i'm saving up to get enough for another camera body someday.

sort of like getting the honorable mention on my picture at the fair.

fair day

1959 chevy impala

was my turn to run all over hell and back today. 

decided to run down to the oc fair really quick, to see my pictures on the wall. had to go down to my office just to turn on my computer so i can do an unexpected/unplanned work from home day tomorrow, and the fair was on the way.  

got there just before they opened the parking lot, so got a good, close parking spot near the entrance. then, since i already had my ticket, got to head straight to the entry gate, where i ended up being first in line, which meant i got to stand under the tent cover, out of the sun until official open time at eleven. you don't know how much i needed that. 

they let us in at eleven on the dot. i stopped for a drink before heading to the visual arts building, where i had to sit outside until i finished it, since i wasn't going to trash an eight dollar drink.

found my pictures in the usual place, the far corner of the building. two cars, one ferris wheel...ferris wheel got an honorable mention, wouldn't you know. hope my better half can go see them sometime. 

spent an hour looking at all the other art in the building and enjoying the air conditioning. so chill. the weather outside was actually pretty good, being relatively close to the ocean, a breeze blowing constantly, and some cloud cover as i headed back to my car. 

another ten miles down the freeway, five minutes in the office, and the return trip to whittier, with three stops at various stores, with a brief shopping list at each. hot in whittier, and managed to miss whatever they were doing uptown and streets were open again. 


damn stunning paint job on this impala at the imperials show. usual internal whining about needing to drag a ladder with me sometime. i do love the back ends on these cars, sleek curves up to the arcs of the fins. 

a scare

1959 chevrolet impala

went to the harbor knights hit-a-thon car show rather late today. i vacillated all morning, and the clouds outside seemed about ready to burst for a good while. finally flipped a coin, thus deciding it.

of course most halfway there, it starts to sprinkle. i momentarily pull into the in-n-out lot, ready to throw in the towel and have lunch. but then i decided, i'd just head over and see if anything/anyone was still there.

sprinkles let up the closer to the beach i got.

got to the high school, saw banners at the entrances, but could not see a show from the street. almost thought it was over, but then this impala drives up. i had gotten out of my car, about the same time, heard an announcer somewhere mumble something, then the music started.

so he figured out the gate was unlocked, and drove in, and i followed. show was hidden behind the buildings, on the basketball courts. super secret. glad i got out of my car.

this was a beautiful car...

being that it's now after midnight, i'll have to continue later.

let's just say, after the show, had a family emergency, and that's all i'm going to say about that.

rain delay

1959 pontiac catalina

raining most of this week, so i've been staying at my parents' house, since it's closer to work. the drive is infinitely easier than the drive down the five from whittier any day. 

hence, far from my computer, i can't work on new pictures, and must choose from a couple of slightly stale pictures squirreled away just for a rainy day. 

this back end will do. fin-like bits and lots of chrome all up in your face. ya, that's the ticket. 

hoping the rain really does stay away for the weekend; thinking i'll go shoot some cars at pomona. 

made in the shade

1959 oldsmobile ninety-eight

been a couple of years since i've seen this one. it was at the last whittier uptown show, i've seen pictures of it, but i had to get out of town that day, and didn't get far enough down the street it was on when i rushed through the show.

find this car, you find a dad and his very friendly, well spoken kid. didn't see the dad at first, but the kid walked right over and asked if i remembered him, which i did. don't run into too many kids that straight forward, so he's memorable.

saw the dad sitting with the kid in the corner, by the car, as we were on our way out, so we waved.

better half has spent the day rearranging furniture for his mom, in preparation for bringing the xmas tree in from the garage. the annual xmas blitz. i believe the theme this year is elves, so the tree will be smothered in lights and the elf on the shelf times one-thousand.

heard about the klique show at lincoln park, but wasn't on our calendar, and we had other stuff to get done. kind of a bummer.

i've been out a couple of times today, but only to get some lunch and go to the market—making banana bread and needed walnuts for my mother-in-law's loaf made with splenda vs the good stuff—more a walnut bread with some bananas, i call it her prison loaf. she really likes walnuts.


1959 chevy impala

had a hard time getting up and out of the house today. just feeling out of it. finally decided to get dressed around noon, and head down the street to the show at the high school, a fundraiser for the football team. it was poorly advertised, as school shows go. only noticed a couple of flyers taped to business windows uptown, in alcoves, not the best locations to be seen.

i hadn't been to a show at the high school for several years; that one had been for the baseball team, and had way more cars, and of the types i cared about, so i had high expectations for this show.

this show had a disappointing majority of muscle cars vs the bombs i look for, but since this was a football fundraiser, that would be the crowd i'd expect to find. seemed to have been a tent with someone signing autographs in the midst of the new model mustangs, but i have no idea who it may have been.

did enjoy watching some dude in a mustang not paying attention, while wanting all the attention, driving into the parking lot, and somehow managing to drive over a parking block with a bang. took a whole group of guys to help direct him off the thing without doing damage to his side panel.

there were a few cars from each of a few clubs we were familiar with, and my better half and i were greeted with "about time you showed up" from more than a few people. they're more used to seeing us at sunrise i guess.

spent about an hour and a half at the show, before i overheated and we'd shot most of the stuff we liked.

this little detail is from ronnie's fifty-nine impala. its late—i'll have to add a picture of the car some other time.

after the show, i had to go deal with a flat tire on my car. like, one thing has led to another since my car got hit last month. i don't know why. got it to the tire store, and they found a nail in it and patched it up, so i guess that will be good for a while. 

then we went out to see about getting the alarm on the car working right again, but they were getting ready to close and aren't open tomorrow. so that may take another week before i get it fixed.

stopped by my parents' house the other day. they recently got a new used car to replace their old one that had been totaled in minor accident. had just gotten it registered, since the dmv had been downed by a hacker in their system, and they finally felt able to drive it. 

apparently my dad was backing up in a parking lot, had looked once for anyone behind him, and started to back up. either he didn't see the other car coming up behind him, or they didn't notice him backing up, and now the new car is back in the same shop that totalled the other car.

my mom said he just wasn't used to the height of the brake pedal in the new car. i think it is more his reflexes are getting slower and he can't lift his leg so high or quickly. still can't talk him out of giving up driving; it's one of the last things he has that gets him out of the house. anyone that has ideas on how to convince an old person its time to give up driving, please let me know.


1959 chevrolet impala

same clubs and cars always seem to get these spaces under the solar panels at san fernando. i suppose because they usually pull the wheels off, and stick mirrors under them, tossing shiny marbles around as decoration.

i guess i understand the why, but at that point, i usually move along. not interested in the soft underbelly of the car, and all the clean chrome that might be found there. 

caught this one before they had a chance to pop the hood, or balance it up on three wheels or something similar. pretty sure he moved it soon after i took this shot, since i only have the one of it.

after a few hours research, and looking at the last minute booking prices, we decided to just take a train down to san diego for our vacation. better half had an email with an incredible deal on a room for a week, as compared with other hotels in the area.

anywhere else in the united states, aside from washington dc, was going to be out of the question due to price and/or weather issues, so one less thing to worry about.

last time we did a week anniversary trip in san diego, it rained most of the week. really didn't matter. i like the rain, and i like to hang out with the better half, so we did fine. forecast this year is hot and sunny, so hoping to get out a bit and see stuff.

too bad we're gonna miss the last games of the baseball season by a week. had an opportunity to get four tickets to a padres game last week, but i just got back from my road trip, and couldn't do it. my son's former college roommate made the team a year or so ago, and seems to be doing well. would have been fun to watch him play.

well, the good news is that we will be able to get to the saint hilary's show on saturday; bad news, we'll be unable to go to san pedro—have fun jimbo39. take lots of pictures and post them!

under the bridge

1959 chevrolet impala

one of the joys of arriving way too early to a show, is the line-up or staging area for the cars. when there are no reserved spots involved, or they are there to claim areas for their club members, being first in line has its advantages.

there are always cars in the street that leads to the entrance onto the grass at chicano park. they let vendors in way earlier than anyone else. so cars are parked, and owners are out socializing or sleeping in the car. often kids are bouncing around inside the car, parents keeping an eye on them from nearby.

i think there were some young girls in this one, but i'm low enough you can't see them, unless they were right in or hanging out of the windows.

my better half spoke to the owner, said i'd be more likely to post a picture of it in this decade than he would, though i think he has actually posted a couple of shots in the last couple of months. quite the increase of one a year for the last few. he's been a bit busy taking care of his mom, but she's been a lot healthier, so he has relaxed a bit more. he's been going to more shows with me, experimenting with his various lenses and camera setups. more fun than just being my bag boy, i hope.