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under the bridge

1959 chevrolet impala

one of the joys of arriving way too early to a show, is the line-up or staging area for the cars. when there are no reserved spots involved, or they are there to claim areas for their club members, being first in line has its advantages.

there are always cars in the street that leads to the entrance onto the grass at chicano park. they let vendors in way earlier than anyone else. so cars are parked, and owners are out socializing or sleeping in the car. often kids are bouncing around inside the car, parents keeping an eye on them from nearby.

i think there were some young girls in this one, but i'm low enough you can't see them, unless they were right in or hanging out of the windows.

my better half spoke to the owner, said i'd be more likely to post a picture of it in this decade than he would, though i think he has actually posted a couple of shots in the last couple of months. quite the increase of one a year for the last few. he's been a bit busy taking care of his mom, but she's been a lot healthier, so he has relaxed a bit more. he's been going to more shows with me, experimenting with his various lenses and camera setups. more fun than just being my bag boy, i hope.