what's up?


hi there. just fiddling around, and thought this was interesting, even if it is slightly out of focus. 

i spent an hour or so trying to make some edits to it, but of course, i did something wrong, and it wouldn't export properly, so feck it, here's the thing straight from the camera.

always interesting to see how bikes are displayed. trying to determine what the owner is trying to say about himself by what is included in the setup. sort of a forensic science. make up a story to go with this diorama. or just enjoy the bike—it kinda cool, even without the booze bottles, which don't impress me...and they're already empty, so what fun is that?


1936 buick

another monday. empty parking structure at work. this early, not expecting too many, but monday is always empty. holiday is next week, right? 

made it out to a cruise at manny's el loco this weekend. i seem to be only squeezing in one show a week nowadays...how times have changed. go with the flow at home. not expecting things to get better anytime soon.

anyways, what was i saying? oh ya, manny's...smallish turnout.  not sure if that was typical, but there was enough i like to shoot to have made it worth the trip. saw at least two clubs i know, and am always greeted warmly by at least one of their members. good to know someone at a show i've never been to, and when my better half isn't with me.

didn't make it to a morning show, so waited till the end of the day, avoiding the heat for the most part. should have stayed later and worked on some night time images, but i'll settle for sundowners. 

don't think my camera sensor is too happy about shooting the sun, but i like catching the rays and sun flares. it's a little different, and need to change things up sometimes. 

at the bar

1960 chevy impala

no car shows for me today. our family member is in the hospital again. i will have to go tag out my better half, so he can go home, shower and get a few hours of sleep.

this is a crap picture. i know it is a crap picture, but it is how i feel at just this moment...so close, but can't go. it was a different kind of shot though, through the bars, at cars driving into the show.

they didn't stop long enough for me to get a clean shot, but the idea is there.

hoping everyone at the shows today keep cool...going to be in the nineties by noon. hate summer, really do.

two weeks until the whittier uptown show...just down the street...that i can go to...

cinco de mayo

1957, chevy bel air wagon

the annual season opening cruise night at ruby's in whittier fell on cinco de mayo this year.

first and last shows here are usually overflowing with goodness on wheels. being that it was a 'holiday' or excuse for a lot of people to get more drunk than usual on a friday night, it did not get as busy as i would have wished.

being that our family member was still in the hospital in the middle of los angeles at the time, i chose not to endure that traffic, and spent the day at home alone, cleaning, working, and running laundry in anticipation of the patient's return.

end of the day, decided to get out of the house, and headed over. i didn't really hit this show that much last year, and figured it would get a few cars i'd like to shoot, in spite of the party day.

i took some pictures, chatted with a few people i hadn't seen in forever (hey dave), and shook the cobwebs from my head.

got home, downloaded the pics, and promptly forgot about them for a couple of weeks. figured i should post one, for the hell of it at this late date.

i mostly have gotten over fifty-seven chevys, as they are quite numerous, but i still love to shoot the fins. didn't do it this time, since i was trying to get the building sign in the shot. that, and the speaker there was a bit loud on the eardrums to stand there for very long.

it was slightly hot out that evening, i started having a hot flash, and my head got swimmy, so i packed it up after about an hour and a half.

stepped up

1941 chevy special deluxe

staying at my parents' house this evening. went out for a walk after work. felt good to get out, though it was hotter than the last few days have been.

decided i needed a destination--seems to be the only way to make me take that first step. i needed dinner, so headed to sonic for a burger. i know, doing something good to get something bad, but i don't eat the whole thing, and only a few fries, so sorta ok. 

well, my phone shows just under five miles to show for my trouble, so, got more than the mythical ten thousand steps the mythical "they" recommend. 

therein lies the problem: finding the time to do it consistently and often. say if i don't post a picture unless i've put in my steps, i'd probably post as often as my better half...not anymore. easier to do at my mom's because there's no computer here for me to work on my pictures.

but then, i have my phone or my ipad, and a couple of pictures all ready, waiting for some words to go with them, however meaningless. my blog, my blather, doesn't matter. 


this couple asked me to take a picture of them over by this car. not theirs, i think, but a friend's. no time to set up a typical shot of the whole car, and lots of people walking around at the time, so opted for my macro lens, for more of a quick portrait.

probably not what they wanted, since they posed in front of the car. guess i should have clarified that it would take a few minutes to set it up, change my camera settings, etc. maybe another time. i could have just flipped it into auto mode i suppose. brain wasn't clicking quick enough to flip from cars to people. stupid, right? 

anyway, nice people, and have since let me know they did like their picture after all. and i had taken a picture of the friend's car earlier.  turned out ok. maybe i should enter it in the fair.


1953 chevy bel air

first of all, let me apologize to the person(s) on the freeway at four in the morning, who do not think eighty miles an hour is fast enough. it's not like there aren't other lanes you could be in, yet feel the need to crawl up my tail pipe.

oh how i wish a cop on you after you give up and take off at a hundred miles an hour. even a flipped car, but then i take that back--it would mess up my drive to work more than you already have, asshole. 


quick post, as i do have to get to the office. this is memo's baby. it was his anniversary show, so had to get a shot of the car. where it was parked, couldn't really squeeze in for another angle, with cars and people congregating in this prime apex of the lot.

pretty sure i've seen it elsewhere, just didn't know it's history. if i tagged it right in my digital garage, i'm sure i could find other shots of it. 

gotta get movin'...weekend isn't gonna get any closer if i don't. ttfn. 

monday monday

1940 chevrolet special deluxe

sitting in the parking garage at work. don't want to go in. want more sleep, please. 

but i like the paycheck and paying my bills, so i guess i will just this once. and repeat tomorrow and tomorrow... 

why am i the only one here? is it a holiday? no, it's just monday. 

looks like rain, with big gray clouds moving this direction, from the ocean.


spent a good bit of yesterday flipping through this past year's pictures, to see if there are any i want to enter in the oc fair. probably pulled about thirty. i'll have to look at those later, and whittle that number down, then ask my better half for his opinion. maybe cut it down to five--don't have a lot of wall space for after the show, and my storage unit is already stuffed. i really want to get my stuff out of storage; been so long since i've seen it, some would argue i don't need it anymore. maybe, but i still want a look at it to decide. 


had this picture waiting in the wings, from february's super cruise in garden grove. not so many cars that day, which is good and bad at the same time. less people and cars cutting through the shot, but also less to shoot. can spend more time on each car, to get an angle i like, i suppose. 

i feel like i need to use a different lens, but what, i don't know. thinking i should have moved a little more to the left to separate the windshield from the building more, but i still like the bleakness of the picture. 

lucky boy

1954 plymouth savoy

made it out to memo ortega's fifth anniversary show in montclair yesterday. had never been there. small space between the industrial buildings, and a bit of overflow in the next lot, but still a decent turnout.

took pictures of these two cars first, since they were the farthest in, in the in between, i suppose closest to the shop. i didn't actually make it into the shop, since i was distracted by the cars, so no idea what there was to see.

owner of this car came up and introduced himself, and asked if i'd post it. that's the surest way to get a yes, so here it is.

meant to stop at costco on the way home, but they closed at six, and since i stayed until about five-thirty, i didn't quite make it. traffic was brutal on the freeways, so i took more scenic surface street routes round about it all.

sometimes i really don't understand why the map on the phone sends me one way when i know another way is better, so i do ignore the directions quite often. or the bit, where it lost the signal, and i had no idea which way to go, but being up on a hill, saw the freeway and turned around and jumped on for one exit, until siri could get her bearings.

see lots of interesting new neighborhoods that way, just out cruising.

poor boys

1954 chevy deluxe

saw a few cars from the poor boys' car club at the show last weekend. can't say that i've heard of them before now. don't think they had plaques, just the banner here, so that might be one reason. 

i think this is one of their cars. it's nice, and the matte finish under the cloudy skies really muted out the color.

over the last couple of months, my better half has dropped about fifty pounds. he pretty much has cut out all sugar from his diet. due to other stuff going on, he's had to work from home, and do a lot of running around on minimal sleep. he's a bit stressed and distracted to say the least.

i, on the other hand, am starting to look like a bean—better half says he loves beans. i bought him a 3x shirt at the car show the other day, as would be the habit, but looking at him now, i think it's too big. i'm pretty sure if i don't start getting out off my ass more, i'll be the one wearing it.

i guess we deal with stress differently. i walk uptown to eat, i whip up a batch of cookies, i take pictures of cars. he cleans the house. he cleans the house. he cleans the house.

oh well. just gotta decide to get up and do something. need to throw out this coke and drink some water. i have a headache, probably because of the coke. maybe i'm diabetic. i don't know.

better half is asking if i can do some shopping this afternoon. i will. just need to decide which car show to go to, and find a supermarket nearby/on the way back. that's the way to do it.

may showers

1949 chevy deluxe convertible

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day
When it's cold outside I've got the month of May
I guess you'd say
What can make me feel this way?...

— smokey robinson

who needs april showers, when you get these skies in may? jacket weather. hanging out at hospitals. busy month. 

my birthday happened too, but did nothing that day, and usually don't care about it. ask me how old i am, and i have to do math in my head. not really something i obsess about. my son did take me out for dinner a few days later. didn't hear from the other kid...pretty typical.

another car from the los angeles bombs cinco de mayo show. before the rain came. good thing, since this car had the top down.

beautiful cars. how can we not want to take pictures of them?