what's up?

drop off

1963 chevrolet impala

did anyone even notice i haven't been out and about much lately? not posting as much? well, maybe not. it's sort of an out of sight, out of mind relationship, right?

i have posted from elsewhere when i'm out of town, like a squirrel with pictures squirreled away for those days.

the usual song and dance: been busy, tired, sick, burned out, taking care of our healing resident patient, some cooking, some cleaning, some baking. just not a whole lot of photography going on here. just busy living life, or just vegging out...in some semblance of balanced way.

do i miss it? yes. can i live without it? reluctantly. there are priorities, right? but it is one of the few ways i get any exercise, so it's bad for my health not to get my ass out of bed and out to a show. i see a few coming up, that i very much look forward to each year. i've already missed a few, so will really try and go, if  possible.

anyway, all i've done so far today is to get out and drop off my entries for the oc fair and walk around the swap meet there. better half was able to escape the house for a couple of hours, before his mother woke up, and his sister was left to take care of any immediate need. rare treat for him to get out, and also not to drive—simply being a passenger is nice sometimes; the ability to just take in the sights you can't pay attention to while being the driver, should not be overlooked.

time for chatting, just us, which has been in short supply for a while. not quite a date, but still time spent together lately is rare.

shot the back end of this impala, only because it belonged to tudy's friend. they'd stopped by and said hi earlier, just down the street from here. the friend asked if i'd shot it yet? no, didn't think so. told him i'd go check it out, which i did right away, before i forgot about it. 

found the car, with the hood up. umm. bugger. decided it's the back end that has the identity anyway, so took this shot, just so i could say yes, yes i did, if i ran into the guy again.

went back past it later in the afternoon, before i went to find lunch, but the guy was no where around, and the hood was still up, so, oh well.


1963 chevrolet suburban

here's ron's 'burban again. pretty sure i've posted one or two others over the years. i've noticed little tweaks to it each time i see it.

these rims aren't entirely new, and i've seen them on it before, but not sure if i've posted it with them. so simple and clean, with minimal color-coordinated pinstriping.

last couple of times i've seen him out at shows, he's been driving his beauteous fifty-nine impala.  and i admit, i am more partial to that than this car, but this is nice too. sort of sounds like someone saying the big girl has a nice personality, when you think about it, in a twisty sort of way. might just be me.

lost weekend

chevy truck

clean truck from the uptown show. not the first time i've shot it, but this is definitely one of my favs. shiny like candy.

mostly been sitting in the house, avoiding the sun, helping my better half help his mom. did not go to any car shows. i've seen pictures from one of the shows i might have gone to, and am only slightly bummed i missed it.

i have walked uptown a couple of times, driven my car once, that's about the extent of escaping for short periods of time. so hot outside, makes me feel like my head is on fire when i have a hot flash on top of that...maybe it's time to cut my hair.

i hear my sister-in-law is about to be a gramma for the third time, today, so maybe she'll come back here in a day or two. crossing my fingers. really hate working from home, when i actually have work i need to do...the connection to the office is sooooo slooooowwww, and only sees one of my screens, so i have to work on everything in small windows. PITA.

probably won't go see my dad today, father's day, since that would take me out of the house for a minimum of three hours. i took him out to eat last week, and i'll see him in a few days, when i am free to go back to the office too. happy father's day, dad, whenever you happen to lurk here.

found a picture from when i was a kid, on an old computer. i think i used it as a wallpaper at one time, before they put a standard wallpaper on the computers at work.

there's my little bro and his friend, skippy, holding a big damn bullfrog that i found in a swamp, under a board. they caught it, and brought it home for my mom to take a picture. all the guts, all the glory, but i think i was mad, since i had found it in the first place.

look, look, i had a pissed off face even then, so don't take it personally, ok?


1947 chevy fleetline

i'm helping my better half this weekend, taking care of his mother. not sure if i'll get to any shows. might be a long night.

it's possible i may if i go to the closest show—foursquare church—and if i go first thing, before she wakes up. we'll see. i may get there, only to have to turn around quickly and head back home.

i still have plenty of pics from the uptown show i haven't had a chance to consider.

like this one. was parked in staging, waiting for them to let the cars in. took a set of pics before this shot, just a normal stance. then the owner, i think that guy there, stepped in to the frame, and dropped the car down like this. 

it did look better this way, thanks.


adult beverages

1947 chevrolet fleetmaster

i was heading back to the house when i noticed the bridgetown guys parked over on bailey street, near the barber shop, the one with the motorcycle in the window. it was getting pretty warm by then, so i was taking a break in the shade, leaning on the wall.

couple of the guys noticed, and offered me an adult beverage. no thanks, don't drink. another guy offered water, but i was ok, almost home, so declined.

asked if they were going to pomona the next day, as i know from experience, they are usually the first club there by the grandstands every time.

they laughed, and said that some of the guys would be there, but doubted they themselves would make it, at least first thing. by then, one of the guys seemed to recognize me, another asked for a card.

anyway, thanks for offering the drink(s); if i was going to keep going, i would have taken you up on it.

pretty sure i've shot this fleetmaster elsewhere, but thank you sir, may i have another?

hello gorgeous

1941 chevy special deluxe

saw this one very early in the morning, and couldn't quite tell if it was all black or what i thought i saw, a little purple tint. the light was muted by clouds, so i thought my eyes might be tricking me with a reflection of something else. what that would be, i dunno, since there wasn't a purple car nearby.

here, i found it later in the morning, and with the sun hitting the paint, i see that my eyes told the truth. it is purple and black. and simply, gorgeous. 


just got some emails. only got three pictures accepted into the oc fair this time, and those were not the ones that i would have expected. the one entry that i totally thought would get in, didn't. oh well, winning there isn't the thing to obsess over; just getting on the wall is the big win. anything else is frosting on the cake. 

change of plans

1939 chevy master deluxe

pretty sure this picture is from the azaelia festival show, because i've been to very few shows this year that had the cars parked on grass. thirty-nines are one of my favorites, after fleetlines. the sun is bit high for my taste, but i still like the shot.


i was showered and ready to pack up my gear for a show when i noticed i had missed a phone call.

was my kid, no message. so i called back and he said, "wassup?"  i said, "i dunno, you called me, or was it a butt dial?" i can hear he's in his car, and the signal isn't the best. 

apparently, he woke up this morning, and just had a thought that he wanted to take his wifey wine tasting. she likes it, he doesn't particularly, but he likes to keep her happy.  solvang is one of her favorite places, so he booked a room.

they usually take her mum and/or sisters, but they were all working. so he had called me, knowing how much i like roadtrips, and to mention they had the dog with them. i guess they had hoped i'd say i wanted to go, and they would have swung by to pick me up, but by the time i'd called back they were already to calabassas.

my mind was ready for a car show, but my heart put the kibosh on those plans, to spend the rare opportunity to travel a little with my boy and his little family. threw some clothes in a bag, better half cleaned the windows on my car (thanks d!), and i hit the road. sad part was driving off, waving bye to him. one of these days he will travel again, but he can't right now.

and it was really a perfect perfect day, weather-wise for a car show. overcast, and in the seventies. damnnit. there will be other shows... 

so here i am in solvang, sitting in the dark and typing on my ipad. had expected to be sitting in my own room with the dog, while they stayed out late at a wine bar or the beer garden. after a late dinner, they were both very tired, and decided to call it a night. 

beer garden is open until midnight, and is pet friendly, so they could change their mind, but i'll be asleep. 

i could have still taken the dog, but then i'd have to get up and walk him in the middle of the night and in the morning, so nah. and i'm in a hotel down the street from them, so if he got too hyper, i'd have to walk a block in the dark. 

going to meet them after checkout, for lunch, then pick up some fresh pastries for my mother-in-law, then head home. 

only brought one camera, no tripod, so even though i know of a few car shows on the way back to whittier, i won't be stopping. 

it's going to be a weird week at work, so i guess i started it off weird too. 

three way

saw this impala in the back lot at the memo ortega show. pretty color, sitting mostly alone...had to crop out a newer car behind it, was easy to get a decent picture.

maybe if i backed up a bit more, the wheel would have distorted a little less.

there are at least three tempting car shows tomorrow morning, as far from each other as to have to decide on just one, or none...sleep in, and just go to the latin gents' monthly show in the evening. what to do, what to do...upland, riverside or santa ana?

flip a coin? play roulette...if i wake up early enough without an alarm, just decide as i back out of the driveway? 

i've been to the show in santa ana, and it is usually pretty good, and the lot gets full early, and is convenient to hit the gent's show on the way home if i stay there all day. used to go to disneyland in between, but who can afford the damn annual pass anymore?

could go hang out at my mom's for a few hours, or just go home in between.

that also argues to go to either upland or riverside, and just stop on the way home, to charge batteries and download pics. my fear is that once i get home, i won't want to go back out. it happens. usually too much sun, but it is only supposed to be in the seventies tomorrow...perfect weather.

guess i'll sleep on it. i still have hardly touched last week's pictures yet...not done sorting them out.

best in show

1937 packard

i've read that this little red packard won best in show the other day.

i took several pictures early in the day and one later in the afternoon. i liked the early morning shots better. i just couldn't decide if i liked this side or the the other, showing the spare wheel.

strange thing i noticed in the other shot, was that each hub cap is from a different type of packard. i suppose it's difficult to find a complete set for the same type and year. so as long as it says 'packard' all is good.

i liked the reflections on the door; this side a deluxe; on the other side, a special deluxe.

bought a boiled egg early this morning, out foraging for bfast at five am. turned out it was a dud of a sort. the shell didn't want to come off in one piece; the membrane underneath didn't either. by the time i got back to my desk, it had what looked like the lunar surface, but in white. 

then the yolk inside, wasn't light colored and fluffy, but deep golden yellow and not quite fully cooked.

so, does that mean they didn't cook it long enough, too long, or was the egg too fresh or too old? i'm still alive to note this late in the afternoon, so i guess it wasn't spoiled.


1952 chevy deluxe

still working my way through all the pictures i took saturday. briefly thought about going to a show or pomona on sunday, but i was pretty tired, and i had stuff to do and relatives visiting, so stayed put.

i'll share a few stats from my day uptown: 

  • i was out a total of seven hours, since the show was literally down the street from the house...got to take a break when it got too hot
  • shot about two-hundred and thirty-five cars, and more, if you count detail and hood ornament shots
  • just under eighty-six gigabytes of files on the hard drive. let's just say, i'd be in trouble space-wise if i had a full frame camera, a whole lot sooner in the year, at this rate.
  • at least 11,500 steps

thanks to the club that invited us to their xmas party this year. i'll think about if i want to get dressed up in girl clothes, and let you know. could be fun. 

i think i have one or two more pics i promised, so here's one. pretty color, pretty car. i think this is the same color i picked out years ago, for a project car my ex was building.