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1939 chevy master deluxe

1939 chevy master deluxe

so, school shooting yesterday in florida. my niece and nephew were there...that's their school. they are ok, spent time hiding in the dark, under desks.  saw stuff, heard stuff.

nephew has been doing interviews on tv; niece spoke to abc london. four of her friends died. 

other nephew on swat team, clearing classrooms. 

scary stuff. 


quiet, early morning, waiting to head in at the bomb club show at santa anita last summer.


1963 chevy impala

1963 chevy impala

waiting in a quiet corner for my food. it's going to make me sick, it always does. but it tastes good going down. maybe they don't wash their hands here, but i'm not going to think about that. 

took the bandaid covering where my stitches were off last night. gotta keep putting some medicine on it for a few days. first look since they pulled the strings...looks like a kitten's little pink sphincter. great now i'm a little asshole.  maybe it will fade.


speaking of rear ends...nice little impala from a while back. 


1939 chevy master deluxe

1939 chevy master deluxe

i like my doctor. really i do. but she pulled out my stitches today, so i'm kinda hating her ass right now. she coulda numbed it out first. now this bandaid she slapped over the holes is a bit tight.  

going to go to sleep now. won't feel it or think about if i'm unconscious. at least i'll be able to scratch that skin soon. better half was threatening to put one of those cones on my head...like a dog. who's the bitch? i guess i am. 


almost didn't go to the fundraiser at montebello park. got my taxes done in the morning, and didn't get back home until after noon as it was. it wasn't far, i wanted to shoot, and if i couldn't find parking, i could just turn around. 

and my better half decided to join me. he wanted out of the house, and left his sister to care for his mom. he also needed to stop at the market for a few things on the way back. 

shockingly found a spot in the little parking lot. lots of cars still there and arriving though it was after two o'clock when we got there. 

he got to catch up with people he hasn't seen in a while, and i shot more cars i probably otherwise would have skipped, because they were parked across the street from the crowd, and i didn't know them. 

afternoon light and shadows were what they were, so shot around it or just said fuck it, and shot into the sun. a few lens flares don't bother me, if the best angle happens to get pegged by the sun. 

the car next to this thirty-nine just happened to pull out as i was walking up to it, so i had a little extra room to play. the trees blocked a lot of the direct light, but couldn't filter it all, so a few flare spots here and there.

at least no camera errors yesterday. afraid i'd be cameraless for a couple of months while they get repaired--but not really; my better half is already letting me use one of his...and i hate it, as he predicted. though it is a better camera. 

they know me

1970 chevy impala

1970 chevy impala

is it bad that when i walk uptown to get lunch or dinner, most any place i frequent, already knows what i will order? they already know to bring me a coke without asking first.

i sit at my favorite table, and let them bring me my food. is that more godfather or tony soprano? 

so here i am, at the mexican cafe, sitting in my window seat, watching for old cars to drive by. already saw an old, black, noisy chevy, and of course, the "mayor" and his fifty-six bel air are down the street.

i may not make it to a car show, but there is always one to be had uptown if you wait long enough. 


saw this impala out at legg lake a while back. not one of my favorite years, and i usually don't bother shooting them, but maybe it was the paint job or the way it was up in a yoga pose that i did this time.


at the house, the tree is down, but still a lot of xmas to be boxed and stuffed back in the garage. better half undid my computer while i was out of town, and it's not back together yet, so can't work on a picture right now. i wanted to book a hotel for an upcoming roadtrip too.

i guess i could reconnect everything, but the visiting grandbaby is trying to fall asleep, so i shouldn't make a racket. 

lunch break

1954 chevy bel air

1954 chevy bel air

sitting outside, seventy degree temps, on my brother's bday. guess i better call him. he's east coast, so i guess he's already three hours older than he would be here. 

time really feels like it is racing by lately, and there's just not enough of it. one of these days i should actually get around to writing a will. would be nicer to leave someone an old chevy, rather than here's a well-used honda, right?  better start looking for my fleetline now--think they'd trade me for a well-used honda? lol.


anyway, sun came up pretty quick last sunday. couldn't get to a lot of cars fast enough, or they just weren't in a good spot. 

liked this one ok, but that damn pop-up sort of ruins it. guy was selling matchbox cars. 

foozball cruise

big game today. totally skipping that, but i didn't skip the annual car cruise at hillco.

i've been several years in a row now, and i think it may have been one of the busiest shows they've had in a while.

i got there just as the sun was coming up. really didn't get to a car being hit by the initial sunrise the way i'd like, so just started around the circuit.

shot this mustang on my first trip around. later on, coming back around for the third or fourth time, the owner asked if i post my pics. yup.

so here it is, since you asked.

hillco 1-3631And9morehdr.jpg

stay or go



there's a cruise tomorrow before the big game. i've been the last four or five years. it's a fun time, a good variety of cars drives through.

here's the thing; my better half can't go, which is a shame, cuz he likes this show. i've been to it on my own before, so that isn't the problem. i previously mentioned a few stitches; still have them for another week. doc did say i should be careful, and not to lift anything heavy.

now, i don't really consider my camera that heavy, but my better half probably does. that will probably make him strongly voice an opinion that i should not go. i mean seriously, if anything is heavy, it would be my ass, pushing up out of bed, off of chairs, etc.

not like i'm going to pop open and bleed out.

then the other thing is getting up at five and driving out there. just like a work day. i'll probably be awake anyway. it's just the thought of getting up that early on a sunday, that i like less and less the older i get.

and i'm down one camera. really hope the other one doesn't crap out on me. got them at the same time, and this one did start having the same symptoms last week. crossing my fingers.

pretty buick out at pomona last month. was so candy red and shiny. the sun coming up, the light grabbed it and started it glowing.

xmas is almost over

1937 chevy

1937 chevy

it's happening. it's finally happening. the xmas tree is coming down, and all the whimsical holiday stuff is going back into the garage.

better half would leave the tree up year round if he had his druthers, but his mom wants it down now, so sir, yes, sir, may i have another?

still half a tree to denude of lights. maybe i'll help tomorrow, just to make it go away. fake needles really do beat your hands to hell though.

i have a whole lot of cars parked in draft mode, waiting to be posted here. sad, really. haven't had much to say, or that i want to share now.

i figure the cars got posted on instagram fairly quickly after their respective shows, so if i take my sweet time posting them up here, it doesn't really matter. except maybe if they wanted to see them a bit bigger. want to see it optimally? buy a print. seriously. i'm down another camera already, with the other starting to show the same error message, and don't know when i'll take the time to ship it in for fixing vs just buying another body. 

i do have chuck e cheese points in the reward program at work, which i was saving up to buy a full frame body, but i could get two crop bodies with the points i have now. i dunno what to do. haven't gotten any more points lately. i could pay the difference, but i don't wanna.

better half's sister is back at her home for the weekend, and his mom mostly sits in her room watching tv all day. hoping to just sit around the house at least topless all weekend, so my stitches can get some air. lol. it's been hot all week, so the house is overly warm anyway.

better half has to work all weekend at his desk. ya, i won't be distracting.

in fact, he's in the kitchen doorway smiling right now.

bitches need stitches

pomona 1-1323And7morehdr.jpg

a unique truck seen at pomona earlier this month. kinda ugly, but i sorta like it.  not a lot of people around; after not having a swap meet in december, i'm guessing everyone had raced over to find needed parts before they were gone.


went to the doctor today. she'd noticed a mole...i argue it was just a freckle...and wanted to have it checked out.  

so got it numbed up and she scraped off whatever part of it she wanted, and supposedly i have three stitches where the thing used to be. 

pretty sure it was nothing, and bitch just wanted to cut me.