what's up?

baby blu

chevy truck

two hours into my friday trek home, and i had to stop to peeeeee. the daily drive is getting ridiculous, but i do not know what can be done about it, except to look for a new job and/or work from home, stay at my mom's more often or kick my kid and his wife outta my condo. and then, there's my better half, who is the whole reason i make the trip anyway. god damn, i must really like him, to put myself through the drive.

sitting in a random pizza joint, already off the soda wagon after two days, drowning my sorrows, after relieving my kidneys.

supposed to rain this weekend. really hope it does. thinking i need to upgrade my website to a newer version of service...already a couple versions behind. not looking to redesign it, just to catch up with the customer support, and editing and statistics apps. just will take time that i don't want to spend to figure it out and do it. probably would be required to use the platform's template vs my design. maybe it's a good time to tweak tweakedpixels anyway.

i've seen this truck many times before. liked it sitting here, in the shade, while the owner chatted nearby with his friends.

good day, sunshine

chevy truck

another early morning shot from the showlows show at st hilarys. i think this is a dukes' truck, at least it was parked near a bunch of their cars. decided i liked this one better than the shot with the sun's rays glaring into the lens this time—the lens flares were going straight down the middle, and not that interesting.

queue the violins...

i've done nothing so far this weekend. yesterday all i did was sleep and deal with stomach issues. i don't know what it is that i get through the work week just feeling meh, only to get to saturday, and feel ick.

i had plans. i had wanted to go to the latin gents/dukes toy drive. it was wonderfully overcast here by the house, and assumed it might have been in cypress as well. the show was from one to seven in the evening, which would have been nice for a change.

instead, i watched the awesome sunset from the couch, and wished i had just gone anyway. oh well. judging from only one photographer's pics posted on instagram, looked like it was a good show, and that they had collected lots of toys.

only left the house once yesterday, for a late lunch. walked uptown. sometimes if i just get out and walk, whatever it is goes away. not this time. was tempted to call my better half to come get me, but i toughed it out, and walked back home, but not very quickly.

not feeling one hundred percent today. but i am hoping to go to the viejitos show over by legg lake—at least that is only fifteen minutes from home vs half an hour+ to cypress, if i start feeling queasy.

good morning

it's just after six in the morning, on a monday. sitting here, at a fast food joint, not wanting to go to work.

survived another journey down the five freeway, with assholes driving / flying by at one-hundred miles an hour. can't believe anyone needs to drive that fast to get to work, so they are just assholes. went by so quick, didn't actually see their puckered faces. all i can say is, stay in your own effing lanes when you're trying to kill yourselves! i don't want to go with you.

apparently, seventy isn't fast enough.

saw this car while waiting for the dam(n) show to open on new year's day. early, freezing outside, we parked the car and took a turn about the streets, taking advantage of the parked show cars. this one had its lights on, so that was different. i suppose the people inside were just trying to keep warm.

wishing i'd done my usual ten shot exposures, instead of this three shot my better half said to try. i think even he admitted later, that maybe he should have just let me do my thang, as his shots weren't as great as he thought they'd be either.

a family

i was minding my own business, walking through the park at point fermin, looking for something interesting to shoot. cars were moving in by this point, and being directed left or right when they reached the lighthouse.

queue the random guy to come over and tell me to take pictures of his family's cars. all of them together, then individually. like i'm there taking orders. sure, i'll take them, gave me something to do. kinda doubt he'll buy prints; most guys like that just don't.

i could be totally wrong, but that's just how it came across.

nice set of chevys, then he said the ford at the end was also part of the group. they had that pop up over the truck, until the guy told the other guys to move it back. didn't ask what was so special about that one in particular.

anyway, did as i was told/asked, and got on with my life.


i'm tired. servers at work never came back up today, and i've got rush jobs that i can't get to the files. so fingers to the temple...POW.

hopefully, the system will be up and running in the morning, so i can rush to meet the deadlines. yay. probably won't be able to sleep, my mind is racing. should have gone and walked my kid's dog today. he wears me down and out.

i'll just put this chevy up for the night and head to bed. let it speak for itself. nice car. wish the back window was closed.


been in seattle for a week. this time a planned vacation. and it was good and needed. didn't care that it rained half the time. weather was perfect the last few days.

flight home was delayed for several hours. something about the previous flight out of lax having to have their onboard computer rebooted. at least sea-tac airport is a really nice place to kill time. lots of shops and dining to choose from. clean and modern. so why the hell is every other airport i've been to, so much better than that crap airport, lax? fix it already.

also thought how it is sort of a small death, preparing for vacation. tying up loose ends, letting things go. giving jobs away to the others. hoping they don't realize they can get by just fine without me, but that they will still be glad to have me back.

i know tomorrow will be a big pain in the ass, going back to the office. it's always the worst part of vacation, and why i put off taking one at all. time out of the office throughs me off, even if its in a good way. like being deprogrammed and being put offline. reboot.

oh, and i'm not going to bore you with my vacation pics. you can find a few on flickr or instagram, if you really must, but they don't belong here. only old car i saw all week was the tail end of a pontiac in the rain, and i didn't have a camera out, so...


got up and went to pomona this morning, just for a few hours. easy to do. wandered around the show cars, found a few interesting cars in the sale area.

i'll put this truck up, since the owner talked to me. i liked the paint color. plain and simple.

plain and simple

rather like when cars don't get all the bells and whistles that muck up the lines of the car.

last shot before i left the old memories show. sun was high and i was melting.

it is quite nice when the car is buffed to a fine shine. just don't like how it always captures my reflection as well as the lovely tripod.


been seeing a lot of classic cars driving past the house lately. my own little car show from my window. my better half said like nine old cars in a row drove by this afternoon, heading uptown. cool, but my question is, how is it you're cruisin' and not workin'?

speaking of my better half, this was his choice of cars i shot in pomona. i have too many, and i just can't decide. was either this one or a shiny, chopped buick eight.

got a picture framed for the fair. my better half was uptown, and picked it up for me from the framers'. never used him before; but he was cheaper than fastframe. not perfect, but good enough. my better half was out picking up lunch for his mom, so he ended up sitting with it in the restaurant, balancing it on his feet, hanging onto the hanging wire, while simultaneously trying to text me at work. the thing wasn't wrapped up or corner protected, so he was basically displaying it to everyone. apparently, he got lots of attention. sorry about that d.

his mom is doing much better. so much so, that he is planning on going to rialto on saturday for the run whatcha brung show for a few hours. should be fun.

wax on, wax off

chevy panel truck

got home in only an hour today. did everyone call in sick today? recovering from the drive home in holiday traffic? i don't know, but i can only hope it continues being a relatively shorter and easier commute in the afternoon. though there were still those a--holes that feel the need to weave through the lanes at the fastest speed possible. idiots. go pull your head out, you won't get where you're going any faster, unless you are looking for the pearly gates...or maybe the fiery stank below, which is where i like to mutter at you as you whizz by.

blah blah blah. weird day. and i'm tired anyway. so i'll keep it short.

i'm not sure of the year of this beauty, but that's no surprise. anyone care to help a lady out, and let me know, so i can make a note of it?

i like how the sun is glinting on the squiggles left by the buffer and of the last vestiges of wax on the hood. otherwise polished to perfection. liking the honey tones here. more frequently see these all in one color, so nice for a change.

i'm thinking the blanket vendor behind the car there didn't sell as much as she had hoped, being that it was so hot outside. no worries. cold weather is coming.