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the hood ornament off of one of my favorite cars...a fifty-six pontiac wagon from the old times car club. sort of futuristic, and vaguely reminds me of the logo my dad had for his business back in the day.


only took a day before the effects of twelve hours in a petri dish, known as an airplane, became apparent. yep, as typical, i caught a cold of sorts. and the bitch of it is that i have no more sick time, and am in negative numbers on that now.

so i’ve gone to work, mostly keeping to myself, tired af, and trying to avoid talking so i don’t go into a coughing fit. my usual colds, don’t give me a fever, so i mostly sound deathly, but otherwise feel ok. i think now that it’s friday, i relaxed a bit, and i’m really feeling it heading into the weekend. i just want to sleep! 

had already been evacuated from the house in whittier...suggested, not forced...for better half’s mother’s health. 

seems she caught something anyway, and i was called back to help take her to a doctor. stayed for a night and am again staying away, so maybe my better half doesn’t catch it too. 

kid is out of town with her dog and the new boy toy, so i’m hiding out in my own house. not much of my stuff here, and not a whole lot of furniture either. never started up cable for her, so really there’s nothing between me and the bed and that sleep time i’ve dreamt of all week, except this here ipad and me flicking my fingers across the screen. 

hoping i feel much better tomorrow. still haven’t seen my dad since i got back from vacation. i want to get back to doing a car show once a week at least. and i still haven’t been home long enough to sift through vacation pics, that invariably will never get seen. well, better half wants to see...his vicarious means of going on a vacation by imagining what i saw via photos, video clips and tv documentaries to fill in details that i won’t tell him. no doubt when he asks about the trip, i’ll just say it was “ok.”

make a choice

1962 chevy bel air wagon

1962 chevy bel air wagon

asked my boss about going to a conference, if there was any budget for training. yes, he said to pick one and get him an estimate for travel, etc.

so, i need to decide on new orleans, orlando, boston or los angeles. here's the thing: the useful one is in new orleans, and i really have no interest in going there, so i'll wait until next year and hope they move it somewhere else. the other one i want to go to ends on the same day as the uptown whittier car show. sort of rather go to that. 

i could skip the last day, and fly home the night before. i'll have to think about it.

this car was the last one i shot at the chino show. owner said i'd need to see it in the sun to really appreciate the paint job. the roof has some faint airbrushing going on. 

i can see it. true, it would be more vibrant in the sun, but it may also be more glare-filled, because of the glitterizing in the paint.

still, pretty cool car. lots of engraved chrome. 

club guys were friendly too.

and so it begins...

1956 pontiac wagon

1956 pontiac wagon


my dad is having surgery in the morning. valve replacement...one try or goodbye. hoping they don't have to crack his chest. going to be a long weekend.

hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and were grateful for those you were with. 

i'll be away from my computer for a while, but i do have a relatively large number of pictures i can post here, if i have any more news or observations from a hospital room. 

if you follow my instagram, you've already seen this pontiac. still a fav, and owned by the best people you could hope to know. 

shot at the trunk n treat show at frisco's last month. parking lot was sooooo full, and he got there late, so i caught him parked by the hardware store. i liked the lighting, it's a bit different. 

i should have done a one-eighty shot, of the two cop cars parked and watching the crowd. the dj was warning people to behave and park in designated spaces, so they don't get shut down...again. 

party was still going, and more cars were arriving when i left, soon after i took this picture. 


1953 chevrolet wagon

nice to look at pictures from the winter months, and think how cold it was, or the rain and the clouds, on a sweltering day like today.

really hate summer. in whittier. no air conditioning in this house. fuck.

i like how this picture turned out. i want those clouds in the sky. not just for the added drama, but simply because california blue skies are boring. 

was sitting in traffic on the way home today, listening to the news on the radio about how the latest way state government is trying to twist the truth and bend taxpayers over a barrel—squeal like a pig, boy. wheeeeeeee! started thinking where else would i move, if i ever decided to leave this place. not really sure. 

figured i'd have to schedule some reconnaissance vacation time in various cities, at different times of year. don't want to end up in florida like my brothers, and then act all surprised by the weather and hurricanes and bugs and gators.

i'm thinking someplace cold. just walk out into the snow and disappear. maybe not into a little cabin, typing out my silly manifestos here. i ain't that crazy.

rain is nice too. barefoot in the mud.

maybe i just have a travel bug without the funds or the better half to cure it.

the other nomad

1956 chevy bel air nomad

the other nomad

one of the cars that were at the super cruise when we arrived early early. i only shot them because they were there.

better half was talking to the owners, and the one that owned this one came over and asked if i'd seen the his other nomad. uh, no. just got there.

so he proceeded to pop the hood. normally, that would have ended my interest in the car, but since he seemed so proud of his little joke, and had made nice with my better half, i shot it.

might say a pale man on a pale horse, but nope, death rides a moldy camel.

i would just say, i've seen better airbrushing. and i've seen a hell of a lot worse.

lee harvey oswald

1953 chevrolet wagon

beautiful bomb club chevy from legg lake, on the way back toward my car, only took a few more shots after this one. i remember being overheated at this point, not knowing i was already getting sick with this cold, and shouldn't have been out in the sun. needed to get back to my car, where the water bottles were waiting for me. it seemed so far away...in the next parking lot over, under the shade of a tree...an seeming oasis in the asphalt. i should have just bummed a cold one off of someone, traded for a print of their car or cash.

every once in a while i just have one of those days. sitting on the freeway, thinking random thoughts. decisions i've made and how they've affected others. past is past, but still having effects on the present. i could sit here and stare out the window and waste a lot of time thinking, but time to pack all that back into the little box in my mind, and get on with things.

they played the godfather at the little cinema up the street the other day. love that movie. had to go by myself, since my better half was taking care of his mom, who had caught our cold after all.

reminds me of the day my better half got to meet my family.

we'd all gathered at my younger brother's house in los angeles. both brothers, my sister, my parents, and the family of each all were there to put him through the inquisition.

generally, he handled it all fine; as a group, we conspired to act like kids and embarass my mother. my better half had given each of the us "kids" little tubs of putty "fart" stuff, instead of bringing a bottle of wine or somesuch greeting gift. we had been in the backyard, on the little porch, high up on the hill. my mother climbed the stairs and approached and wondered why we all looked so guilty. we all hid the stuff behind our backs, like little kids. 

she wondered what we were talking about. my younger brother started babbling about something or other, while he randomly pushed on the putty he had hidden in his pocket, which occasionally blew off with little "noises." she stood next to him, and kept tapping him on the arm, thinking he hadn't realized that he was farting in front of the new guy on the block.

then my older brother got in on the conversation and making the fart noises with his putty behind his back. then we each did.

she got so flustered, and then yelled at my brother for giving the stuff to everybody, and what would my better half think? my bro exclaimed, "but greg gave it to us!" the rat.

but to get to the point, on how the day relates with the godfather.

at the end of the evening, family pictures were to be taken, for the rare occasion of having everyone together. my mom's camera was plopped upon a tripod, and the different permutations of family were planted in front of it.

the youngest grandkids chased each other around when not posing with fake smiles.

at some point, my better half was behind the camera, while a bunch of us were getting into position. i remember my younger brother was walking toward us, when from the side yard, my nephew launched a nerf rocket at his sister, from one of those larger size nerf blaster guns.

well, it missed the intended target, but from very close range, it whacked right into my younger brother's nuts. he instantly hit the ground howling. well, he dropped to his knees, making a silent 'o' face, grabbing his jewels, and then between clenched teeth, said, "what a day i'm having!," then keeled over.

his son stood for a moment, then dropped the gun, and walked away, around the corner of the house. (looking back, in my head, the music started playing, and the newspaper clipping reel began...)

meanwhile, we all stood laughing at the situation. my older brother leaned over him and asked, "you have any mountain dew left in the ice chest? don't move. i'll get it."

he is seriously in pain, and we're all just cracking jokes. even his wife doesn't really bother to help him.

as it turned out, my better half had at the critical moment, fired off at least a three shot burst on the camera. it had perfectly caught that lee harvey oswald moment in a series of shots, from the firing of the gun to that moment of impact, and the beginning of the fall. we all got a peek at it on the back of the camera. it existed. it would have made a great xmas card.

day was over, we helped him up into the house, and everyone eventually headed their separate ways.

my better half called my brother the next day, to see how he was doing. his wife answered and said his testicle retrieval operation went well. [one of her rare jokes] my brother answered in a high pitched voice, playing along, of course. size of a grapefruit he said, spending the day with an icepack. needless to say, the nerf gun disappeared.

but the next time i went to visit my mom at her house, and asked to see all the pictures she had loaded into her computer, that series was mysteriously missing. she denied they ever existed. doesn't remember it happening. shit. i wept. they had been perfect.

i should have snagged the memory card.

and now if you ask him about it, he has selective amnesia, and denies it ever happened.

old times

1956 pontiac wagon

yes, i went to the imperials show this morning. yes, i took a lot of pictures. yes, i have filled my hard drive to the point that i cannot do anything at the moment. typical. takes about six months to fill the internal drive, and now its seven. imagine if i'd gotten out more, like i used to, i'd have had this problem a lot sooner.

so, i am doing some shuffling of files to various backup drives at the moment. will have to wait until later to really get a good look at what i shot today. maybe it will go faster and without a hitch, than i think it will; or i will overwrite files i shouldn't. it is the most dangerous part of taking so many images—their fates literally depending on a length of wire and an external box of whizzing, whirring, electronics.

not sure which is more reassuring: the old rolls of film and print hard copies, or the ability to backup without loss of quality, zillions of images, that may never be seen, save by my better half and/or his mom. then where to store all of these black boxes, much less worry about what happens to them when i am gone. my kids won't necessarily give a rat's ass about them, aside from family pics. well, i won't be around to care. 

here is art's car from the bombs magazine show a couple of weeks ago. no one was hanging in their pop tent at the time, so took the shot, and kept moving on.

time to move some more files...

double whammy

1949 desoto

it happens every once in a while. that one day of the year. it's mother's day—and it's my birthday. sort of the same dilemma as the kid born christmas day. and the double hassle of trying to take/be taken out to dinner...ya, good luck with that.

i'm not big on birthdays. i don't care about the number. i just don't like the attention. and i don't need anything that i don't already have. besides, i have no place to put anything. whatever. game of thrones is on tonight, and it may rain, so there are my gifts.

i've spent the morning sifting through pictures, trying to decide what to enter in the fair this year. i've narrowed it down to about twenty so far. letting my better half have his vote, as usual, then i'll go ahead and enter what i think is good, but you can never tell what the judges will like.

i don't think i will enter as many as i usually do. aside from the entry fees, if they pick a bunch to hang at the fair, then i have to get them framed, and then after, i end up with a lot of pictures, and not enough wall space. i'm thinking i'll set up a page to sell some of the framed pictures from past fairs—they do no one any good sitting in storage.

anyway, my alarm just went off, to go pack up and head down to meet my kid for dinner, and a game of thrones viewing party. i'll just put up this shot from a desoto wagon we came across in buellton last month.

good morning

it's just after six in the morning, on a monday. sitting here, at a fast food joint, not wanting to go to work.

survived another journey down the five freeway, with assholes driving / flying by at one-hundred miles an hour. can't believe anyone needs to drive that fast to get to work, so they are just assholes. went by so quick, didn't actually see their puckered faces. all i can say is, stay in your own effing lanes when you're trying to kill yourselves! i don't want to go with you.

apparently, seventy isn't fast enough.

saw this car while waiting for the dam(n) show to open on new year's day. early, freezing outside, we parked the car and took a turn about the streets, taking advantage of the parked show cars. this one had its lights on, so that was different. i suppose the people inside were just trying to keep warm.

wishing i'd done my usual ten shot exposures, instead of this three shot my better half said to try. i think even he admitted later, that maybe he should have just let me do my thang, as his shots weren't as great as he thought they'd be either.

no mad

i really hate going to walmart. well, i hate shopping, but walmart is a special hell. i'll go there maybe three times a year, usually just tagging along with my better half, who is a frequently visitor there.

tonight, he wanted to pick up a space heater, since he is about ready to call for a young priest and an old priest, to exorcise the ghost of the ancient wall heater in our room, which doesn't work, and the landlord won't fix it, but it is just perfect for hot flashes.

our last space heater went to his mom's room after her own heater crapped out. gotta keep the little old ladies toasty warm. myself, i prefer piling on the blankets, and adding or subtracting clothing as necessary.

anyway, walmart sucks. from the people zooming the wrong way in the parking lot, not stopping at stop signs, to people selling tamales out of their back seat. nah. didn't really see any outstanding 'people of walmart' oddities, so that entertainment was missing.

we wandered around the store, picking up items from his mom's shopping list. better half wanted hair goop for his long hairs (because he has hairs like a woman). turns out, they lock up the fancier stuff, in hair goop prison. then you have to hunt down an employee, who inevitably doesn't have the key with them, only to be told that if you aren't done shopping, they will have to leave it a particular register. same with razors. 

we wander around some more, do not find any heaters at all, which was the whole point of the trip. will either buy one online or i'll pick one up down in orange county, where most homes have built in air conditioning and heating, so more likely will have one in the store.

up to register fifteen, to free the prisioner hair goop. longish line, relative to the others. shopper currently being rung up, is staring blankly at the cashier for a minute after being given the total for her purchase. blink blink. then she slowly starts to dig through her purse for a credit card. fuuuuuuucccccckkkk.

after waiting for five minutes, the cashier lady is turning off her register sign, and we are being told go to the next one. better half is asking about how is he going to get his hair goop. he is assured that they will get it for him. he was ready to throw a tantrum he said. i asked if he would also add throwing himself on the floor and banging his head around, like his niece did the other day. he thought that might be a little too much this time.

i just want to leave. it's getting late, and i still want to post a picture. haven't been to many shows lately, so haven't really got anything to write about, and nothing else is pissing me off, so this will just have to do for now.


haven't posted one of these in a while. mostly because i haven't seen one in a while. or one as nice as this. not quite sure i like the cadillac lights sticking out like cold temperature indicators, if you know what i mean, and they're just asking to have a baseball bat swung at them.