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and so it begins...

1956 pontiac wagon

1956 pontiac wagon


my dad is having surgery in the morning. valve replacement...one try or goodbye. hoping they don't have to crack his chest. going to be a long weekend.

hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and were grateful for those you were with. 

i'll be away from my computer for a while, but i do have a relatively large number of pictures i can post here, if i have any more news or observations from a hospital room. 

if you follow my instagram, you've already seen this pontiac. still a fav, and owned by the best people you could hope to know. 

shot at the trunk n treat show at frisco's last month. parking lot was sooooo full, and he got there late, so i caught him parked by the hardware store. i liked the lighting, it's a bit different. 

i should have done a one-eighty shot, of the two cop cars parked and watching the crowd. the dj was warning people to behave and park in designated spaces, so they don't get shut down...again. 

party was still going, and more cars were arriving when i left, soon after i took this picture. 


1948 chevy fleetmaster

1948 chevy fleetmaster

got home from work late yesterday. didn't sit down, which made all the difference in me staying put versus heading over to frisco's trunk n treat show. really wanted to sleep.

traffic getting over there was a bit challenging, but it ended up being worth the drive. the lot filled quickly, cops showed up, but i hear everyone behaved, so it didn't get shut down. i was there for about two hours, until costume judging and trunk n treating.

lots of cars decorated with lights, spiders, cob webs, and skeletons. not this one. i've seen it elsewhere, but never really met the owner until after this shot.

i suspect those are just lens flares above the car, but who knows...maybe they're ghosts...

talk to her

1951 chevy deluxe

another from the trunk n treat show. wasn't familiar with this club, and they didn't have plaques, just tshirts with their logo.

really should be posting a picture of a truck—belonged to one of the members, who called their presidente over to tell me about the club. he seemed distracted by the setting up activities, so didn't really get much out of him, more than a handshake.

now two days later, i can't remember if this or another next to it was his car. they're both light green, they're both the same year. only difference is one has a white roof, the other a black roof. i'm thinking it's the other one. i suppose someone will let me know, one way or another and put me out of my misery. i'll have to post up the truck too.

better half is sick, but we had planned to go uptown to watch the princess bride for classic movie night, so i flipped a coin, and i'm going to go by myself. so no new pictures until maybe tomorrow, if i'm in town.

picked up a ticket earlier, but due to "technical difficulties," they're substituting it with indiana jones and the last crusade. better half says it was a good flick. i only remember it had sean connery in it, and they had to cross the bridge to the knight guarding the chalice. i have a bad memory when it comes to films i saw long ago and far away.

more popcorn for me, i guess. he's sick, but he'll be there to walk me home afterwards. hmm. almost time to start walking back...

caught a ride

1954 chevrolet bel air

my better half needed to take his mom out for a little shopping at hobby lobby yesterday. she rarely goes out, and when she does, he makes it a priority to get her where she wants to go.

closest one of those crafty stores around here is over in west covina. well that's convenient—there happened to be a trunk n treat show hosted by the los angeles bombs starting up in the afternoon, not too far away. hadn't completely decided against going on my own, but since they were headed that way, figured i'd hitch a ride and shoot a few pictures while they took off and shopped.

his mom was ready to go about one-thirtyish. my problem was roll-in really wasn't advertised to start until three. factor in the horrible traffic that backs up the ten freeway, it would put me in the parking lot about two-thirtyish. we chose to avoid traffic, and do surface streets, which still got us there about the same time, but at least we were moving, not sitting in traffic.

vendors were still setting up, but there were at least a couple of cars i could start with. wasn't sure how much time i would have before they would be back to get me. was pretty sure more cars would start showing up than i would have time to shoot. and they did.

took a bunch of pictures in the lot, then during a lull in incoming cars, noticed a couple outside, or just at the edge of the taped off area. wandered over to take a few of this bel air.

was admiring it and the color, when the owner walked up behind me, munching on what looked like a breakfast burrito. i asked him why he'd parked out here instead of in with the rest of the cars. he said he'd just been passing by and saw the show. stopped to check it out. said he'd seen a flyer, but had forgotten about it happening that day.

not long after, my better half let me know they were on their way back for me. i headed back to the main area, and took a few more shots. some guys letting me know more of their cars were coming, so i could shoot those cars too. too late. better half arrived, and i had to leave.

saw lots more cars coming in as we left. also saw that this one had decided to join in, and was driving through the entry way, past the vendors. hope he won one of the trophies.


better half isn't feeling good today, so we skipped going to the pomona swap meet. i'm thinking i'll wait a bit, for high noon sun to pass, then head over to the cruise at legg lake.