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1951 chevy deluxe

another from the trunk n treat show. wasn't familiar with this club, and they didn't have plaques, just tshirts with their logo.

really should be posting a picture of a truck—belonged to one of the members, who called their presidente over to tell me about the club. he seemed distracted by the setting up activities, so didn't really get much out of him, more than a handshake.

now two days later, i can't remember if this or another next to it was his car. they're both light green, they're both the same year. only difference is one has a white roof, the other a black roof. i'm thinking it's the other one. i suppose someone will let me know, one way or another and put me out of my misery. i'll have to post up the truck too.

better half is sick, but we had planned to go uptown to watch the princess bride for classic movie night, so i flipped a coin, and i'm going to go by myself. so no new pictures until maybe tomorrow, if i'm in town.

picked up a ticket earlier, but due to "technical difficulties," they're substituting it with indiana jones and the last crusade. better half says it was a good flick. i only remember it had sean connery in it, and they had to cross the bridge to the knight guarding the chalice. i have a bad memory when it comes to films i saw long ago and far away.

more popcorn for me, i guess. he's sick, but he'll be there to walk me home afterwards. hmm. almost time to start walking back...

pain in my chesh

1951 chevrolet deluxe

and i can't breev. one of george lopez' classic stand up bits.

so, saw his car out at san fernando. famous not only for the owner, but for the glittery mexican flag painted on the roof. and check out that interior. 

yet another time i wished for a ladder or roof or platform to shoot from, but none of those fit in my camera bag, so maxed out the tripod, and got this piss poor shot of the roof.

curb was higher than the street, and the street had the occasional car driving by, so couldn't shoot too well from there.

golf carti was curious why his car was there, but he wasn't. maybe he's afraid of danny trejo? can't have two celebs at the same show at the same time?

he also had his golf cart there...el mas chingon...it is, it really is.


so i drove out to the broiler on wednesday, for a change. haven't really been able to get out to many shows on weekdays anymore, so i was hopeful.

i arrived just slightly early, and there really weren't too many cars there. not even the old regulars. saw a couple of people i knew though, so that was nice to catch up a little.

so i shot what cars that were there. then sat on the wall and read email and news on my phone. ran into someone who follows me on flickr, and that's always fun. i'd seen his pictures of cars from previous weeks, which is probably why i chose to be hopeful that there would be cars there to shoot.

anyway, each time i decided it was about time to pack it up, a car or two would drive in. mostly not what i like to shoot. they told me the low riders come in later, and that's what started showing up. not pretty or interesting ones, just plain, old cars. and most of them headed to the back of the lot. ya, and they don't look all that friendly, so buh bye.

i liked this chevy. showing its age, but not adorned with unnecessary details. no pinstripes, at least that i saw. liked the hood ornament too, with the pitting.

really should have stayed until sunset. need to eff with this camera in low light more. still prefer my old camera.


looking forward to the uptown show in the morning. hoping it will be more coordinated this time. maybe even more of the lowriders will be coming back after the idiocy the organizers pulled a few years ago. i heard they expect about 400 cars. crossing my fingers. better half will be there off and on too, in between taking care of his mom's needs.

and meeting a guy who's buying one of my pictures from the fair. so if you see me just standing around the main intersection around 11:30, come check it out.


where did the weekend go? so tired, gotta get to bed, so quick post tonight.

saw this chevy at the los boulevardos show.

it's nice. fairly typical; i have lots of shots of them. what caught my eye specifically was the plaque in the back window. there was a serape in the back that was reflecting onto it, and i just loved the colors.

hey, ernie, here it is

1951 chevy deluxe

i'm pretty sure this is ernie's car. from back in february. a few of the latin gents drove all the way out to norco, where they found crazy me, who also drove all the way out to norco.

they got there kinda late, so had to park down the lane, instead of in a space as a group.

i've made the pilgramage out to this big boy a couple of times now. the lot was full up both times. i had wanted to go out to the show on memorial day, but we went to see the shuttle and dino bones instead.

the other danny

chevy deluxe

i know i shoot cars as i find them, but sometimes i have my doubts, especially when someone asks me to shoot their car. i know what they are expecting to see vs what makes me happy. i like this shot, again with the lens flares. but i think this danny (the owner) would have preferred a shot from the other side, pretty plain vanilla.

this is the second time i've taken pics of his car, and both times, i knew they wouldn't be what he is probably looking for. parking in the shade to keep the car and himself cool—good for him, but not for a clean shot of the car, with more accurate color.

this car is a dark blue, but shooting into the sun is effing with the color. from the other side on this, and a couple of shots of other cars in this club, the colors are more vibrant, mostly due to the time of the day and angle of the sun.

but they're also clustered around their club tent, or jammed next to each other, so aside from the shadows off the tent, the people in the tent end up in the shot too. from the other side, you'd see a little gangsta doll off the front bumper and the tent legs, as well as the empty chair that one of the guys jumped out of when he realized i was taking the picture. but the color would have been nice and deep blue if the tent hadn't been there.

my better half says i should ask them to move the car to get a better shot. but then they'd lose their spot, wouldn't they? you wouldn't ask a tiger to hold still in the jungle while you take a shot, so why should i bother to have them move it? if i wanted to control it that much, i'd open a studio and be a master of the universe.

i might be making a lot of assumptions, based on a few past experiences with car owners. forgot that i was just taking them for fun, and tried to let them tell me how to do the shot. basic tenet: don't let someone else art direct my hobby.

since i shoot mostly to make myself happy, i post the shots that i like, and if, by chance, danny likes a different point of view of his car, well then, he's found one.

there i go again, i've rambled on, with my thoughts not quite in order and too tired to rewrite it correctly. what would my professor think of that?

in the still of the night

1951 chevy deluxe

so i made a quick stop at the show over in garden grove for the first time since last year, probably. a lot of people had split off and started other shows because of some dispute with the organizer and the shops over at this show.

considering it was a holiday weekend and i had arrived later than usual, there were a fair number of cars compared to the last few times i can remember being there. no where near what it was when i had started going to this show. and quite a bit dark, without a lot of street light, depending on what part of the street i was at.

i intended to only be there a short time, so did a quick walk thru before bothering to pull my camera out. i was stopped on the way back by a couple of people whom i've met before, who said they'd seen me go by; sorry if i didn't see you on the way in—i was seeing without seeing—looking at the cars, lighting and locations, not the people. i didn't really mean to be rude, just trying to maximize my time and figure if there was anything i wanted to shoot. but i did see you on the way back up the street, so sorry about that first trip.

i only shot a couple of cars. this one and a mercury monterey. and people were walking up to the monterey while i was shooting, and stood there arguing over what year it was and talking car geek talk. they finally went around to the back of the car, but made me wonder if they were obtuse or purposely standing there.

anyway, this one might be with the latin gents, who had their cars parked nearby. many with hoods up, so, so sorry, no shots of them tonight. no one seemed to be really looking at this one, so i took this shot. thinking the other side would have been more interesting with the nearby shop's neon signs, but that side of the car was pretty dark, so this is the one.

hoping to hit three shows tomorrow, but my shoulder is hurting, so i don't know if i will be able to lift my bag. we'll see.

took a shine to it

1951 chevrolet deluxe

this car caught my attention. off at the end of the lot, the sun just starting to go down, light hitting it just so. the pinstripes and chrome just begged to be looked at, just had to get past a handful of hydraulicly-endowed cadillacs.

i like that the fuzzy dice match the color of the roof and interior. i'd lose that antenna ball if it were mine, but i ain't so nevermind.