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mine eyes have seen the glory

1948 chevy fleetline

1948 chevy fleetline

felt bad, but went out to the latin gents’ monthly car show last night. whatever aches and pains i did have managed to disappear almost the whole time i was taking pictures. don’t worry, if i shook your hand, it’s not a cold.

was a pretty sparse turnout, but the heat dissipated, and a cool breeze came up. my hair, in spite of a headband, insisted on blowing in my face as i tried to focus, but i stood far enough back, so as to not have it in my shots. not ready to chop it off yet, but sometimes, i’m close to calling it for this reason.

anyway, mostly enough space and freedom to take as many shots of each car that i wanted. i was waiting for the sun to head down, and had already been around once, before just standing and watching what the light was doing to the cars. didn’t see anything really spectacular, but there were a few i liked well enough.

here is the back end of mr blvd’s fleetline. better half thought this was a better shot than the one from the front. i think this is the second time i’ve posted this point of view of this car. it just has a nice ass, i guess.

i should have stayed until the sun actually hit the ground, but my insides started to hurt, so i packed it in. had fun anyway. thanks everyone!

post thanksgiving

1962 chevy impala

1962 chevy impala

here’s a majestics’ car from this past summer. a latin gents show out in cypress. don’t see too many yellow impalas. maybe i just don’t notice them.

thinking about this latin gents show, makes me wonder how ernie is doing…he had some news that day. been too busy to get out to any of their shows since then, so haven’t heard from him since.

i did not go into a turkey coma yesterday. my sister bought a full dinner from gelson’s or some such whoop-di-doo market. mom has had enough to deal with lately, so giving her a break from cooking the traditional dinner. pretty sure her time for cooking the big family meal is done, and future holidays will either be bought or i will have to volunteer to do it.

i sort of half assed said i’d do it, but was happy my sister just picked one up.

i’ve cooked a turkey before, but i’m not all about the bird, so i guess it turned out ok. i want to say that was decades ago, for my ex and his parents. gosh, my daughter was probably only a year old…time flies. i get no joy from cooking, and avoid it when i can. anyway, they always dumped hot sauce on anything i cooked, so, i just didn’t bother the next holiday. they are happier with tamales anyway.

this year, as usual, better half stayed home with his mom; he sent me to my parents house…”never know how many more holidays you’ll have with them.” my bro showed up; wife and daughter stayed up in los angeles with their friends. dad initially wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t going to join us, but he did come down the stairs just as we were sitting down to eat.

the company was good, but the food was unremarkable. only a few bites of turkey, and the pathetic mashed potatoes. i’d brought a cherry pie, but it sort of tasted like they’d given me a sugar free version, so disappointed.

bro is in town without a return ticket home. they’re looking for a house, and he is spending time with mom and dad. wife and kid going home sunday. they wanted to go to disneyland today, but pretty sure they bailed on that black friday hell.

i drove home this morning, expecting to see store parking lots full, but noticed them to be only part full. did people go shopping at midnight? was happy to find no one at in-n-out, and no one in the drive thru, so went there and grabbed some burgers for my better half and myself.

have otherwise, not done anything or left the house today. hoping to sift through the nine-thousand plus photos from my trip this weekend.

i’m blathering, so i’ll just stop.

one day in, then off again

latin gents 1-0839And9morehdr.jpg

i like this picture, lens flares and all. let's just say there's a ghost in the driver's seat.

i've been away from home for two weeks probably, taking care of getting my dad to his hospital stay, followed by another week of getting over the worst cold i've had in a long time. 

now i've been back in whittier for about twenty-four hours. enough to get some laundry done, and walk uptown for lunch. heading off to work in the early morning monday, doing a couple of rescheduled doctor appointments of my own in the afternoon. then tuesday, i'm off on a road trip to seattle.

small window of good weather before xmas, so off i go driving my kid's car to her. better half can't go with; mom won't go with, dad won't go with, bro isn't in town, sister busy, so me, myself and i keeping company in an untested car.

and then i'll still have a bunch of vacay hours i could take...

alls good

my dad's surgery went well yesterday. currently getting a pacemaker. they say he can go home tomorrow most likely. good news, right?

missing some good little shows while taking care of business, but enjoying other photographers' pictures from them. 

loved this tovars' car. it drew a crowd when they drove up. family and friends took time to pose by it for pics. had to wait a while to catch it alone. shooting into the sun...screw the rules...screw the sensor on the camera. just take the picture already! 

1948 chevy fleetmaster

1948 chevy fleetmaster

toy drive

1939 chevy master deluxe

1939 chevy master deluxe

made it out to the dukes/latin gents toy drive yesterday. more cars than i expected. several people i've gotten to know a bit, even just on a passing hello basis were there. always makes me happy that there are familiar faces where i go, since my better half can't go with me much anymore, ya know, in case anything happens.

ernie, with the latin gents, always comes over and says hello. happy belated birthday, ernie! perfect day for a show, perfect weather...you guys lucked out.

several well known cars made appearances too. this master deluxe is one of them, in all it's stretched glory, sitting down practically on the ground.

even after being there for about three hours, stopping to eat across the street, and the sun going down, i still saw cars driving in as i headed home. 

i saw the sun was starting to set, and that the sky's colors were going to be beautiful, but i didn't have the energy and my legs were pretty stiff from sitting a bit, to stop back over there. things to do at home, getting ready for whatever happens with my dad this week. and apparently, better half is about to start decorating for xmas, as he's pulled all the stuff out of the garage already. my yearly grinch is already percolating to the surface...grumble grumble.

dark side of town

1939 chevy master deluxe

1939 chevy master deluxe

felt like crap all day. slept a lot. missed a car show. getting closer to halloween, so evening shows will start happening. this is a good thing, being how i hate the heat of the day, so the end of the day will do just as well.

woke up around four pm, and decided to head over to the latin gents show. this one is just monthly, i think, but i'd never been to this location. figured, i'd either feel better moving around, or i'd turn around and go home.

i didn't arrive until after six-thirty, so the sun was already heading down. not very many cars, but enough to shoot, since i was there. i decided that most people were probably home watching the dodger game.

saw my friend ernie, who came over to say hello. hadn't seen him in a while. he wondered which shows were coming up. told him the ones i could remember, that i'd need to check my calendar. really it all depends on how i'm feeling on any given day, in spite of my best intentions to get to a show. hoping to find out soon what the hell is going on with my insides.

owner of this master deluxe turned on his lights while i was shooting the car next to it. of course, that makes it more interesting to me, in spite of the open hood. ;) 

he handed me a card for their toy drive next month. thank you very much, i'll add it to my list.


1941 chevy special deluxe

flipping through pictures from a few years back. looking for something interesting i may have overlooked, or just never got around to posting. cars that have been sold, or just don't go out to the shows anymore.

this one from two thousand thirteen, i think i've seen elsewhere, but i thought it was a decent shot.

..been crazy busy at work again. the holidays are definitely over. busier i get, the more my mind wanders, to memories of past road trips, future travel, pretty much anywhere but the office. even thoughts of what i will do when i get my house back from my kid—gutting it, repainting it, what furniture to get...

today, mostly thought of the trip to seattle last year, driving through the redwoods.

and every day, when i get on the freeway to go to work or heading home, when i get to my exit, i always have the briefest of thoughts to keep going, keep driving, get to somewhere different. i could buy clothes and whatever else i might need on the way. 

and i would do it, except for these pesky responsibilities like a mortgage and a job, and oh ya, the better half. i'd have to stop and convince him to get in the car...so let's go. and he would have the same argument in his head. until he would call his sister to come and watch their mom...he would go...but not for any extended length of time.

one of these days...i'm going to do it. and call and say, "oops, i must have taken a wrong turn..."

told you it shines

1940 chevrolet special deluxe

how'd it get so late?

quick post, then to bed.

ran into my friend ernie and his wife at the dia de los muertos, uptown last week. they said it was the first one they'd participated in, and i don't think any of their other club members were there, unsure that it would be worth the drive.

they offered me a bottle of water, which i gladly took, as i was overheating about that time, and still hadn't had breakfast.

they took a picture of me, so i took a couple of pictures of them. camera wasn't quite the right setting, and it's not quite sharp as i know that lens can be, but it's ok.

i think they might just have had the best spot on the street, as far as shade goes. probably had shade most of the day, which was quite pleasant on a hot day. being their first time there, they didn't know if pop-ups were allowed, so they lucked out.

i told them their car was glowing, with the light sifting through the tree branches. not sure if i captured it, but there's at least a hint of it here.

to the other couple of people who offered me bottles of water, thank you so much if i refused it—i'd just chugged one right before you asked...


1939 chevrolet master deluxe

at my kid's house today, hanging with his dog beast. dog made a mess, tearing up a baseball he found on our walk. i went to pull the vacuum from the closet, and bin thing that collects the dregs it sucks up fell right out and landed right on my big toe.

so, me limping around yelling fuckity fucksticks and whimpering, made the dog run and hide, thinking he had done something to be guilty of.

i didn't quite see stars, so much as wanted to pass out. it bruised pretty quick and my toe is throbbing and makes me jump every once in a while. spent about an hour with a bag of frozen edamame on my foot, because there was no ice. thinking flip flops for work tomorrow, screw the dress code.

got a lot of work to jam into one day. then i'm sure two hours of traffic, only to miss ruby's car show again. gotta pack a bag for a week in san diego for work. saturday morning, up at five, and down the street for the whittier uptown show. we'll spend the morning shooting pics, then i gotta leave for the train station.

gonna be a hot day. not sure they moved it up from the usual august date to avoid the summer heat, but seems its coming along with the show. oh well.

love me a master deluxe. its the grille and headlights that make me happy. latin gents' car...they finally got a few of their cars in at chicano park this year. it was a good day.

doesn't fall far from the tree

been sitting on my ass all week. too much work, not enough time. and watching my kid's dog again a couple days a week. didn't even realize its a holiday weekend, so i've promised some deadlines that i still hope to be able to make, even with one less day.

better half has to work all weekend. he told them he's busy in the morning tomorrow, so we can head out early to pomona tomorrow for a few hours. i'm hoping for some new cars to shoot, and it seems to be a great place to find them.

there also seems to be an art show at the lowdown in uptown this evening. walked past the store at lunch time, and they seem like they better hurry up if they plan on hanging stuff before five. they did have five of their cars parked outside, though. i shot'em with my crap cell phone and stuck them on my instagram at #randomcarsuptown. thinking/hoping other cars show up later. gonna wander down the street with my camera and check it out. or it's saturday; ususally stuff further down by the cigar bar.


looking back through shots from legends' san pedro, car show by the sea show. latin gents' cars were all parked near the street, under the trees. shade is good, but i'd be worried about birds. if you know what i mean.