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1938 dodge

1938 dodge

i never seem to stay put in one house more than a couple of days anymore. i rotate between whittier, my parents' house in oc, and my own place, where i'm dealing with a mold issue from the leaky pipe in the wall in may and the kid moving in before she really should have.

i feel unsettled and tired. in whittier for the weekend, i also feel overheated. the back bedroom, with it's little window air conditioning unit, is a little sanctuary when i need it, but my computer is up in the front room, where i am sandwiched between two fans.

i do little bursts of energy, washing dishes, running laundry, helped my better half make guacamole; made enchiladas the other day, and my mother-in-law wants me to make more...so i guess they were ok. she wants hotter sauce this time.

on another subject, i got another honorable mention ribbon for my collection, at the orange county fair for this one. the other two pictures i entered are nearby it on the wall.

old dodge from the bomb club show at santa anita. i've seen this car many times before. probably have it posted up here somewhere at least one other time that i can think of off the top of my head..

missing the overcast; love clouds and how they keep it cool. i really hate summer heat.

one day in, then off again

latin gents 1-0839And9morehdr.jpg

i like this picture, lens flares and all. let's just say there's a ghost in the driver's seat.

i've been away from home for two weeks probably, taking care of getting my dad to his hospital stay, followed by another week of getting over the worst cold i've had in a long time. 

now i've been back in whittier for about twenty-four hours. enough to get some laundry done, and walk uptown for lunch. heading off to work in the early morning monday, doing a couple of rescheduled doctor appointments of my own in the afternoon. then tuesday, i'm off on a road trip to seattle.

small window of good weather before xmas, so off i go driving my kid's car to her. better half can't go with; mom won't go with, dad won't go with, bro isn't in town, sister busy, so me, myself and i keeping company in an untested car.

and then i'll still have a bunch of vacay hours i could take...

alls good

my dad's surgery went well yesterday. currently getting a pacemaker. they say he can go home tomorrow most likely. good news, right?

missing some good little shows while taking care of business, but enjoying other photographers' pictures from them. 

loved this tovars' car. it drew a crowd when they drove up. family and friends took time to pose by it for pics. had to wait a while to catch it alone. shooting into the sun...screw the rules...screw the sensor on the camera. just take the picture already! 

1948 chevy fleetmaster

1948 chevy fleetmaster

toy drive

1939 chevy master deluxe

1939 chevy master deluxe

made it out to the dukes/latin gents toy drive yesterday. more cars than i expected. several people i've gotten to know a bit, even just on a passing hello basis were there. always makes me happy that there are familiar faces where i go, since my better half can't go with me much anymore, ya know, in case anything happens.

ernie, with the latin gents, always comes over and says hello. happy belated birthday, ernie! perfect day for a show, perfect weather...you guys lucked out.

several well known cars made appearances too. this master deluxe is one of them, in all it's stretched glory, sitting down practically on the ground.

even after being there for about three hours, stopping to eat across the street, and the sun going down, i still saw cars driving in as i headed home. 

i saw the sun was starting to set, and that the sky's colors were going to be beautiful, but i didn't have the energy and my legs were pretty stiff from sitting a bit, to stop back over there. things to do at home, getting ready for whatever happens with my dad this week. and apparently, better half is about to start decorating for xmas, as he's pulled all the stuff out of the garage already. my yearly grinch is already percolating to the surface...grumble grumble.


1939 chevrolet master deluxe

almost called this one big dukey, because of the big banner. then on second thought, definitely didn't think the alternative definition was what i wanted to associate with this car, because the car is gorgeous.

parked up front, near the dj booth and donation tent, i suppose it belongs to one of the club's upper echelon guys. i could be totally wrong, and one of the regular guys just has an awesome car. either way, nice car.

went to huffarama today. shot pics for about six hours. was cold at six in the morning--about forty-four degrees--but it didn't bother me. hot flashes are good for something after all. better half came along, but couldn't handle the cold, and was worried about his mom, so he left pretty quick, and went home.

anyway, hanging out in cucamonga for the night, thinking maybe about swinging by another show i read about tomorrow. it started raining about an hour ago, and will probably continue all night, so that may not happen.

so, plan b...


1951 chevy deluxe

owner of this car came over to say hi. inquired as to whether i had any interest and/or experience in shooting a car calendar. said he had seven cars and was interested in having a calendar done for his business.

i'm perfectly capable of laying out a calendar, was thinking about doing one anyway, but i suppose i didn't give him an affirmative, confident answer, so he went away. sounded like he wanted something more in-studio, and i don't do that.

thanksgiving. happy. everyone. no turkey here, just some ham. not even a formal dinner, which is nice for a change, and a lot less stressful.

i'm sure my mom went all out for my sister and her friend. leftovers for days, if that's your thing.

i stayed in whittier this year. i offered to make dinner, but better half said he was just going to order food like he does most years. it's just easier, and it was.

missed the stupid crap my dad says, his annual critques of my mom's turkey and the sides. as if he were a food expert, followed by my mom apologizing for everything not being better.

my better half and his mom went over there once for thanksgiving, and got to witness their annual parlay. my dad saying it was bit dry, my mom apologizing for the food dishes, meanwhile, both of them stuffing their faces and wondering what my parents were talking about...the food was delicious.

missed my sister and her friend and their chit chat. he always brings a bottle of wine, which i'll sometimes taste, just to reaffirm my belief that it tastes like piss, and i haven't been swayed otherwise yet. i see her twice a year probably...thanksgiving and xmas dinner, though they live not far, near the beach.

both brothers are with their families out on the east coast. missed my younger brother's stories most of all. he is so funny when he's on a roll, telling tales from his government job. he really should write a book or do stand up. he gets into the character and acts out the situations, which are many times so ridculous, they're hard to believe they're true. but they are.

hoping to see them both in april, when i travel for business.

got out of the house only to go for a walk, but it was late, and we only went as far as the movie theatre and back.

supposed to rain saturday and sunday. prime car show days, and kind of will ruin our plans. on the other hand, we can go to plan b, which will be pretty fun too. >:)

there’s a line

1939 chevy master deluxe

so, here's the thing: i go to the shows to take pictures of the cars, meet people, and have fun. been going out there for more than five years now, so i'm slowly becoming acquainted with a lot of the owners and photographers.

as i've mentioned before, there are a few that just have that personality and i'm comfortable getting/giving a hug, or shaking hands when i see them. one hug is normal, is good, i don't mind.

i do mind the dude who came around for a second hug yesterday, initially, thinking it just a joke, because i'd run into you again, but ending with 'accidently' brushing/cupping my ass with your hand, and kissing my hair, that was just rude.

then later, calling me over, in front of your club members and saying what you said, i could take it one of two ways: one, a stupid, but innocent joke, poorly delivered; the other prettily put in it's crudeness, and not as a joke. i think i know which you meant, and no thanks. do lines like that really work in real life? holy crap, if they do.

it was not funny, and your boys did not laugh, though i'm sure they heard. i hope they gave you shit for it afterwards, and not high fives. i do not deserve that disrespect from anyone at a show, much less from someone i've run into many times over the years.

perhaps you were drunk, that early in the morning, but you didn't smell of beer. don't do it again. in fact, just stay away from me. you know better, and you know my better half would have no problem having a chat with you.

i chose to just walk away, because i don't like to make a scene, and if it was a reaction you wanted, wasn't going to give it to you, at least not then. no drama.

thought about it all night though, and just needed to vent here, so there's your reaction. hope you recognize yourself, and apologize. all i have to say to you in the future is nothing, if i even bother to go anywhere near you or your club's cars.

i choose to have fun and keep shooting pictures. i choose to throw you in that box with richard, and not think of you at all.

thanks for the flyer, but no, i will not be attending the classic dreams' toys for kids cruise.

beautiful day, otherwise, yesterday for shooting. made it to two shows: duke's la habra toy drive, and the danny boy fundraiser at bob's big boy.

sky was full of passing clouds. supposed to rain sunday and monday; so, happy about that. made for more interesting pictures.

first saw this car back in 2013. chilo's car, i think, probably still is. the story i remember hearing was that it was a family project car; time spent sanding and sanding, using flour to find the blems, and more sanding, before all the coats of paint. nice to see it's still around.

chief on the field


hood ornament

saw this purple pontiac at the oldies san fernando show this past summer. first time i've seen it out. since then, been seeing pics of it all over instagram.

its different, that's fer sure. at least the hood ornament seems to be original, and not painted over.

looking forward to sunday, being back home in time for the día de los muertos car show/art show. was more carshow than art show last year, so i can only hope there are more cars this year. just down the street from the house, couldn't get much better than that.

better half is out washing his clothes at a random laundromat in the gaslamp, and i'm kicking back, watching forrest gump on tv. i slightly over-packed; he planned on underpacking and just washing clothes to get through the week.

started the day driving out to a shoe store in encinitas. better half has big feet...

anyway, he needed new shoes that wouldn't hurt. we're doing a bit more walking than we do at home, and his old shoes were hurting him. sales guy was very helpful, and he's hopeful the new pair will help.

turned out we were only three minutes from the house of an old friend, and former boss of mine. would have been nice to see her, but we had other plans, and figured she'd be busy working. hey carol -- miss you!

from the shoe store, it was either go to a museum at miramar afb or take a tour of the taylor guitar factory on the way back to the hotel. we did the guitar tour, since we both own one; i have their smallest model; he has a couple of bigger, nicer guitars. it was interesting to see how they make the guitars. really wish i could learn to play mine, more than a few random songs plucked out badly on the strings, since it has such a good tone, but i'm more of a piano kid, thanks to my mom.

guess i'll get ready for dinner. better half is almost done with his clothes, and jumanji is starting on tv now.

for life

1937 dodge1937 dodge1937 dodge hood ornamentgot my better half up and out of bed by six yesteday. he really had wanted to go to ruby's on friday night, but after a second evening with a two and a half hour drive home from work, i was just not in the mood for it anymore. traffic sucks, and surface streets didn't help much either gotta make a deal with the boss, so i can just work from home on friday afternoons, at least.

my point being, he had gotten his shit together, and rigged up his little screen and rollie rig, and had been ready to go the night before, so it wasn't too difficult to get packed up early on saturday to go to the show over at la mirada rec center, by city hall. he had been hoping to shoot some video at rubys, and was going to give it a try at this duke's show, since i told him it was on pavement.

it's fairly nearby, so we were there about six-thirty. i'd gone the year before, so already knew where i wanted to park. couldn't see anything going on, so we left our stuff in the car and walked over to see if anyone was there. it was a relay for life event, so i expected to see more people, but i guess all of those volunteers were inside, near the pool.

we did see a line of dukes cars sitting there, so went back and got our gear.

last year, it rained off and on, and was in the other parking lot. this year was overcast, cool, and in the bigger lot. they roped off an area that i heard held about two-hundred and ninety spaces. i think by the time we left for lunch, there was maybe half that of the show cars, but the majority were the kind we like.

i haven't been out shooting much, so it was nice to have a perfect day for shooting, without the sun and heat. i always remark how tired i am all week, sitting on my ass at a computer, but give me a car show, and i can spend a good six hours walking around, crouching up and down, and be happy as can be. don't even feel too sore after, though my ankles to get a bit stiff if i sit too long, but that probably has more to do with my shoes than anything else. and it really tells me i need to get off my ass and move more often, and burn off some of this gut that seems to be sticking to me, the older i get.

anyway, it was a well organized show, and quite a few guys came over to chat with me. all very nice people. it was really good to see lots of clubs interacting, though there were a one or two, whose members just sat in a huddle watching, and frowning, and i guess, hanging tough. i'm sure i gave back my best resting bitch face, which is apparently my default look anyway. i think i didn't bother with their cars, hood was up and the other, nah, i just didn't need their pop up in the shot.

talked to a guy who told me a long story about how this dodge used to be his car, but events in his life forced him to sell it. at least he sold it to someone he knew very well, a guy he helped to raise, i think he said, so he knew it was in good hands. still, it must hurt a little to be so near, yet so far from something you loved.

it's a nice car. seen it before, and it's probably up here somewhere else, if i bother to look.

wasn't a whole lot available food wise this year, so since we hadn't eaten breakfast, called it a day around twelve-thirty, before our headaches got too unbearable...

this particular morning


at my kid's house tonight. made a batch of cookies...i wanted the dough.

the chicano park show this year, made up for the low turn out last year. last year, it threatened to rain, and many cars stayed away.

this day was almost as perfect as you could wish. not too cold, and overcast and/or cloudy most of the morning. then blue skies cutting through here and there, until it dominated, and the sun burned through, and the wind blew the clouds away.

and the cars. so many cars. every type i could wish for in one place.

we got there, as usual, after five, still dark out. shot cars that were lined up, until roll in. then headed across the park, to the street, to the patch of grass next to the freeway on-ramp. that's klique territory. they park over there every year.

first car that caught my eye, was this hudson. the owner--a woman, btw--was busy polishing it, so i went on to shoot another car.

came back around ten minutes later, only to find her still busy rubbing that paint to a crystal finish. i decided to shoot it anyway, as the sun was rising behind me and hitting the car with a warm glow. had to snap my shots as the woman was around on the opposite side of the car. tried to take it everytime she leaned down, out of view.

what was bugging me, and ruining that shot, was that there was a big box of a transformer or other equipment on the lawn behind me a bit, to my left, so, with the sun rising behind that, there's an odd boxy shadow across part of the car.

following the advice of some famous photographer, whose classes i've sat through, i decided to look the other way, and take the shot from the side you see here. the thing of it was, the car is parked next to the beginning of the uphill ramp to the walkway over the freeway. so i'm bent over in that small angle space underneath the ramp, with my tripod, to get this shot, while the owner has now moved to the other side of the car again, still polishing and shining.

i have another picture i like a little better than this shot, from the other morning at chicano park. almost the same shot, but just a few minutes earlier. in that one, there's the sun, blazing sun rays, framed in that little gap on the right. the sky is more colorful, the car gorgeous still, even with one sun flare blemish on the car.

the one little thing that ruins it, or makes it, depending on your point of view, is my better half and his tripod, as graceful as a giraffe at a watering hole, fiddling with his camera on the other side of the car, stage left. he's trying to get his shot too; i wonder if he got my sorry ass in his picture.

i passed it later in the day, after the sun was full up and the light hitting the car had changed, but the hood and trunk were up, and that was that.

better half says he read an article about the owner, who said she had wanted to join the klique club, but they said no, it's for men only. the dukes accepted her and that car...good on them. win-win for both. i hope she won-won.