what's up?


1939 chevrolet master deluxe

almost called this one big dukey, because of the big banner. then on second thought, definitely didn't think the alternative definition was what i wanted to associate with this car, because the car is gorgeous.

parked up front, near the dj booth and donation tent, i suppose it belongs to one of the club's upper echelon guys. i could be totally wrong, and one of the regular guys just has an awesome car. either way, nice car.

went to huffarama today. shot pics for about six hours. was cold at six in the morning--about forty-four degrees--but it didn't bother me. hot flashes are good for something after all. better half came along, but couldn't handle the cold, and was worried about his mom, so he left pretty quick, and went home.

anyway, hanging out in cucamonga for the night, thinking maybe about swinging by another show i read about tomorrow. it started raining about an hour ago, and will probably continue all night, so that may not happen.

so, plan b...