what's up?


1951 chevy deluxe

owner of this car came over to say hi. inquired as to whether i had any interest and/or experience in shooting a car calendar. said he had seven cars and was interested in having a calendar done for his business.

i'm perfectly capable of laying out a calendar, was thinking about doing one anyway, but i suppose i didn't give him an affirmative, confident answer, so he went away. sounded like he wanted something more in-studio, and i don't do that.

thanksgiving. happy. everyone. no turkey here, just some ham. not even a formal dinner, which is nice for a change, and a lot less stressful.

i'm sure my mom went all out for my sister and her friend. leftovers for days, if that's your thing.

i stayed in whittier this year. i offered to make dinner, but better half said he was just going to order food like he does most years. it's just easier, and it was.

missed the stupid crap my dad says, his annual critques of my mom's turkey and the sides. as if he were a food expert, followed by my mom apologizing for everything not being better.

my better half and his mom went over there once for thanksgiving, and got to witness their annual parlay. my dad saying it was bit dry, my mom apologizing for the food dishes, meanwhile, both of them stuffing their faces and wondering what my parents were talking about...the food was delicious.

missed my sister and her friend and their chit chat. he always brings a bottle of wine, which i'll sometimes taste, just to reaffirm my belief that it tastes like piss, and i haven't been swayed otherwise yet. i see her twice a year probably...thanksgiving and xmas dinner, though they live not far, near the beach.

both brothers are with their families out on the east coast. missed my younger brother's stories most of all. he is so funny when he's on a roll, telling tales from his government job. he really should write a book or do stand up. he gets into the character and acts out the situations, which are many times so ridculous, they're hard to believe they're true. but they are.

hoping to see them both in april, when i travel for business.

got out of the house only to go for a walk, but it was late, and we only went as far as the movie theatre and back.

supposed to rain saturday and sunday. prime car show days, and kind of will ruin our plans. on the other hand, we can go to plan b, which will be pretty fun too. >:)