about me

what do you want to know?

i am a graphic designer all day long, but many evenings and weekends, you can find me crawling around local and nearby car shows with my camera and my tripod. i've been shooting cars for over ten years now. i figure most people bring their cars out to be admired, so i'll bring my camera out to admire them. there are exceptions.

i'm pretty shy, so if you see me at a show, don't be offended if i don't talk your ear off. i'm working on it, and sometimes i'm downright friendly; but after a long day at work, sometimes i just want to shoot some pictures. just going to the shows is definitely helping me to be more open; showing up with a tripod, i can't exactly blend in with the crowd.

  • wondering what i am doing to these cars? read this post.

  • interested in buying a better print than what you get off your desktop printer, send me an email: kathy@tweakedpixels.com

  • if you like what you see, post a comment—let me know what i'm doing right, or what you don't like about this updated website design. i don't like some of it either, but i'm limited by my web provider's templates.

  • i know i've definitely identified a lot of these by the wrong year and/or model; please let me know when i've made a mistake, so i can fix it. not just for me, but for anyone that might be looking for a particular car.

  • if you see your car, and there's a story you'd like to share about it, send it to me, and i'll add it to the post. makes it more interesting that way. these cars are old, they just gotta have a good story to go with them. a lot of you guys are the original owners...how the heck do you keep them in such good condition? come on and share. kumbaya.

  • if you have no interest in reading my stupid blather, go on over to instagram, and enjoy the pictures without my words. or you can sometimes see other stuff besides cars here.

  • sometimes my links get hosed, so let me know if one goes nowhere, the wrong place, or deadski.

  • if you want to use any of the stuff I post for some commercial reason, shoot me an email and we'll discuss pricing. i'm going to charge a fair price; you're welcome to find another photographer to give you stuff for free...or shoot your own...they say everyone's a photographer these days. otherwise please respect the copyright on my work!

  • want to use one of my images in your own blog? No problem, but please make sure it links back to the original image here and do the right thing and give me credit. Don't crop the image, remove the watermarks or claim my work as your own. personal use on your own computer is fine, but please don't alter them – enjoy them as they are. don't make me pack up all my toys and go home.

i hope you enjoy seeing them as much as i enjoy taking them.


please be advised

please note that all my images are registered with the u.s. copyright office. i will not be very pleased if i find any of them used without my permission and/or compensation, and will get all legal on your ass if you choose to use them anyway. i'd think twice if i were you.