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1947 chevrolet fleetline

1947 chevrolet fleetline

glad this week is over. more overtime, but i think i just may have caught up to today’s deadlines. new onslaught scheduled for monday. i’m in no hurry, but weekends always seem to race by, only to find myself negotiating with the alarm on monday morning, or any morning lately, for just ten more minutes.

have had some hours off to go take some tests at the doctor. trying to figure out why i passed out in april. being very thorough, because i still feel wobbly a bit most days.

this week, they strapped something resembling a bathing cap on my head, that had holes in it in various places. these holes were then each poked and wiggled and scratched into my scalp with a large, somewhat blunt needle.

i imagined them jamming a needle into each hole, my face covered with a grid pattern…

said needle, did scare me a bit when i initially walked into the room and saw it sitting on the counter, atop the clean medical hankie, along with some other odds and ends.

nah, was just used to apply some sort of conducive gel, so that this lovely cap could zap electical waves into my head to brain waves.

the medical technician did not say, “prisoner, electricity will now be passed into your body until you are dead, in accordance with the state law. may god have mercy on your soul.” i totally would. that or, “is that the best you can do?” which is what the figure in an electric chair, that my better half gifted me long ago, said when activated, then commenced jiggling noisily.

i had a couple of little nippular looking hickies on my forehead for about an hour after, to which my better half said, “your horns are finally coming out of your head.” lol. i argued it involved an octopus.

the rest of my head has just been sore and itchy for a few days.

as they say, no news is good news.


beautiful fleetline at the uptown show, much too early in the morning last week.

strange days

it’s been a strange couple of weeks, since i got back from europe.

sick/not sick—no fever, just a cough that won’t go away. at this point, mostly gone. really miss being able to work from home, and not have my coworkers cringe and call me hacker.

1947 dodge

1947 dodge

the maintenance light popped on my car, time for an oil change. made an appointment. only two-hundred and thirty-plus thousand miles on it, so gotta keep it going.

finally felt well enough to go see my dad in the hospital. decided to go wednesday after work. three o’clock comes, and i have to get out of a conversation about what fate has befallen a coworker that hasn’t shown up for two days and no notice as far as the boss can remember. my offer was he was unconscious on the floor, and his cat had already eaten half his face. supposedly, they continued on without me, but mine was the most morbid.

anyway, as i was saying, out to my car in the parking garage. it won’t start. lights working, dashboard all lit up with all the warning lights, but engine…pfft. sucks, since i’m missing my best chance at missing a lot of the traffic.

walked to the parking office, to see if they had jumper cables. worker bee hops in his golf cart with a portable charge, and heads up to meet me at my car. of course he assumes i stupidly left the lights on…i didn’t. he clamps the cables to the battery and it starts right up, thank you very much.

off i go to the freeway, half an hour late. only a little stop and go, but still took an hour to get there. mom had already left for the day. after decades of not driving on the freeway, she’s been going daily, between rush hours, to sit in the room with my dad. they had to put him in a hospitial miles from home, since no where closer wanted to deal with him, and he was too sick to just go in a rehab home.

gotta put on gloves and a gown to visit his room. he has cooties or something, picked up from the other hospital. on heavy duty anti-biotics, but almost cured.

spent an hour and a half chatting with dad, telling about my trip, asking when they were going to cut him loose. talked about my kids, my brothers, my sister, whatever popped into his mind to fill the empty spaces. his dinner arrived, so helped set him with that. decided to head out before it got too late, and noting that with traffic, it would still take another hour to get to whittier from there.

called my better half, who suggested i go down the street to pep boys and have them check the battery, just for his peace of mind. shall i say, english was not the technician’s first language, but i understood enough that he said the battery was ok, i should check the alternator. told him i already had an appointment, so would have it check then. said battery would be ok to get home, but car would probably not start in the morning.

let better half know. he suggested i turn around and go back to my mom’s house for the night, as any place i took the car to, i’d be able to get to the office for the day, versus whittier, where i’d have to take the day off unable to connect to work computers.

fine. drove back in heavy traffic. decided to stop for dinner before heading to her house. already close to eight p.m., stopped at togos and ate a sandwich and chips, not realizing they closed at eight.

finished up, only finishing half the sandwich, going to give the other half to my mom. car won’t start. engine won’t even pretend like it wants to twitch.

togos employees are sweeping, but the door is still unlocked. i ask if they have jumper cables, but they both say no. i realize later, when each brings their bike around the building why they wouldn’t be able to help.

i call aaa. tell them about the battery, and that it’s probably the alternator. they advise to not just send a car to jump it, as it might just die while i’m driving it. tow truck will take about forty-five minutes to get there. oh well.

called my mom, told her my predicament, that if she wasn’t busy could she come and get stuff from the car so i could have it towed straight to a garage and leave it overnight. and the sandwich was at risk too.

she showed up in curlers, i loaded my stuff in the trunk, handed her the sandwich, but she insisted on staying until the truck showed. she’d left my kid’s dog alone in the house, thinking it wouldn’t take long. he behaved, for a change.

truck still took over an hour to get there, so i was happy she stayed. it was dark.

by the time we got to the house, it was after ten. climbed into the twin bed, tired. dog-beast jumps up, and promptly takes most of the bed. pretty much get no sleep until the kid shows up close to midnight to fetch her dog.

cough mostly for the next two, only to have to get up for work two hours after that.

and it ended up just being the battery…couldn’t hold a charge. so wtf, pep boys guy?

i see this old dodge quite often. used to be more difficult to get a decent shot of it, not up next to other cars, or a wall or whatever.

still not quite on it’s own, but good enough.

the only one

1947 chevy fleetline

1947 chevy fleetline

yesterday there were several car shows to consider. i can only pick one, since my better half has things he has to do, and i need to stay with his mom while he's out.

the big shows were mooneyes and the viejitos annual show. mooneyes is closer, but i've been several times, and find it hard to shoot what i do, and the cars are so spread out along the main street, with intermittent parking lots jammed with cars. there's a wide assortment of cars, to be sure, and if you're looking for the noisy cruise-bys, that's the place to be.

i chose the viejitos show. i wanted the bombs, the low lows, the big curvy-bodied cars. and a lot of them before any crowds showed up.

i arrived there in the dark. i always expect there will be cars from the host club very early, for the set up. there were two cars at the far end of the lot, but i didn't see any people, except the random homeless guy picking at trash at my end of the lot. i'm by myself, and i just wasn't going to walk over there in the dark with my camera bag, until i saw faces i recognized, or more cars anyway.

so i sat in my car, watching the sky start to turn orange, instead of watching it color up behind a car, as i'd wanted. pretty, but not a very dramatically intense sunrise.

about sixish, more cars started to show, and vendors started setting up, so i headed over. several of the club guys were there, and the president, raynbow, who shook my hand and welcomed me. 

started shooting the club cars as they arrived. then there was a lull in new cars. pretty sure i leaned up against the chain-link fence in the shade for at least fifteen minutes. consoled myself that if everyone was over at mooneyes, i still had shot enough pictures of the cars i liked to keep me happy for a while, right here.

the pity party didn't last long. the closer to the real drive-in time it got, the more cars and groups of cars began to show up.

watched this cherry fleetline show up on the back of a truck. after it was unloaded, they parked it in the corner by itself.

it's a show stopper to be sure, but obviously not a daily driver.

the owner seemed to not want me to shoot it, as he said it was still all covered with dust from the freeway. i argued that if i waited, the light hitting it would be gone. i told him i'd come back around when it was as pristine as he imagined it could be and shoot it again. 

i don't know if he understood, and i went ahead and shot it then anyway. he went ahead and started setting up a pop up tent right next to it, so i'm glad i got my shot before he moved the monstrosity up next to it.

i did go back later. he had moved it over a bit, another car parked in next to it. monstrosity of a pop up right up next to it. shows up in the reflection of the perfect cherry red paint. light was no longer specifically hitting it, just busy getting more generically applied to all of the cars.

as always, i liked this show. as always, i was up against a time limit, the heat, and the need to pee. i needed breakfast and to get back home, so i was on my way about start time.

all the other photographers must have been over at mooneyes. sort of missed those familiar faces; can't wait to see pictures from whatever event they were at. always good to see different points of view, how different people see the same subject. i have seen some other pictures from this show, so they did eventually turn up, but i was already gone.

losing it

1947 chevy fleetline

1947 chevy fleetline

saw this sweet fleetline cruising the park. in the sun, it's cherry red, like candy.

so i was sort of bummed when he happened to park right in front of me, but there in the shade. ah well, at least he parked in front of me. took a few shots, and got out of their way.

i've seen it around before, so i probably of a shot of it in the sun somewhere anyhow.

little bitty writing on the back side window says it's for sale. why would you do that? wish i had the cash...

so i seem a little dingy lately. forgetting stuff. left my purse behind a couple of times, once at my mom's, once at work. hard to buy dinner without the cash, but then, i still had my phone, so apple pay. drive the speed limit back each time to fetch the pesky thing.

today, i went to lunch, alarm went off to get back to work. paid the bill, and was halfway back to my car, when i realized i'd left my ipad behind. shit.

walked quickly back to the establishment. bartender happily pointed out that it was still sitting exactly as i'd left it...propped up, window opened to the last page i was looking at... no, i don’t drink; that’s just where they seat you when you’re a single diner.

errrrr. tired? stressed? dementia setting in early? i dunno. just not typical. what will i forget next?

a weekend | part 5

1947 chevy fleetline

1947 chevy fleetline

part 1  |  part 2  |  part 3  |  part 4  |  part 5

i think i'll just wrap it up with this part. everyone is probably bored with the details.

you got it. sunday. i couldn't sleep late. i work early on weekdays, so i usually have a hard time sleeping later than eight. my eyes popped open about six-thirty. oh well. figured i'd go to the restaurant next door for breakfast, then go back and try to sleep some more.

no one on the street, except a few slow moving vagrants, and a couple of joggers. everyone still holed up, nursing hangovers, if they're even awake.

well, the restaurant was closed. was kind of resigned to walking a few blocks to find the ihop, or anything open. then i spied a twenty-four hour subway sandwich shop. only problem was the slow moving meth addict walking up and down the street, like a duck hunting game target.

waited until he moved to the far end of the block, and headed over. ordered a sandwich, a couple of cookies, and a coke. they had one of those small, multi-drink coke machines. hate those things...all drinks have a root beer aftertaste. well, for all of that, the coke was empty. and the worker bee didn't have the key to the machine. so, i took a bottle of coke instead.

sat in the corner, away from the window, ate my food, and watched the door. paranoid, right? well, it got busier, people heading to work, so back to the room i went.

i had the ticket for my return trip set for one in the afternoon. turned out, train service was down all weekend between san diego and irvine, due to construction or maintenance or whatever. so a bus ride was what i was waiting for. figured i'd enjoy the room until checkout.

couldn't sleep, so sat in the tub one more time, enjoyed the quiet.

heard from my daughter that my parents had gone to the emergency room late the day before, and my mom had come home around four in the morning, and straight to bed. my dad has been there several times in the last couple of months, so not that surprising. 

same old thing, and it had gotten so late (early) they'd kept in as a patient again. i chatted with my daughter, got the details, and then let my brothers and sister know he was back in (again).

got to thinking that maybe i'd just go to the train depot and see if i could catch an earlier bus, since i had nothing better to do. checked out, caught the two red trains back to the station, and noticed there was a long line waiting for several buses already.

didn't think there was a chance in hell, but went to the ticket window anyway. splained that my dad was in the hospital, and the lady said no problem, prayers for him.

about that time, the announcement to board was broadcast. end of the line, but i still got on the third bus. sat in the back row, middle seat, lots of leg room. turns out they were only filling those buses half full, so plenty of room...i should have carried my bags in, instead of stashing it in the under the bus compartment.

i thought they were going to be stopping at every usual train stop, but no, was a direct drive to irvine. still took and hour and a half.

when i finally got to my car, it was after one. called the hospital to see if dad was still there. yes, he was, so headed directly down to the hospital. found his room, where they were busy doing stuff to him behind curtain number one.

my mom had returned by then, so we chatted while they finished up. i'd insert a few jokes here, but i'll keep the details on his treatment to myself for a change, humorous as i could go with it...so tempting.

anyway, stayed for about an hour, then had to head back to whittier, to relieve my better half from mom duty, so he could hit the markets and have a bit of free time out and about.


1947 dodge

1947 dodge

wth. i was just checking articles on linkedin, and who is the first person up as a suggested connection?  

jae bueno. 

now i’m just sad, though it does say he is still presently busy as a freelance photographer.  yes, maybe, somewhere in the universe, but not here. and that sucks.


old dodge hearse that i see everywhere. usually not like this, on it’s own, where you can sort of work around it for a better angle. was still too close to a wall/a hedge. but usually jammed between other cars, so this’ll do. 


1942 chevy fleetline

1942 chevy fleetline

so while i haven't had the energy to get out to any shows lately, i did walk uptown today for lunch. pretty fortunate that whittier is a popular place for low riders, and i can pretty much count on at least one car cruising by the house on the daily.

usually post walkabout cars i spot on my instagram, since all i have on me at most times is my phone. not much lately, since i've been out of town a lot, but posted a fifty-six bel air today. i drove past a thirty eight chevy out on whittier blvd, i didn't shoot it. being in a moving vehicle kinda makes it a bit difficult, though i have been known to pull over and walk back once in a rare moment.

anyway, this here car is from uptown, but on purpose. once upon a time, there was the low down in uptown store on the corner, and a couple of times they invited their friends to town for a little car show action. usually until the cops showed up and mentioned the fact they hadn't pulled permits or the neighboring businesses didn't appreciate the type of crowd or just the crowd that came with the cars.

if this is the car i'm thinking of, i believe it's sailed off across the ocean, to japan or australia or some other far away place. shame. it was such an interesting car.

he asked me to

dia de los muertos-6576And9morehdr.jpg

i remember you. you're that guy from the viejito's show in anaheim. ran into you today uptown at the dia de los muertos art and car show.

whole lot more cars than other years...more every year, with a few vendors thrown in between selling skelly stuff. 

better half walked me to the show just after the sun came up. figured he'd go back home quickly, but nope, he hung out the whole time i was there. not bad for him, running on about an hour or two of sleep. he pulled my bag around the whole time, which was nice, since my knee was twanging me a bit.

anyway, two car shows this weekend, and pictures promised, and so many others i love. hopefully, there will be lots of rainy days this winter.

anyway, this guy, iou a print. you sure you want one with you in it? i do have a shot without you...maybe i should post it?

gotta get to sleep...

it's the medicine

1947 chevy fleetmaster

i've decided that i feel like shit because of the meds i've been taking for the past week. three more days to go. because if it's not that, then there's something else, that i will not want to deal with, things being so beyond my control just now.

my dad says his one doctor is recommending that he opt for open heart surgery vs the up the leg bit that he'd settled on. i know he has more appointments scheduled to discuss it with several docs this week, so we shall see what happens.

we had been talking our tenth anniversary/vacation just a couple of weeks ago, but that is totally on the shelf now. life happens. as my better half says, it's the tenth year all year, so we can go some other time.

still hoping to squeeze in some car shows when i can, when i feel better, when it's not so hot out. i still have time to get over to legg lake, if i just feel a bit more myself. i'll think about it. batteries charging, just in case.

saw this car out at the bomb club show at santa anita. here it is, sitting out in the parking lot, waiting for them to open the tunnel to the infield. interesting paint job. color coordinated hood ornament. nice car, overall.


i think the owner of this car was sincerely interested in seeing pictures of his car. figured he had seen me taking a shot of it earlier, as most people do, before approaching me.

i really thought i'd shot it. i'd shot the placa. i shot the back of his shirt, later, when he asked me to, sweat and all.

i'd had a handful of people already ask me to see their cars, so i'd gone back around and took cell phone pics of the cars, so i'd remember which ones.

got home, downloaded the memory cards. fifty plus gigabytes. not one of them a picture of the dude's car. not one of any of the clubs' cars. must have been people around it, or polishing it at the time i'd passed by, so skipped them. then got distracted, and never got back around to shoot them. 

it is one reason, though i'd shot a car earlier, i usually will go back and shoot them again, just to be sure. apparently, this time, i fucked up. so, sorry, all i have is this not great cell phone pic of it. i owe you a better picture of it next time, and i'll even get you a free print of it.

sucks. such a nice car too.