what's up?

on a cloudy day

1939 cadillac

1939 cadillac

hiding in the house today. except for the couple of hours i went to the mall to buy a few things that i’ve been talking about buying for months. i really hate shopping that much. and traffic near the mall…let’s just say some people don’t drive very well.

took a turn around the mall, might as well make use of the nice air conditioning to get some exercise. not to mention it smelled like the cinnabon in the middle of the place…no worries…i resisted. though i really wanted one.

got home and didn’t feel very good, so going to just sit here on my ass and play with my pictures for a bit.

i’ve seen this lincoln several times in the past, and just recently at mooneyes. maybe i’ll even post that one some time. but it really looks like the same shot some of the other photographers have posted, so it isn’t really that important to post it.

i am partial to a cloudy sky. reminds me of growing up back east, with a thunderstorm rolling in. this one was from the street coverage bbq in montebello park in 2018.

get baked

1951 chevy deluxe

1951 chevy deluxe

doing a lot of baking lately. stuff my dad would’ve liked. apparently, everyone at work is on a New Year’s resolution not to eat sweets. so then I’m stuck with this stuff and what to do with it. 

Not going to sell it like the guy across the street, who says he doesn’t run a business from his house cooking stuff in his garage. going to ignore all the people that double park and pay him for something he’s not selling. he might be full of shit. 

Better half is exhausted by the weekend and I always end up washing a load of dishes by hand in the sink, using gloves that fit his gigantor banana hands, but on me, feel like NASA space gloves. there are no fine motor movements going on here...i can hardly hold the sponge without it flying into the soapy water.

the thin womens’ gloves i usually use tore last time i used one to open a bottle cap—the rubber gives a better grip. (that’s what she said. ) i just haven’t gotten around to buying a new pair.

womens gloves are like one-thirty-second of an inch thick vs the one-sixteenth of stuff on his gloves. pretty sure he bought them at the hardware store and they are for like mixing cement or working with electrical cables. 


also had the weirdest whirlwind of a cold or flu over the weekend. had to leave the office early on friday cuz i felt like i was on a boat on rough seas, and i was listing to the right when i walked. fever jumped to not quite one-hundred and three that evening and for the next two days.

stayed home today with a lower fever in morning and a cough.

went to the doctor, who gave me cough med that will stop the cough but make me too sleepy to drive, maybe. plus, i’m still walking on a tipsy boat. see how things are in the morning. maybe i’ll show up to be shunned at work.

hey, i wasn’t patient zero this year…

do i still want to get a flu shot? no, never.


missing my computer. here’s an old pic from last year at montebello park.

shadowy and windy. maybe it’s on the tipsy boat with me.

one more week

montebello 2-2242-Edit.jpg

is it a good vacation when you can’t remember what day it is? good thing cell phones keep track of the day and time shift or we’d be screwed.

it’s saturday here in positano, italy, and i’m taking a day off to do laundry and rest. sooooo tired, and i have an earache. everyone else went back down the hill, which is really all this place is, to the beach to rent a boat for a couple of hours. kid never drove a boat before, but doesn’t plan on going out very far, just far enough to jump in the ocean, and knowing him, he’ll probably pee in it.

if you’ve seen my pics on instagram, we’re in an airbnb halfway up this mountain. great view. hell of a walk and too many stairs. couple of days ago, we climbed both the duomo and the bell tower of an old church. four-hundred plus stairs in each, i really was only psyched up for the dome, and just couldn’t quite make the top level in the bell tower. better view in the duomo anyway. tight stairs to climb in both, as they were never meant to be open to the public. 

so, my legs are not really wanting to climb up or down this hill very far today. fortunately, there is a breakfast place just down around a bend, and pizza not far up for later. a few shops if i want to venture out, but i’ll probably just take a nap. 

not posting a lot from here, since we are limited to one gig of wifi data a day between the four of us. not sure what we are doing tomorrow. i think the kid mentioned capri and a grotto. hopefully i’m up for that...we’ll see. 

another pontiac ornament. i don’t post enough hoodies, and pontiacs are a fav. 


street coverage-1-5088And9morehdr.jpg

i’m in a mood today. so many things going on at work and home, and can only be in one place, dealing with one thing at a time. and there’s not enough time.

several deadlines today, yet i’m sitting here, waiting at the doctor’s office. for me. 

my mom fell yesterday; probably should have made her go to get an xray on her butt, arm and noggin—everything she landed on, hitting the driveway. she seemed ok and of course said she was fine.  


don’t usually shoot or show these types of cars, but like i said, i’m in a mood. maybe something different can correct my attitude.  

interesting paint job, no? 


1958 chevy impala

1958 chevy impala

better half went to the market yesterday evening, while i stayed home with his mom. 

got a call from him about an hour later—his van wouldn’t start, called aaa, but had frozen food, etc., melting in the back. so i had to make sure his mom was ok to leave alone for about ten minutes, with her pain pills, a phone, and wheelchair nearby the bed. 

start to worry that i’m going to get in an accident, then he couldn’t get home, and she’d be stuck in bed for days...cuz his sister still isn’t back...and probably will never be...

i got there and we threw all the groceries in my trunk and back seat. just finished when the aaa guy showed up to check the battery. i took off, and was back at the house within about ten minutes, unloaded the car and got the cold stuff where it needed to be within another ten minutes. 

better half calls and says battery is fine, driver thinks its a fly wheel or some other original part that has worn down. repair shop closed for the day, and they’re getting a tow truck to haul it home.  

they show up and he wants it put in the street, in case i need to go anywhere, as parking is hard to come by. neighbor shows up, and wants the same spot, and the tow truck is blocking the driveway. she takes off pissed. roommate does the same minutes later. whatever. 

so, didn’t make it out to a fundraiser in covina after all. 

this morning, he had the van towed to the repair shop, only to be told there were no service people in on sundays anymore. so he left it there, and called me for a ride back. i guess he could have ubered, but it wasn’t that far. same deal—meds, phone, chair, and on my way. we’re back in twenty minutes. she didn’t miss us, just watched tv. 

i decided to drive over to montebello park to see if anyone showed up to this first annual barbeque on an overcast mother’s day...because that’s just where mothers want to be on mother’s day, right? well, i do, and it’s my favorite weather for pictures, overcast and cool, but the parking lot was mostly empty, and the few cars that were there parked mostly around the edge of the park and across the street. oh well, at least there were some. shot the ones i liked, or were interesting, and had to head back. 

as usual, as soon as i packed my bag, more cars started to show up. driving down whittier boulevard, saw several very nice cars going the other way. damn, i wanted to go back, but had other things and people to worry about. but it was nice to shoot for about an hour. 

i’ve seen this rumberos car elsewhere. i kind of like this shot of the profile. looking at it again, i think i need to tone it down a little; too rough looking i think. maybe i’ll remember to fix it when i get back to my computer. 

down at my mom’s for the night—my kids took me out for dinner—and now i’m done for the night. 


1954 chevy bel air

1954 chevy bel air

back in whittier after a week. haven't decided if i'll go to a show tomorrow or not. my arm would probably be ok. i don't think it will rain either, and probably there will still be some kick ass clouds.

i think the first time i used a camera to shoot classic cars seven or eight years ago, it was a cloudy, march day. those are still some of my favorite pictures.

pomona swap meet is tomorrow. hmm. hmm. maybe.

all those leaves on the ground, i should have checked inside the car, to see if it was full of leaves too. 


1948 chevy fleetline

1948 chevy fleetline

saw this car across the street from the park. sometimes i wonder why groups park off on their own, if they're participating in an event. usually you can see if they're making friends with mary jane, and well, they can just stay off by themselves. so often i look on at their cars forlornly, and move along on where i am.

fortunately, my better half was with me. i told him i'd like to go over there, and he said sure. he facilitates things, he plays nice with people so much better than i can. he chatted with the owners of these cars while i did my thing. got the stories on the histories of these cars, where the guys grew up; he can relate since he grew up in the same hoods.

thought the light was nice on this side of the street. just had to patiently wait for the breaks in traffic. i like it.

my doctor said i was vitamin d deficient. strange, since i spend a lot of time in the sun, and don't you get a good dose of it there?

told my better half that my doctor said i need to get more d. he pretty much said, "when?"


1939 chevy master deluxe

1939 chevy master deluxe

i like my doctor. really i do. but she pulled out my stitches today, so i'm kinda hating her ass right now. she coulda numbed it out first. now this bandaid she slapped over the holes is a bit tight.  

going to go to sleep now. won't feel it or think about if i'm unconscious. at least i'll be able to scratch that skin soon. better half was threatening to put one of those cones on my head...like a dog. who's the bitch? i guess i am. 


almost didn't go to the fundraiser at montebello park. got my taxes done in the morning, and didn't get back home until after noon as it was. it wasn't far, i wanted to shoot, and if i couldn't find parking, i could just turn around. 

and my better half decided to join me. he wanted out of the house, and left his sister to care for his mom. he also needed to stop at the market for a few things on the way back. 

shockingly found a spot in the little parking lot. lots of cars still there and arriving though it was after two o'clock when we got there. 

he got to catch up with people he hasn't seen in a while, and i shot more cars i probably otherwise would have skipped, because they were parked across the street from the crowd, and i didn't know them. 

afternoon light and shadows were what they were, so shot around it or just said fuck it, and shot into the sun. a few lens flares don't bother me, if the best angle happens to get pegged by the sun. 

the car next to this thirty-nine just happened to pull out as i was walking up to it, so i had a little extra room to play. the trees blocked a lot of the direct light, but couldn't filter it all, so a few flare spots here and there.

at least no camera errors yesterday. afraid i'd be cameraless for a couple of months while they get repaired--but not really; my better half is already letting me use one of his...and i hate it, as he predicted. though it is a better camera. 

meatball rebellion

1946 chevrolet fleetmaster

from last month's con stilo toy drive in montebello. i was told by someone on flickr that i had mislabeled it, and it was either a forty-two or a forty-six. chevy had stopped production in between, during world war two. so i'm going with forty-six, unless someone really knows for sure.

i remember someone telling me that certain years during war time had a specific number side bars, equating to military rank, but i've forgotten the specifics. no bars on this car. i'm just going by the hood ornament, but that doesn't look original.

was out on the street, along with a couple of other clubs' cars. a los angeles bombs car was behind it, but there was no plaque in this one to tell what club, if any it was with.

i don't think i've seen it before, or if i have, not with the top up, so it's all new to me.

there's a general loose rule my siblings and i follow when staying at my parent's house: if it isn't thanksgiving or xmas, or you didn't bring it with you, don't eat the food.

i'm not saying my mom isn't a good cook, because she does very well at it, even while apologizing about the food at the holiday feasts, but that's just an ingrown tradition, and almost expected.

let's just say, my dad likes to shop. a lot. and often. and at costco. so there's always way too much for the two of them to finish. fruit is ripe the day he buys it, and really what does one do with two dozen ripe pears?

i've probably mentioned all this in past posts. if so, stop reading now. same old, same old.

they have two refrigerators: one in the kitchen, and one in the garage for the overflow. i don't remember the history of how they ended up with two, but they are pack rats, so i think the one in the garage was a castoff from my brother.

anyway, the one in the kitchen is filled top to bottom, like a tetris game. no, better—jenga. if you pull something out wrong, the whole pile of stuff on the shelf might shift and dump out on the floor.

actually, my mom is frequently found cleaning up the mess made by a can of diet pepsi, that my dad had placed in the freezer and forgotten. used to never hear her use curse words, but this clean up is usually accompanied by a muttered string of them.

nevermind trying to reach something in the back of the shelf. my sister-in-law has been known to empty the fridge and toss out of date items, leaving whole shelves sparse with edible food. but now, she's moved to the east coast, and i'm not going to do it.

i've seen my parent's carve off moldy bits and eat the rest of a slice of bread or cheese. they sometimes leave out a carton of juice clearly marked refrigerate after opening, because a) they've forgotten, or more likely b) there isn't room.

at least when visiting at holiday time, you know the ingredients for the meal are going to be fresh(er). i've seen her working up her menu and shopping list in the days ahead of the feast.

anyway, the point of this background detail, is that they seem rather careless in their old age with the food situation, and their generation tends not to throw stuff away. 

when i went over there the other night, i brought a batch of sweet hawaiian meatballs i'd made that same day. they'd already been chilled, so they made the not quite hour drive down safe enough. i watched as my mother ate a plate full, and then promptly put them in the fridge.

fast forward to the next day, i call them at five p.m. from work, to tell them i'm working a bit late, but because of the rain, would be staying the night with them. wondered if there were any of the meatballs left, so i wouldn't have to stop for dinner on the way.

they were having them for dinner right then, but there were still plenty left for me. they'd save some for me.

so, left the office after six. stupidly took the freeway, instead of the surface streets, and got stuck in traffic for half an hour.

arriving about seven, i was famished. the leftovers were sitting on the counter, waiting for me. which meant, they'd been sitting out since before they were eating dinner, say about three hours by then.

took a chance and ate some anyway. they are/were pretty good, even if the sauce wasn't cooked long enough (apologies to my better half).

lost that bet this morning, when i got to work: meatballs' revenge. that'll teach me a lesson, that i already knew and ignored anyway.

sorry dad, i know you're gonna read this. but i really had other things i had to do at work than sit and ponder...

night before

1930 ford truck

been baking all day. now waiting for some taffy to cool enough to pull it, but i'll still get a first degree burn on my hands. better half says he'll help pull the stuff.

this stuff is all for people for whom i had no ideas on what gift to give, save for some of their favorite sweets. sad, but better than nothing. and i have no xmas spirit anyway, just going with the flow.

i don't have too many pictures of cars decorated for the holidays, though i know i saw more than a few. i think i mostly passed them by. none of them made me go wow.

so this old truck will have to do, with it's bit of tinsel and swag. i'll break my own rule about shooting cars with company advertising on them, but here's an exception. it's a nice truck.