what's up?

at the bar

1960 chevy impala

no car shows for me today. our family member is in the hospital again. i will have to go tag out my better half, so he can go home, shower and get a few hours of sleep.

this is a crap picture. i know it is a crap picture, but it is how i feel at just this moment...so close, but can't go. it was a different kind of shot though, through the bars, at cars driving into the show.

they didn't stop long enough for me to get a clean shot, but the idea is there.

hoping everyone at the shows today keep cool...going to be in the nineties by noon. hate summer, really do.

two weeks until the whittier uptown show...just down the street...that i can go to...


1960 impala

1960 impala

after a lot of time wasted plotting a trip to london and france with my bro, his wife shot that idea down  at the last minute, citing his kids' spring break and family time. i secretly think she didn't want him to go to europe without her. maybe he's a little pw, but we changed plans and are staying in the states.

i should have just gone by myself, what with the british pound being eighty cents to our dollar...was really a bargain, even with last minute booking.

so here i am, sitting in lax way too early in the morning, heading out to the east coast. i think i've gotten about six hours of sleep the last couple of nights, and i'm tired. burned out and ready to just be away from work.

going roadtrippin' with hotels booked tonight and the last, and no idea where in between.  spending more money i don't have, just to relax ese.

what i'm saying is, i'll be away from my computer, so those few people i talked to at the last show about their cars, well, you'll just have to keep waiting to see the pictures. sorry, ran out of time.

i'll be gone for a week and a half, back in the office for three days, then back to the east coast on a business trip.

busy month, and going to miss a few of my favorite shows 😞  east coast shows are mostly muscle cars, so <yawn>.

better half staying home with his mom, so if you happen to see him moping around uptown, say hi. 

i have a couple of older shots i can post, but nothing new, besides this beauty. shot it earlier this year, at the dia de los muertos in whittier, and here it was at walnut high school. owner came right up and said hi, but had to remind me about where i'd met him before. as soon as he said it, i knew exactly where it was...better at remembering the cars than faces and/or names, until i meet you a few times.

nothing better than to hear the kid say, "i used to follow you, but..." ya other stuff gets your attention. no big. not writing anything worth reading anyway. just drivel. gave him another card. 

shot a bunch of different angles, but this is the only one i had time to fiddle with...still sorting through the two hundred car shots i did take that day. 

was a pretty good day for a show. usually a hot and sweaty day in walnut at this annual show, but the chance of rain this particular day, with the clouds blowing through, kept it a mostly comfortable temp, with a cool breeze. 

appreciated a slightly inebriated guy, in different part of the parking lot, manplaining how the noisy chevy deluxe driving away on the street, just on the other side of the fence, was all original and therefore more valuable.  keep 'em noisy is all i could say, as i watched it driving away. then he proceeded to talk me around an old thirty-six chevy, pointing out the skirts and chrome bits that add several thou to the value. then he just wandered away. ok then.


guess i'll go wander around the terminal and watch planes take off. better half would have liked that part. ttfn. 

lazy day

1960 chevy impala

there was a big car show today. i was even awake at five in the morning, but i went back to bed. i should have gone, just to get out of my head, to take in some fresh air and get some exercise, but i just didn't want to go to this one. too many hot rods the last few years, not enough low riders.

tomorrow i will. a car show later in the day, and no rain expected. anniversary show at frisco's. for sure there will be cars i like there.

walked uptown for lunch. joked to my better half to be verwy verwy quiet...i'm hunting fweetlines... lo and behold, i did pass at least three of them driving by and on the way back to the house.

right now, there's a funeral / viewing down the street, practically a car show in that parking lot. didn't know the guy, and it would be sort of disrespectful to go back and set up my tripod and start shooting, right? didn't even whip out my phone for a snap as i walked by.

really explained why i kept seeing cars driving past the house and uptown earlier. 

they are welcome to find parking down here, by the house, instead of trying to jam all of their cars into the lot. i'll keep an eye on the cars while they're gone. really i will.

so now, i go outside once in a while, to see what i can see from the corner. figure i can shoot them as they slow down at the stop sign, after the viewing is over. unless they go the other way, and hit up the cigar bar or something.

the sun has gone undercover now, so it's quickly become too chill to stand out there for very long without my jacket. and i'm starting to feel like a tool, standing there with a big lens and snapping a few shots, every once in a while.

my kid and his wife are going to stop by. spending the day at griffith park and that hood. will probably go uptown again for dinner, if they're hungry.

another from last week. was a lovely car. i'd be worried about the rain, but then figured they'd just put the roof back up and rub off the water spots when they get home, safe in the garage.

sky looks sort of dramatic here, but really any pictures featuring clouds in so cal could be called that. usually such a rare occurrence.  

island girl

1960 desoto fireflight

promised to post this one. it was different. took several shots early; came back again later, after the sun had moved a bit. it's the tail lights. unusual fins and lights always catch my eye. this one looks like they jammed some cadillac bullets in there.

owner was a nice older gentleman. said it had just been finished two months ago.

tail end

1960 cadillac coupe deville

i'm at my mom's, locked in my old bedroom, enjoying the snot-filled end of a bad cold. the possessed lucifer voice is losing it's grip blow by snotty blow. note to my better half: "bow to me faithfully, bow to me splendidly," morbid angel, god of emptiness. go listen to that song--that's what he thinks i sound like. watch the official video, the quality is so much better than others. i'll add the link when i get home to my computer.

doctor says its just a cold, and i just have to suffer through it.

work is piling up at the office, and i will be slammed from whenever i get back, through my road trip time in a couple of weeks. joy.

was going through old pics last week, and had this one waiting to post. shot at the pomona swapmeet a couple of years ago. just love the pointy fins and the twins.

keeping to the other side

one of my favorite cars, since i started playing with the camera again several years ago. don't see it very often. aside from the fact that i haven't been going out to as many shows, he tells me that he's mostly keeping this one on the other side of the 605 freeway now.

just happen to know his club goes to this particular show, so was happy to run in to it there. jammed between his other club cars, but still worth a shot, or two. always trying to get a good shot of the freakin' ghost flames. i think the overcast sky helps a lot, cuts back the reflective glare. someday, i'll get a ladder. just one more thing to drag around, right?


been busy at work, and taking care of some medical stuff. i really don't like needles at all. really, really hate them. anyway, got to get stuck a couple more times in the next couple of weeks. so, i'm going to not think about that right now.


so how about a couple more shots of the car?


back from vacation. went to dc. was fun, weather was perfect. even ended with a lightly rainy day. better half lost his iphone six plus, then after a dramatic story, got it back. what are the chances of that? should have bought a lottery ticket.

day after we get back, hey, dia de los muertos show up the street. the past few years, about a dozen cars have been there. this year, wow, maybe fifty, maybe a hundred are down there. i basically was there most of the day. still tired from the trip, but had fun. then had to drive down to my mom's. just been going non-stop since...so first time back with my pics.

and i'm off again...so here's a quick shot for some dude who asked about my photography. like i said, love the back ends of the old caddies. all about the fins.

his own, personal, jesus

i've been spotting some really incredible impalas lately. clean, etched, engraved, hydraulics, airbrushed and pinstriped.

saw this stylistics car at the church show too.

what might that man be looking at in the trunk besides the engraved hydralical system? ah, there it is now...

the girl on the wheel cover must have been calling him earlier... >:)

blue skies

told you the weather guys can't predict nuthin. no rain last night, no rain today. 

i got up late, or i would have gone to three or four shows. so starts baseball, so starts the car show season. pretty much it never really stops in so cal, just not so many in the winter, if you can call it that.

when i went to the unidos show here at walnut high school last year, there wasn't much there, due to the coinciding swap meet at pomona. tends to suck the local shows dry. this one was busy, the lot was full, and i was happy. probably a fifty-fifty mix of 60s low riders and the bombs that i like.

right at the front were the host members' cars. i saw this one before, but i didn't like the shots i got of it. i like impalas, with their wings on the back. my preference is the fifty-nine, but this is ok too. i like the airbrush work on the wheel cover.

funny thing happening the last couple of shows i've been to. usually, its my better half telling me guys are asking where i am, if i am there; these shows, they've been asking where he is. someone even gave me a flyer to give to him for a change. he's finding that a funny twist.

have a happy whatever

to each his own.

been too busy to think much about it. getting overworked and burning out.

had an opportunity to do a long weekend trip to san francisco, and unexpectedly, also yosemite, but backed out because i'd been sick, and just didn't feel i had enough energy to enjoy it. ended up dog sitting instead. yes, the beast thing. oh, and i'm stuck with feeding over a dozen tarantulas, two gecko things, a disgusting millipede, two cornsnakes, a beta fish, and some kind of carnivorous frog with teeth—my daughter's strange zoo, while she's traveling for the holidays. all creepy and mesmerizing at the same time. hoping she gets home sooner, rather than later.

got arm twisted into attending the annual holiday lunch and gift exchange at work. i've managed to miss the last few, as i go on auto-pilot and head to lunch...they schedule the thing to start while i'm out usually. not this year. secretary wrangled me earlier in the week, asking if i was going to be there.

so i brought a gift for the exchange. something with my sense of humor. consider it a gag gift. but something i would have bought for myself.

so we were treated to a fairly good meal, but the host was big into singing christmas carols. so they'd have everyone singing songs every once in a while. i just don't sing. at least in front of anyone. didn't in elementary school, ain't going to start now. 

one coworker offered up cash to hear me sing. no thanks. i just can't do it. won't do it.

after a food and a nice speech, the gift game got underway.

among all the obvious bagged bottles of booze, the thing i brought was the first gift chosen by the first person up to bat. is it that she wanted something more festive? or did she really dislike it? i dunno. she just seemed so disappointed.

then another seven or eight people, being ever so polite, passed on stealing anything from anyone, and pick gifts from the pile.

so my turn comes, and i take back my gift, telling her to go find something she'll like better. and she did. then someone stole that gift from her and she had to go steal another from someone else.

got better from there on out, as everyone started stealing gifts from each other. no one was ever gonna take mine from me, and i was fine with that.

but you know what? after it was all done and back at our desks, most every single person stopped by my desk to see the thing. even had an offer to trade for it.

that's ok. i wanted it anyway.


been sick with a cold, so i haven't really been out and about much. this impala was from the old memories toy drive over at bruce's. not overtly christmasy, but there's a big bow on the back, so that will do for me.

see you all around some time. looking forward to some good shows in the coming year.