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island girl

1960 desoto fireflight

promised to post this one. it was different. took several shots early; came back again later, after the sun had moved a bit. it's the tail lights. unusual fins and lights always catch my eye. this one looks like they jammed some cadillac bullets in there.

owner was a nice older gentleman. said it had just been finished two months ago.

double whammy

1949 desoto

it happens every once in a while. that one day of the year. it's mother's day—and it's my birthday. sort of the same dilemma as the kid born christmas day. and the double hassle of trying to take/be taken out to dinner...ya, good luck with that.

i'm not big on birthdays. i don't care about the number. i just don't like the attention. and i don't need anything that i don't already have. besides, i have no place to put anything. whatever. game of thrones is on tonight, and it may rain, so there are my gifts.

i've spent the morning sifting through pictures, trying to decide what to enter in the fair this year. i've narrowed it down to about twenty so far. letting my better half have his vote, as usual, then i'll go ahead and enter what i think is good, but you can never tell what the judges will like.

i don't think i will enter as many as i usually do. aside from the entry fees, if they pick a bunch to hang at the fair, then i have to get them framed, and then after, i end up with a lot of pictures, and not enough wall space. i'm thinking i'll set up a page to sell some of the framed pictures from past fairs—they do no one any good sitting in storage.

anyway, my alarm just went off, to go pack up and head down to meet my kid for dinner, and a game of thrones viewing party. i'll just put up this shot from a desoto wagon we came across in buellton last month.

des uno

1955 desoto firedome

at my mom's again. one more day of work, then catching a train to san diego, and hitting chicano park on saturday. wonder if the padres are in town...?

another car from the unexpected car show in buellton. one three lovelies at the entrance to the lot. all three had their hoods up. i spent time shooting some of the details, and hoping...

there was an old guy with a camera, kicking back in the grass, in the shade of a tree, near a fifty-nine desoto i was shooting. he said he'd taken a picture of every car there, except those last three. he was just waiting too. said he'd taken meticulous notes about each car too.

i guess my better half had been talking to some people and must have mentioned my preference for hoods down. soon, a guy strolled over and shut all three. one was his; i assume he's on friendly terms with the other two owners.

so, yay, i got pics of these three two, before people started driving away.

and the slamming hoods, also woke up the old photographer. he showed up about five minutes later.


being sick is an easy way to drop five pounds. it's like a natural appetite suppressant. all i want to do is sleep and blow my nose...wait, is that five pounds of snot? ewwwwww.

shot this car at chicano park a couple of years ago. i don't see these too often, and i just really like the old cars that have the googly-eyed headlights like this. they usually are attached to cars with sensuous, elegant curves, those that still had style.

i heard this past year, since the show sold out so quickly, there was an overflow show at a nearby park. i'd be tempted to go to that, but the main show is just too much of a good thing to skip. maybe i can do both this year...


i've been busy all day. walked uptown for an hour or so at lunch...shopping for a graduation gift. really difficult when you don't know what someone likes or needs, or what is appropriate for the occasion. me, i like toys—monsters, aliens, weird stuff. don't think that would work for this girl.

still need to pack my bag for the trip. haven't decided when to leave. so i've been sitting here playing with my pictures. was trying to find a specific car, a black bel air. looked through the last few years of pictures. i think i have it, but no doubt i've labeled it wrong. probably on a hard drive i don't have here, a backup drive at a different location. oh well. this merc will have to do.

chopped and differently stylized flames than i usually see on cars. it was sitting at the edge of the park, stopping traffic. even got a crazy guy from a passing bus to get out before his real stop, to come over and make loud exclamations. i think the general thinking was that he might have been on something, but maybe he's just overly enthusiastic.

kudos to the pinstriper/airbrusher. somebody named vandemon, at least that's how they signed the back end.

and check out al the louvres. that looks difficult to do, without effing it up. also had hubcaps with cadillac emblems on it, and a desoto grille. guy sitting next to it, who seemed to know the owner, said just because they were cool.

actung baby

1947 de soto i haven't shot this car since i really got into doing this about a year ago. compare it to my original posting of it to see if i've improved any. definitely deserved a higher angle than i used to always do them at. i have a couple of others i liked as well, showing reflections of the sky and trees on the hood, but it's late, so i'll save them for some other day.

i don't know why i like it. has one of the most gigantor front grilles i ever do see. oh, i know...i love the hood ornament :)

desoto de nada

56 desoto

this was at the enderle center classic car show last week. i'd never seen one, and this one was just a fine example.

from the side, it looked like a lot of other cars of its time, so the thing that really attracted me was the front. i guess its pretty nondescript, but i liked it. i like the lettering, the way the headlights stick out, even has a hood ornament, so i'm a happy camper.

1947 de soto deluxe fluid drive

1947 de soto

don't see many of these. actually, this is the first one i've seen in a show. in all the whole month of shows that i've been to, anyway. seemed to be in good condition, but not overly polished, like it actually gets driven and not housed in a garage. the owner seemed a bit nervous, but didn't stop me from taking a shot. hope he sees that i did ok by it.