what's up?

des uno

1955 desoto firedome

at my mom's again. one more day of work, then catching a train to san diego, and hitting chicano park on saturday. wonder if the padres are in town...?

another car from the unexpected car show in buellton. one three lovelies at the entrance to the lot. all three had their hoods up. i spent time shooting some of the details, and hoping...

there was an old guy with a camera, kicking back in the grass, in the shade of a tree, near a fifty-nine desoto i was shooting. he said he'd taken a picture of every car there, except those last three. he was just waiting too. said he'd taken meticulous notes about each car too.

i guess my better half had been talking to some people and must have mentioned my preference for hoods down. soon, a guy strolled over and shut all three. one was his; i assume he's on friendly terms with the other two owners.

so, yay, i got pics of these three two, before people started driving away.

and the slamming hoods, also woke up the old photographer. he showed up about five minutes later.