what's up?


1935 chrysler elite airflow

my better half and i went up to solvang for the weekend. it's kind of a boring place, when you're not a wine drinker. but they do have good danish pastries, and we relaxed in a jacuzzi for a while. apparently, he heard i was stressed out at work, thought i could use time off.

nothing but overpriced shops in town, so saturday, we took off to go check out the other mission, the one outside of town, la purisma. state runs it, and it has been fixed up, unlike all the other missions in the california chain, that are dilapidated and still owned by the church.

we'd been there before, and figured, it would be something different to do, and to take pictures of. i guess we were there for an hour or so. the day got hot, and my head started to hurt. and there were so many bugs, probably due to the tractor cutting the grass in the field. birds were having a 'field' day then.

i just needed a swig of water, and it was past lunch time, so we packed it up, and started back to the town. idyllic grass-covered hills. sixty-five mile an hour speed limit, so we were cruising.

closer to town, speed limit changed to forty-five. out the corner of my eye, i saw a small sign, that said, simply, "car show," low to the ground.

i didn't exactly skid, but made a quick decision, and took the next right pretty quick. i can safely say, my stupid car handles a bit better, than my better half's astro van.

anyway, we wound through a little neighborhood, and came upon a park, and figured maybe there, would be a car show. turning in the drive, spotted this car first, and we both giggled. my better half says i have an amazing ability to find random car shows, anywhere i might be.

i was not expecting a car show this weekend. knowing i was running short of time...better half was already telling me i needed to eat...we started taking pictures right away.

someone told my better half they were going to be ending the show within a half an hour. told him they'd done everything proper, filed with the chamber of commerce, pulled permits; they were promised advertising. all they got was that little sign. no one showed up to see the cars. ended up being a club meet-up. one car from san diego, others from northern california.

someone else wondered if we'd been to the show out in lompoc? no, didn't know about that or we would have skipped the mission--would have skipped the mission, if we'd noticed the sign on the way out there.

small number of extraordinary cars. it was actually a desoto club, but there were a few chryslers mixed in. i suspect chrysler was part of desoto or was it the other way around, at some point?

posting this one, since it was unlike any of the others, though, all of them there were quite unique, a sample of rare cars, covering the nineteen thirties through sixty.

promised to show a few here, if there were any good shots. so give me a few days.

back to work tomorrow...