what's up?



on the train, heading home from a weekend in san diego. chicano park was awesome this year. i took so many pictures.

even went to a baseball game.

there's a guy from klique riverside on the train too. wearing his shirt, representin'.

someone from klique sd sold my kid a car a few weeks ago. coincidence. that guy showed my kid other cars he was working on, but my kid isn't familiar with the classic cars, so he just mentioned that his mom would be all about it. i had to smile, and agree that their cars are pretty nice.

but i'm not home yet, so those. shots will have to wait. summer coming up, shows to go to, and i fall behind on posting stuff i promised to post. so when i get home, i can be good, and get back to those from the last show, or should i give in to the fun of a new batch of pictures to play with?

and only have this one ready for now. from legg lake, quick pic before the rain started and we bailed. better half got a better shot of the car, if i remember right. it was the first car he shot when we got there.

rocking the 'patina.' shooting the hood from this angle, usually because the surrounding cars have their hoods up, and/or the background is distracting. in this case, it was because the aged crustiness of this car is just so fun to look at.

another hour to go, then let the downloading begin. :)