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la van dulce

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busy week and i’m tired. standing at a table in the middle of the oc fair. last weekend and had a free ticket. traffic sucks anyway. started getting dizzy so found a shady spot.

i’d rather be all alone in a crowd with my better half. early here but plenty of people. and i’m already bored.

contemplating which show to go to in the morning and/or pomona on sunday. guess i’ll see where the car goes. i think it needs a sevice soon.

one more week then i head to vegas for five days. hate that place, and it’s more hellish in summer heat. at least i’ll be staying in a hotel i’ve never been in that i can remember.

guess i’ll keep an eye on traffic and waste another hour here.


shot through the window for this shot of every cliché you can think of in a lowrider van. fairly unimpressive white on the outside, save for some pinstriped messages, such as the name of the van. guessing “asshole” in it’s delicate paint refers to the owner and not the reader.

on the inside

1938 chevy master deluxe interior

1938 chevy master deluxe interior

spend the day at work, screaming on the inside. fuck, fuck, fuckity fucksticks. i’m tired, but it’s probably just stress.

i usually have a constant stream of work, and/or multiple overlapping deadlines, and i usually thrive with that. after all, idle hands, find trouble. 

also years of being busy in front of a computer, have gotten me curvier than i want to be, so i really need to do something about that...doesn’t help that my better half gave me a bag of m&ms, though it’s the thought behind the gift that matters. thanks, d.

i’ve had a couple of slow days, and i’m fighting to stay awake, and just want to go home. i find something to keep myself busy, but i can feel my eyes wanting to close.

it’s almost a holiday weekend, and summer, so a lot of people are probably on vacation, hence no work or responses to my emails.

didn’t want to fight traffic home to whittier, so staying close to work, and heading to bed early.


i see someone has been searching my posts for a particular name. he is in my thoughts and prayers, but i don’t think it’s my place to share his challenges here. you know who you are. take care, hope to see you soon.


this shot was from a cruise at in-n-out in covina. i seem to be shooting a lot of steering wheels and dashboards lately. probably subconsciously intending to make another book to go with the one i gave away at xmas a few years ago, of hood ornaments.did you get one? probably not. they are still for salesomewhere...probably on amazon...they own the world, don’t they?


saw this special deluxe at the fleetline fest. better half also managed to get this far in the parking lot, and spoke to the owner. asked him about the badge on the grille. since my better half seems to never post anything much anymore, i will take the opportunity to relay a short story here.

and of course, a week away his details are getting fuzzy.

guy found the badge on what was left of a grille in a junkyard. pulled it off and took it up to the office to ask how much it was.

dude in the office didn't even know what it was, and wasn't sure what to charge. better half can't remember how much he paid, but probably undervalued, since the dweeb didn't wait for the manager to get back. online, they seem to go for a couple hundred bucks, in the original blue velvet gift box.

says the historical value is in that it was an item chevrolet would give to employees / salespeople / owners that served in the war...one of the world wars, not clear on the first or second. i'm thinking more like the first.

also said the shades over the headlights helped to mute the glare of the lights from enemy aircraft that may be flying overhead. why give them a target?

anyway, some of the badges i see on grilles are quite interesting, and i'd never asked the why or where they come from, but my better half has no problem chatting people up, so he usually picks up these little tidbits of trivia.

la sucia

i have a headache. maybe i'm a barometer...its going to rain. took a walk uptown, to grab some lunch. bunch of motorcycles, and the blue and white at the cigar bar. maybe more will show up later, so i'll go for another walk.

liked this fleetline. well, i like fleetlines in general. liked the simple pinstripes. owner moved a hat out of the way in the back window, probably so i could get a clean shot of the plaque. thanks.

hail mary, full of grapes

i've been shooting dashboards a lot lately. convertibles, because they're easy. i shoot them if they're interesting.

this one has a dashboard mary instead of the ubiquitous dashboard jesus. makes me think of my better half saying that when he was a kid, and he still went to catholic school or whatever it was, he thought they were saying, "hail mary, full of grapes..." that didn't last very long, after one of the nuns berated him for letting his hair grow long—he never went back—and pretty much has rarely had it cut short since. so there you go, sister. whack you with a ruler.