what's up?

along comes mary

so another photographer, who i think actually does work for a magazine, print or otherwise, had this guy move his car over here by the fountain. bunch of guys on the wall said so, and seemed to be in a particularly fine mood for this time of day. not sure if they'd been partaking of the red solo cups or just feeling giggly.

i don't ask people to move their cars; just shoot'em as i find them, hopefully without too many poles and wires in the background. hey, its a great composition, so i shot it too. all the while wondering how he got it wedged in here without bumping anything or the other cars that were parked in the spaces behind me. must have used the airbags to get it up and over the curbs.

and what's up with mary? she' tied up with wonder woman's lasso. nah, just a rosary, oddly draped on her. somebody must have low fived her too hard, since she's also missing a hand.