what's up?


had a busy day. could have gone to three or four, even five car shows today. instead, went to one show twice, and another show in between. confusing, i know. first show, i guess the drive-in time is 9am; i got there about 10:30ish. three, maybe four cars there. then one of the guys comes over and says the show doesn't really start until one. that explains it. but why post a move-in so early on a sunday morning? everyone's at church, right? 

anyway, drove down to another show, which had the usual bunch of cars. took a few shots, and left to find some lunch. then back to the other show. more cars, so i was happy.

then, i think i'd had enough sun, and skipped any other shows i was thinking about.


this car isn't from either one. busy downloading those pics now.

showlows car from last weekend. i like pinstripes. these aren't perfect and symetrical. a little off, but i still like it.