what's up?

has bean

can't pass by a pontiac without shooting the indian.

i've got a few shots of the car, but i'm not so impressed with them. not liking the other cars and pop up tents in the background. don't know why, since that's how i find them most of the time. maybe if i look at it again another day, i'll like it better and post it.


spent the morning doing a lot of driving. drove my better half down to the optometrist, where he got in trouble for not going in for a couple of years. he'll have new glasses soon enough.

then drove back, avoiding the eff-up on the freeway at valley view, where they are doing construction or something all weekend.

stopped at the market. cooking up pots, or more seemingly, vats of beans today. never made them before, and my better half was whining the other day that his mom hadn't made any for a while. i finally asked her to show me how to make them for him, so we had to pick up ingredients.

first market didn't have everything we needed. second market didn't have the pig cankles, so i had to go to a third market for those.

anyway, spent the afternoon doing that. the house smells like onions and jalepeños. better half chopped/obliterated onions in some sort of device he'd bought at the swap meet. his mom sifted through the uncooked beans for the defects and dirt, and told stories of when she was a girl doing the same for her mother.

so it kinda seems like they did most of the work and i just wrote down and followed her directions and stirred the pots. fine by me, i'm not going to eat them.

results are mixed, probably because of the different sizes of the pots used. better half just dumped one pot as being way too salty. says one pot is probably perfect, the other two probably could have cooked a bit longer...not my fault...his mom said they were done time-wise. i didn't think they looked the same as the first batch. whatever. they'll eat them anyway. i'll try again some other time. maybe buy more big pots to cook with, so they all cook at the same rate.

ya, i hate cooking. i'd rather bake cookies and bread. way better than beans.