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1947 dodge

1947 dodge

wth. i was just checking articles on linkedin, and who is the first person up as a suggested connection?  

jae bueno. 

now i’m just sad, though it does say he is still presently busy as a freelance photographer.  yes, maybe, somewhere in the universe, but not here. and that sucks.


old dodge hearse that i see everywhere. usually not like this, on it’s own, where you can sort of work around it for a better angle. was still too close to a wall/a hedge. but usually jammed between other cars, so this’ll do. 

aches & pains

1950 chevy

1950 chevy


so many car shows lining up, while it's still not raining, and i have to go sprain my arm. makes it difficult to carry a tripod and pull a bag on my own.

i've been moving stuff from one storage unit, to a bigger one, in anticipation of moving my daughter's junk in with mine. at least until we figure out where she's going.  

been mostly moving it after work, for a few hours at a time. anyway, reaching up to snag a box too high on the stack, another box fell down and whacked me near my wrist. was aching so much after a couple of days, i went to a walk-in clinic yesterday. x-ray showed no cracks, so i just need to wrap it up.

feel like i should wrap both forearms and pretend i'm a boxer, or better yet, wonder woman with those stupid metal things that she used to deflect things. nah, more like the metal things they wore in 300. 

anyway, not sure how much i'll get out for a few weeks. still have a month to move stuff. guess i'll get my other kid to do it. piece of cake for him; probably can move all the boxes in a day and not break a sweat. 

was talking to tudy a couple of weeks ago, and somewhere in the conversation he mentioned the showlows st hilary car show. said he hadn't made it there this past year, but his son had. described the car, wondered if i'd seen it.

looking through pics, yes, yes i did.  

new day

1948 chevy fleetline

1948 chevy fleetline

sitting in the dark, waiting for my workday to start. contemplating the next few days.

my daughter is coming down to visit for the next couple of weeks, with her boy toy and one of her dobermans.  she's leaving the albino one back at home. trying to find a new home for it...if you're interested in an untrained, unhousebroken sweet rescue dog, let me know.

i have a few doctor appointments coming up, so hoping to figure out whatever my issues are. hoping it will be just a take this pill and you'll be just fine, but that's probably too easy a fix. 

at least it's relatively quiet at work. rare couple of weeks that i'm not busting my ass juggling projects. it won't last, so trying to enjoy that. have had to shoot several portrait/headshots, which mostly have turned out ok. will need to get a roll of gray background paper on the xmas list, and a dedicated room to set up some lighting...just making do for the time being.

people just don't sit still looking pretty, like a car, so it's been a bit challenging for me. different camera settings, with a camera i'm not completely familiar with. it's all good. keep learning, i guess. 


last few shows i've been to. have chosen different times of day, just for the challenge of pushing the camera to see what i see. mostly i get sunrise shots, like this one, because i'm out trying to get the pictures before the sun brings the heat.  

slightly easier than the evening shots, where the camera settings just have to get dialed up to where i can still get an image and not have it too noisy without a flash, or the exposure so long, that people tend to just walk through the shot thinking you're not doing anything. 

this picture kind of has an african plain feeling, but those porta-potties kind of ruin for me. 


1966 pontiac

1966 pontiac

out to st hilary's very early this morning, before the sun came up. watched a few cars head in before i got outta the car. so by the time i was shooting my first car, the sun was peaking out already.

got through two batteries before i got to this car. either they're going bad or i haven't been using them enough. more like the latter.

told him i'd post a picture of his car. he said he'd painted it himself, and knew it wasn't quite perfect. so it is good enough, your car doesn't have to be pristine to get a picture.

i used to help my dad sand his car every year when i was a kid. he always painted it some sort of steel blue, using some giant compressor he got from the navy scrapyard or something. not shiny, but did the trick.

owner of this car apparently has seen my pictures before, and probably reads this here blog, as he offered me a water pretty quickly. it was a hot day, and i was about ready to go find one and/or head out to eat. that helped a lot, i was getting pretty shaky about then.

so thanks for the water, alex. nice to meet you.

it's a harley, dahlink

harley davidson

away from home tonight, so i'll just put this one up.

took several angles of this bike, which are all just fine, but i thought this angle was just more interesting. not an extraordinary bike, but it was clean, and sitting off mostly by itself momentarily. not long after, the owner moved it in with the crowd of cars, where i never would have bothered shooting it then.

been busy as usual at work. i've been trying to squeeze in a walk before work, or climbing nine flights of stairs if i can. my legs hurt from sitting all day; i should get out for an afternoon walk like i used to, just block out some time on the work calendar and go.

really need to try an experiment and go cold turkey on the coke and/or pepsi. i like my caffiene bubbly and on ice, but it comes with a lot of sugar, which my body is apparently just converting into ass, boobs and belly. i could say i let myself go, out of some bizarre curiosity to see what i'd look like "with a little meat on my bones," same way i'd just see how long my hair would grow, but that would just be an excuse.

better half isn't complaining, but i'd like to be able to bust a lot of my old clothes out of storage, if i lost a few inches.

i spent a good part of a year working in what we called the dungeon, at a previous employer. was a huge project, with multiple companies working together, day and night. they kept a steady supply of snacks and soda, to keep the captives, er, employees, happy and working.

i used to joke, that i could just sit and mainline/iv drip the coke twenty-four/seven. was easier then; i was only a hundred pounds and burned those junk food calories without even trying.

i will miss it. i will be tempted every day, and it's just so easy to get my hands on the stuff.

gonna change to water. but it has to be ice water, to top off the ice water in my veins.

says the girl who chugged a coke whilest typing this missive...

good day, sunshine

chevy truck

another early morning shot from the showlows show at st hilarys. i think this is a dukes' truck, at least it was parked near a bunch of their cars. decided i liked this one better than the shot with the sun's rays glaring into the lens this time—the lens flares were going straight down the middle, and not that interesting.

queue the violins...

i've done nothing so far this weekend. yesterday all i did was sleep and deal with stomach issues. i don't know what it is that i get through the work week just feeling meh, only to get to saturday, and feel ick.

i had plans. i had wanted to go to the latin gents/dukes toy drive. it was wonderfully overcast here by the house, and assumed it might have been in cypress as well. the show was from one to seven in the evening, which would have been nice for a change.

instead, i watched the awesome sunset from the couch, and wished i had just gone anyway. oh well. judging from only one photographer's pics posted on instagram, looked like it was a good show, and that they had collected lots of toys.

only left the house once yesterday, for a late lunch. walked uptown. sometimes if i just get out and walk, whatever it is goes away. not this time. was tempted to call my better half to come get me, but i toughed it out, and walked back home, but not very quickly.

not feeling one hundred percent today. but i am hoping to go to the viejitos show over by legg lake—at least that is only fifteen minutes from home vs half an hour+ to cypress, if i start feeling queasy.

good fella

1939 chevy master deluxe

was thinking about going to friscos, then it started to rain. rain or shine is great for cars, but not for camera lenses. the bodies are supposedly water resistant, but not the lenses. i can't afford new lenses, so probably will skip it. my loss.

saw this in the corner at showlow's st hilary show. if not a fleetline, master deluxes are my next favorite.half in, half out of the shade is sort of challenging.

wishing that other car wasn't behind it. took a picture of that one too. that owner was a dodgers fan, and took time to put a sunshade emblazoned with the logo across it in the front window, so that i'd take a picture of it. i did, but i don't think i'll post it. not the best shot, and i wasn't that impressed by the sunshade.

took my kid's dog for a walk on friday after work. hadn't stopped in to visit for a while, and the kid wouldn't be home from work for another hour or two. i took him to a nearby park and let him off his leash at some point, so he could run around a bit. he ran in circles for a few minutes, then must have found something, because i saw him eating it before i could catch up and stop him.

it looked like what was left was evidence of a picnic in the grass, with a baby's animal crackers and chicken bones strewn about the area. had to pull him away, as he was trying to snarf another bone.

saturday morning, about five a.m., i get a nasty "what did you feed the dog?" text from my kid. i guess the dog had not been feeling well the night before, had been locked in the kitchen just in case, and had woke up barfing and crapping everywhere. pictures were included. thanks for that visual.

he says the dog always drops a bigger load after i've stopped by, i usually feed him extra biscuits, or share my dinner with him. i'm a bad gramma in his eyes.

i had to apologize and tell him i hadn't fed him anything extra, and could only think whatever he managed to eat had already gone bad, and he had food poisoning.

i guess he continues to be sick, but supposedly slowing down. i've offered to take him to the vet and/or pay for it. he says he'd given the dog some pepto-bismol.

hoping to hear they've taken him in and given him an iv or something.


1949 chevy truck

we got to the showlows' volo show at st hilarys last saturday, before the sun came up. even though roll in was still an hour or two away, can usually catch a clubs' cars way early, and when you're after that gentle morning light, they are the best shots of the day sometimes.

but in the tumult that was our saturday afternoon, running about getting things done and packed for our trip, i only had time to download my pictures, stack them, tag them, and randomly pick one. so this truck is it for now, until we get back home.

i've seen it around before, on other peoples' instagrams, and they drove past the house recently, but i don't think i have it in my files.

the sun was already up by the time i got over here. i was looking at cars, and trying to catch them as the golden light hit them.

there was stuff on the other side of this truck, but i really liked the sun peeking through the window, as well as all the patina detail from this side. its a rough looking truck, but very cool.

we arrived early in san diego yesterday, about eight in the morning. had to drive, instead of taking a train this time, since they are not running trains next weekend for bridge repairs somewhere on the line. oh well. don't really need a car in town, but gives more flexibility depending what we want to do or when we want to leave.

we've stayed at this hotel before, and the lady at the front desk remembered us. told her we're here for our anniversary, so she did her best to get us a room as soon as possible. found one that was vacant, but not cleaned yet, and got housekeeping on the phone to ask them to get to it first.

we were in a room by nine, and sleeping by ten. three hours later, we woke up and headed over to the old spreckels theatre. i'd gotten tickets to see "the producers" on the stage, and needed to get them from will call. doors weren't open yet, so we went to horton plaza for some "gourmet" fine dining at taco bell. it was quick, and we were hungry, so don't judge.

back down to the theatre, still about twenty minutes until doors opened. decided i'd go take a wazz, so maybe i wouldn't have to stand in the long line at intermission. guy at the info booth said there were bathrooms on the fourth floor.

now, if you're not familiar with the spreckels theatre, it's an old building. built in nineteen twelve for a million dollars. theatre on the first floor and offices on the upper floors. we took the old elevator up, and get out, like stepping back in time. frosted glass windowed, empty offices up and down the white tiled hallways, the kind you'd expect to find a private eye in old black and white movies, with gold lettering painted on the glass.

i guess he sent us up to the fourth floor, because there is randomly a bail bondsman office there. we wandered around the hallways, which seemed to follow the perimeter of the building, with a central corridor. we split up, looking for the bathrooms. i found the mens room on one side, he found the women's on the opposite side of the building. it's fairly echoey with all the hexagonal tiling, and marble stairwells, so he yelled that he'd found it.

took care of business, and we took the stairwell down four flights. theatre was open by then, so in we went.

hour and a half later, it was intermission. out to stretch our legs. there's a line for candy, and a line for the bathroom, as expected. decided i'd be more comfortable if i got rid of that pepsi from lunch, but didn't want to wait in that horrifically long line.

noticed the marble stairs next to the elevators. wondered if there might be bathrooms up a level. no one stopped us, so up we went. figured they would be located at the same ends of the halls as the other floor. walking around, we realized there was no one on this floor. just locked, empty or closed business offices.

better half waits in the hallway, and i open the old frosted glass door to the women's room. there's an open window, with a view of a rooftop, which must be the top of the theatre and it must be some empty atrium-like space to the sky that the hallways go around.

the facilities in the restroom aren't the original porcelain, but the stalls themselves probably are. i choose the farthest of the three, and pull the door shut. it doesn't want to close well, kind of is jammed, not quite fitting into the frame. i don't know why i pulled it fully shut, grabbing it from the top of door, in order to lock it by turning the little brass knob--there was no one else on this floor--but i did. dropped trou, did what you do, and stood back up.

go to open the stall door, and it doesn't budge. there's just the tiny brass handle to pull on, so, for a better grip, i pull from the top of the door, same place that i had forced it shut. it doesn't move. i think maybe its still locked; i can't remember if i turned the latch, or if i did, there's no mark indicating opened or closed.

i lean over to try pulling it from the bottom, but then think, if its stuck that hard, and i manage to pull it open while bent down, i'll bash myself in the head with this old, solid wood door. that would be a pretty dumbass move, wouldn't it? so instead i see if i can reach from both top and bottom of the door and give it a few pulls. nope, this door is wedged shut, and i'm not going anywhere, since it opens inward and i don't have leverage.

thinking we're the only people on this floor, i decided i could just call to my better half, to come in and save me, and we could be out before anyone might notice, should anyone randomly come up the stairs, and catch us coming out of the bathroom together.

i called him. i called him again. hmmm. it echoes off the tile. nothing. i'm not going to all out scream, i'll save that for real danger. looking down, notice the floor is relatively clean, since it isn't overly used. mentally calculating if there's enough space under the door vs enough space between the door and the toilet, and decide i will try to get down and shimmy under the door.

so that's what i did, feet first, sliding on my ass, pulling myself under the door. don't think i've ever had to do that before, not even as a kid. check that off my bucket list, i guess.

standing up, looking at the door, i notice the old brass inset shows "occupied." its locked, so no use pushing the door. thought about going back under to unlock it for about half a second, then said, nah, gotta get back downstairs. dusted off my pants, washed my hands, and opened the door to the hallway, and where is my better half?

he'd made use of the wait to call his mom, and has walked down to the other end of the hallway, chatting away about the show. never heard me call him. told him my story as we went down the stairs, and laughed about it all the way to our seats. at least i didn't have to wait in the line, which still had anxious women waiting to "freshen up," snaking out the door.

btw, it was a very good show. excellent acting and singing, but not enough air conditioning, so the main actors were sweating right through their suits.

the trunk

go dodgers

was asked to shoot this trunk. owner had been chatting with my better half, and called me over.

i like baseball, grew up watching the dodgers and listening to vin scully, so ok, i'll shoot it.

haven't really paid much attention to the games this year, or baseball at all. one thing after another, ya know.

posting it in honor of his retirement, on this, the last day calling a game. we'll miss you, vin!

missing san pedro today; celebrating our ninth anniversary this week out of town. happy my better half has put up with me this long; he deserves a cuddle or something.


waiting at sea-tac, watching planes take off. has been mostly perfect weather until today. light rain and about fifty-four degrees out. heading home, where it's about eighty-eight. better half would say it's about one-hundred, since his air conditioning in his car isn't working. so not missing the heat.

been a good trip. daughter's birthday was just us two, since her boy toy had to work. she had a larger karaoke party the next night with her friends to make up for it.

took her car in for maintenance as a gift, since all she ever does is change the oil. ended up being more than expected, of course. worth it for piece of mind, and not imagining her stuck on a highway in the snow this winter.

anyway, got to the airport too early, and not much to choose from to eat or to look at in this terminal.

one more show on my show calendar this year. guess i'll look back at what i've been to that was any good and start building a tentative schedule for next year.

already see that work is busy and plenty waiting for me at the office tomorrow. yay.


interesting car color here. at least i was able to shoot it without too much of the pop-up in the shot. no way to avoid the port-a-potty, though.