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1966 pontiac

1966 pontiac

out to st hilary's very early this morning, before the sun came up. watched a few cars head in before i got outta the car. so by the time i was shooting my first car, the sun was peaking out already.

got through two batteries before i got to this car. either they're going bad or i haven't been using them enough. more like the latter.

told him i'd post a picture of his car. he said he'd painted it himself, and knew it wasn't quite perfect. so it is good enough, your car doesn't have to be pristine to get a picture.

i used to help my dad sand his car every year when i was a kid. he always painted it some sort of steel blue, using some giant compressor he got from the navy scrapyard or something. not shiny, but did the trick.

owner of this car apparently has seen my pictures before, and probably reads this here blog, as he offered me a water pretty quickly. it was a hot day, and i was about ready to go find one and/or head out to eat. that helped a lot, i was getting pretty shaky about then.

so thanks for the water, alex. nice to meet you.

ding ding

lincoln continental

winkin' blinkin' lincoln. 

this car drove up and parked just as i was walking by. 

first glance, my thought was, well, that's a horse of a different color. usually see these only in black or white. 

next thought, was that the owner looked familiar, but i'd never seen this car before, to associate with that guy. from what i've read elsewhere, he's only had it out and about recently.

hadn't noticed when i shot the picture, on the car or on the teeny tiny camera screen, but on my computer screen, there's a great big dent on the side. maybe he should have kept it in the garage—would have been safer, but what fun is that.

maybe someone will let me know where the dent came from, assuming it's new, and that he didn't have it painted and polished that way.

almost as old as me

1966 cadillac

another busy week. the older i get, the more they just blend together.

supposed to rain for the next couple of days, so will probably stay at my mom's. people drive like idiots on a wet freeway, don't they? i'd rather avoid it, if i can.

another from early in the day from the dia de los muertos show. donut shop end of the street always ends up being where we get started, since we walk in that way.

not my favorite year for a cadillac, but i liked the early light hitting the black expanse of the hood.

my mom used to drive a used caddy, but it was more like a seventy-three, with an eight-track player.

no parking

1966 cadillac

its late, and i've already had a long week at work, with more of the same next week. so i'll keep it short, with this long car.

i like how they post "no parking" signs up and down the street for a couple of days before the uptown show, then leave them up during the show, where everyone is obviously parked. i know, i know. the signs are for us ordinary people and our ordinary cars, but they still make me laugh to see the big fancy cars parked there in front of them anyway. don't know why. i'm just in a mood.

here's a new (to me, anyway) tribe car. they joked a bit with the owner and told him to make nice with me. i guess this is why.

dia de los thunderbird

1958 ford thunderbird

yes, it's a real eye-catcher. kinda ugly, but outstanding pinstriping and airbrushing job. i like the skulls pinstriped inside, out, and on top.

weren't too many of the pimped out low riders at the show this year in whittier—apparently they're still pissed off by their exclusion last year. i've heard that the idiot that vetoed them last year is no longer on the committee, but his asshole-edness has continuing repurcussions. thanks dickwad. eh, excuse my french, or something.

shooting star

1966 mercury comet


catch a comet by the tail, but not in this case. i liked the front end better.

rare day at a car show lately. family and work priorities finally gave me a brief break. this show in paramount has started up again for the spring/summer season. never are too many cars here, and the cliquish (as i was told by an unnamed acquaintance) group are always bunched up in front of the main circle of cars, in front of the trophy table. kind of like the oscars, they vote each other the awards every week, even if one of them doesn't bring their car or arrives late...or so i was told.

life’s a whirlwind

1966 tornado

it's been a while since i posted. not my fault.

first i've been and still am silly, crazy busy at work. all the extra hours have kept me from the shows and from posting. all the extra hours finally caught up with me and bit me in the shoulder. my desk wasn't set up ergonomically since i got moved to my current location. so i've been sitting wrong, resting my arm on the desk and i guess my shoulder was getting too much motion as well as being in a weird position. so my nerves got tweaked, and i finally couldn't lift my arm higher than my rib cage. couldn't use two hands on the wheel driving home. that was fun and scary in rush hour traffic.

so i stayed home, and a cough that i've had for a while finally had a chance to catch up and turn into a nasty cold. and nasty colds keep me away from my computer, since i can't be near my elderly mother-in-law when i'm sick. she lives with us. so i have to be somewhere else, computerless.

anyway, cold is gone, back in the house for the first evening in about a week, and right back into the fire at work. so here's a quick post.

this tornado is almost the same model i used to drive. mine used to be blue, but a ’65. like driving a friggin' tank. man do i miss that car.

little lamb

1980 lamborghini

i don't really enjoy taking pics of cars in museums, the lighting sucks, people don't bother to move out of the way, can't get a good angle, ropes and chains and whatever keep away from the car devices in the frame...but when you're on vacation, and can't find a car show in the area, you make do. found this one in the san diego automotive museum in balboa park.

not a lambourghini, but supposedly has a lambourghini engine inside.

i feel sorry for cars stuck in museums. not saying they aren't awesome, just saying they aren't loved. kinda like a discarded teddy bear; nobody plays with them, drives them, feeds them, beats them up, makes them lose a button eye... ya, they're kept clean and shiny, but how boring. so sad for beasts like this and the testarossa behind it, to just sit there day after day.

i'd be happy to play with this one. :)

fuddy duddy

1966 pontiac bonneville

another i usually walk by. too modern for my taste. but this one was in the right place at the right time...sunset, the reflections, framed by the fuddrucker's signs...i don't know. i just liked it at the moment. sometimes, you just gotta give in to it.


raining here. hubbie in central ca. to quote the little ghoul at the exit of the haunted mansion..."hairy back, hairy back..."