what's up?

life’s a whirlwind

1966 tornado

it's been a while since i posted. not my fault.

first i've been and still am silly, crazy busy at work. all the extra hours have kept me from the shows and from posting. all the extra hours finally caught up with me and bit me in the shoulder. my desk wasn't set up ergonomically since i got moved to my current location. so i've been sitting wrong, resting my arm on the desk and i guess my shoulder was getting too much motion as well as being in a weird position. so my nerves got tweaked, and i finally couldn't lift my arm higher than my rib cage. couldn't use two hands on the wheel driving home. that was fun and scary in rush hour traffic.

so i stayed home, and a cough that i've had for a while finally had a chance to catch up and turn into a nasty cold. and nasty colds keep me away from my computer, since i can't be near my elderly mother-in-law when i'm sick. she lives with us. so i have to be somewhere else, computerless.

anyway, cold is gone, back in the house for the first evening in about a week, and right back into the fire at work. so here's a quick post.

this tornado is almost the same model i used to drive. mine used to be blue, but a ’65. like driving a friggin' tank. man do i miss that car.