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rat rod

so, i've just done two 12-hours days in a row at work, and i'm feeling a bit wiped out. just a quick post, because i miss playing with my cars so...

this one was kinda interesting in a rusty, junky kinda way, which i suppose is the point, really. thrown together bits of other cars and things, with a metal spider web theme going on in the interior and also out front on the radiator.

gimme a big ass engine up front, but he's only got a couple of balls (as a man should), so he's not overcompensating, like some of the other rats you see out there.

that bullet thing for a steering wheel looks like it would be very uncomfortable to hold on to after a short while. the seat, which you can't see from this shot, were some nicely decorated leather things, though i don't remember them having much padding either. this guy a masochist or what?

strange knobby wooden detail on the dash and interior, again, very uncomfortable looking, and then there's that modern gps thing right there...kinda doesn't fit the whole mish-mash thing going on.

by kathy