what's up?

is it fair?

1939 chevrolet truck

there are old things we should keep around. like this old truck. a new coat of paint, shiny chrome, new wheels, and you have a keeper. it has value to the owner, and all us poor plebes can only admire from afar and appreciate the hard work. yep this one got put almost in the center intersection of the whittier uptown car show this year.

feeling philosophical tonight. i have a house filled with boxes of stuff from an earlier life. boxes of memories, toys, junk. all have value to me, or i would have gotten rid of them long ago. i used to have it all in storage, then decided i didn't want to pay the storage fees anymore. thought it would be easier to go through it all if i actually had it around...

thing is, i think i'm ready to let go of some of the stuff. i'm sick of looking at the boxes. if i can find someone to cart off a lightly used electric clothes dryer from my garage, i could move some of said stuff out there, so it can play with the other boxes out there, out of sight, out of mind...except everytime i park my car there.

if i had the time, i'd go through the boxes and filter out the old photos, and absolutely sentimental stuff to keep forever, then decide what to do with the rest of it. i should have a garage sale, but i hate them, especially since the last time i had one, some bunghole actually paid for my junk with a counterfeit $20. thanks for nuthin.

it is a lot easier to just shove the stuff in the corners and ignore it, but i'm getting to the point where i don't want to think about them anymore. i suspect this is why i got custody of all this stuff, so that i would have to face it one day. i think he would have just thrown it all away and be done with it. 

i could post stuff on ebay, or take it to goodwill, but that would take time, which i don't have a lot of lately. i'd like to clean the slate, so to speak. someone could make use of it. i've gone through it all a few times over the years, but this last bit is just hard to let go of.

easier to play with my pictures, go to a car show, go to work, watch netflix, travel, do almost anything than to deal with the past.