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the sky’s the limit

1941 chevrolet master deluxe

another late night, spent pondering a graphic i have to do tomorrow at work. thought i could come up with an idea while shooting a car show...you know, when your best ideas appear when you aren't even thinking about them. no luck. guess i'll sleep on it.

well there wasn't much out at cypress today, but not disappointed that i left work on time; i needed the break. actually, the few local shows i've been to have been pretty sparse. is it the price of gas, or is everyone just selling off their cars?


getting back to this picture...another from henderson lincoln. didn't realize the clouds looked so awesome at the time. i was just trying to get the front of the car and the reflections in the hood. this thing was so shiny. interesting hood ornament thingy too. i'll have to post the close up another time. i'm running on fumes right now, so best get meself to bed.