what's up?

duke of windsor

1950 chrysler windsor

another quick post then off to bed again. been busy. probably a couple more weeks and the work marathon will be done for another six months.

i don't see the cars from the showlows very often. well, i haven't really seen too many cars at all lately. this one was from an evening earlier in the year over at bob's. they had the club parked out back along the fence. their facebook page says it belongs to lou. i know ronnie reads this blog sometimes, so maybe he'll mention it to his friend.

i really like when i can catch the sunset or the start of one, with a car. i like the lens flares. on shiny cars the sun really blazes in the reflections.

this one has a more matte finish, but it's still pretty spectacular. pinstriping is cool too.

gotta go. ttfn