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light sprinkles

con stilo bbq-3863And9morehdr.jpg

not my usual shot my better half said. not a car i typically bother with is what he meant.

it caught my eye at the time, and i still like the picture months later, so whatever. probably was the pinstriping on the hood that got me.


rained last night. still sprinkly and drab out—love this weather. hate summer heat.

feeling out of sorts lately and suddenly very busy at work. my younger brother has been in town visiting mom, so i’ve been trying to juggle my time to spend some with him before he leaves on tuesday.

i’ve missed a lot of car shows i’d normally be all over, but it’s beyond my control…



my dad was happy to see me the other day.

middle of the night he was so sure that my sister had called to tell him that i’d been driving to whittier late at night with my daughter’s dog beast, and that i’d fallen asleep behind the wheel half way there. apparently i’d plowed into a divider at an off ramp, and both dog and me presumably died instantly.  

he had the phone in his hand and was going to call her back to see if it was a joke. then decided maybe he was just imagining it. 

my mom came upstairs to bed soon after, and was able to confirm it was just a really vivid dream. i guess a few days earlier it had been my sister’s turn, but i can’t remember how she met her fate. 

he has been hallucinating lately, probably a side effect of one of his meds.  doctor had him stop that med, so they are not happening as realistically anymore, hence he is able to stop and recognize it may just be all in his head. 

but still. i don’t remember most of my dreams anymore, but when i do, a lot of them do happen. deja vu? so i sort of don’t like that he’d told me about it.  

on the other hand, there is no reason i’d be driving up there with that dog, as he wouldn’t be allowed in the house. but i have driven southbound very sleepy before, and that isn’t good either. 


anyway, la patina and his friend here, parked in the lot behind the whittier cinemas a few months ago at the uptown car show. they seem to be made for each other, studies in rust, perseverence, and restoration.

though old, they get around easily, so probably didn’t need to park in handicap spot. 

one show

1949 chevy deluxe

1949 chevy deluxe

for a holiday weekend, i only hit up one show, err, barbeque. was meant to be a quick stop and shoot, as my better half had to get out and get some stuff done, and i was meant to watch his mother while he was out.

it was overcast in the morning, so worked for me, keeping the heat at bay, though it seemed humid, but that could totally just have been me.

as it was, she had a heart thing happen while i was out, so i cut my visit short, missing out on the offered ribs, chicken and potatoe salad. she ended up being fine, and let's hear it for nitroglycerin tablets. saved us an evening at the hospital.

anyway, everyone was friendly, and didn't mind me shooting their cars. felt a little awkward invading a bbq, so i asked if they minded first. i saw some familiar faces and cars, so it was all good anyway.

i believe this was the car belonging to the lady that came over to inquire if i post my pics, as i was packing my bag to leave. up close, there is some microscopic glitter in the black paint, though hard to see at this size/this distance.

sun came out by the time i got home, so timing worked out anyway.

whatever; i can't think just now


when wondering around city-sponsored shows, be sure to look down side streets...usually you find cars that did not register, or do not want to pay the fee to park in the main areas.

in this case, i spied a few cars down the space between the movie theatre and the building next to it. walking to the back of the theatre, in the overflow parking lot, were several cars parked near the barbershop. this year, the barbershop did not drag their barber chairs out to the show as a vendor to do some barbering, but people went to the back to their shop. seemed busy in there too. 

this cadillac was parked next to it, in the alley.

later in the afternoon, there seemed to be an after-party going on back there, as i walked home from an afternoon movie.

i suppose i should write something. i didn't go to any shows today, a perfectly cold, overcast photo-loving weather day. better half joked that i would write about why i didn't go out, and what excuse i would use.

well, since no one reads this but him, and some lurkers, the only excuse i will say, is i took some me time. the blankets were too comfortable, i hadn't slept well all week, and the show would go on without me. besides, i spent most of the day hanging around the house with him, so he can't complain too much.

i did go uptown to mail a letter, and get a late lunch. an old chevy from the kustom oldies car club drove past me, on the way to the post office. it stopped momentarily on the corner by central park, and drove down the street before i could get my phone out for a picture.

then, by the time i got to the corner, i spied it coming back down the street towards me. so i got my phone out, ready, and snapped a quick shot as he sat at the stop sign. got a wave from the owner too. i think their club had one of the shows i could have gone to today.

also saw an edsel uptown too. you can see both on my instagram.

a few thoughts from a week of long drives home:

  • i'd rather spend time in the evening working on a picture, then go to sleep, rather than trying to think of something to write about here. does that make me a terrible blogger, or just over-tired? i have plenty of pictures ready for a write-up, but not a lot of time to spend thinking of what to write, hence i spend my afternoon drive-time writing fun stuff in my head, with the best of intentions, only to not be able to remember most of it when i get home.
  • there's a person in my office building with a tuft of hair on their mostly balding forehead, and all i can think of is that he represents the lollypop guild...and to welcome me to munchkin land. terrible of me, i know, but it makes me giggle every time i see them. there used to be a girl that wore a big military overcoat looking dress, and she was one of the witch's guards...i might be working in oz without knowing it.
  • i need to improve my attitude at work, kind of an i don't give a fuck mood. i've been in this state of mind before. one of my better half's favorite memories is of sitting in on a meeting with my former manager and team at a former job, telling that manager to his face, in front of all my coworkers, that his idea was stupid. mostly because i didn't want to participate in that particular project. better half called it a career enhancing move on my part. manager did turn a lovely shade of red, and the vein did bulge on the side of his neck. coworkers looked at the floor, the ceiling, elsewhere. ultimately, nothing happened, but i didn't have to participate on that project, which was the point anyway. i think the mood is from all the other stuff going on in my life; it will pass, and hopefully, i'll still be employed this time.
  • my kid is going to move out of my condo soon. i fantasize about gutting it, and putting new flooring, cabinets, bathrooms fixtures in. then remember my other kid is moving in, with her big beast of a dog, and half of that fantasy gets put on hold. still might replace the fixtures or the kitchen. figure by the time she moves out, i'll be too old to live there anyway, too old to climb the stairs...the next person can replace the flooring.
  • randomly, the lowercase m will not type while logged in to this website, so i'm having to type it in a different program and paste it in here. wth, squarespace?
  • why does the uptown rite-aid blast barry manilow tunes outside 24/7?
  • did i mention my dad has been in the emergency room and/or hospital at least twice more since the last time i mentioned it? he seems somehow less than he was each time after. tomorrow is father's day. i hope he doesn't spend it there. best to go give him a hug while i still can...
  • oh, and i got three pictures accepted into the oc fair this year. already have the framed prints ready to go. my problem is that i have to drop them off next saturday, and i really want to go to the bomb club show at santa anita. and i think my better half has to go in to his office to hob nob with some executives, so i have to be here while he's gone. yet to see how the schedule will go...

new day

1948 chevy fleetline

1948 chevy fleetline

sitting in the dark, waiting for my workday to start. contemplating the next few days.

my daughter is coming down to visit for the next couple of weeks, with her boy toy and one of her dobermans.  she's leaving the albino one back at home. trying to find a new home for it...if you're interested in an untrained, unhousebroken sweet rescue dog, let me know.

i have a few doctor appointments coming up, so hoping to figure out whatever my issues are. hoping it will be just a take this pill and you'll be just fine, but that's probably too easy a fix. 

at least it's relatively quiet at work. rare couple of weeks that i'm not busting my ass juggling projects. it won't last, so trying to enjoy that. have had to shoot several portrait/headshots, which mostly have turned out ok. will need to get a roll of gray background paper on the xmas list, and a dedicated room to set up some lighting...just making do for the time being.

people just don't sit still looking pretty, like a car, so it's been a bit challenging for me. different camera settings, with a camera i'm not completely familiar with. it's all good. keep learning, i guess. 


last few shows i've been to. have chosen different times of day, just for the challenge of pushing the camera to see what i see. mostly i get sunrise shots, like this one, because i'm out trying to get the pictures before the sun brings the heat.  

slightly easier than the evening shots, where the camera settings just have to get dialed up to where i can still get an image and not have it too noisy without a flash, or the exposure so long, that people tend to just walk through the shot thinking you're not doing anything. 

this picture kind of has an african plain feeling, but those porta-potties kind of ruin for me. 

meatball rebellion

1946 chevrolet fleetmaster

from last month's con stilo toy drive in montebello. i was told by someone on flickr that i had mislabeled it, and it was either a forty-two or a forty-six. chevy had stopped production in between, during world war two. so i'm going with forty-six, unless someone really knows for sure.

i remember someone telling me that certain years during war time had a specific number side bars, equating to military rank, but i've forgotten the specifics. no bars on this car. i'm just going by the hood ornament, but that doesn't look original.

was out on the street, along with a couple of other clubs' cars. a los angeles bombs car was behind it, but there was no plaque in this one to tell what club, if any it was with.

i don't think i've seen it before, or if i have, not with the top up, so it's all new to me.

there's a general loose rule my siblings and i follow when staying at my parent's house: if it isn't thanksgiving or xmas, or you didn't bring it with you, don't eat the food.

i'm not saying my mom isn't a good cook, because she does very well at it, even while apologizing about the food at the holiday feasts, but that's just an ingrown tradition, and almost expected.

let's just say, my dad likes to shop. a lot. and often. and at costco. so there's always way too much for the two of them to finish. fruit is ripe the day he buys it, and really what does one do with two dozen ripe pears?

i've probably mentioned all this in past posts. if so, stop reading now. same old, same old.

they have two refrigerators: one in the kitchen, and one in the garage for the overflow. i don't remember the history of how they ended up with two, but they are pack rats, so i think the one in the garage was a castoff from my brother.

anyway, the one in the kitchen is filled top to bottom, like a tetris game. no, better—jenga. if you pull something out wrong, the whole pile of stuff on the shelf might shift and dump out on the floor.

actually, my mom is frequently found cleaning up the mess made by a can of diet pepsi, that my dad had placed in the freezer and forgotten. used to never hear her use curse words, but this clean up is usually accompanied by a muttered string of them.

nevermind trying to reach something in the back of the shelf. my sister-in-law has been known to empty the fridge and toss out of date items, leaving whole shelves sparse with edible food. but now, she's moved to the east coast, and i'm not going to do it.

i've seen my parent's carve off moldy bits and eat the rest of a slice of bread or cheese. they sometimes leave out a carton of juice clearly marked refrigerate after opening, because a) they've forgotten, or more likely b) there isn't room.

at least when visiting at holiday time, you know the ingredients for the meal are going to be fresh(er). i've seen her working up her menu and shopping list in the days ahead of the feast.

anyway, the point of this background detail, is that they seem rather careless in their old age with the food situation, and their generation tends not to throw stuff away. 

when i went over there the other night, i brought a batch of sweet hawaiian meatballs i'd made that same day. they'd already been chilled, so they made the not quite hour drive down safe enough. i watched as my mother ate a plate full, and then promptly put them in the fridge.

fast forward to the next day, i call them at five p.m. from work, to tell them i'm working a bit late, but because of the rain, would be staying the night with them. wondered if there were any of the meatballs left, so i wouldn't have to stop for dinner on the way.

they were having them for dinner right then, but there were still plenty left for me. they'd save some for me.

so, left the office after six. stupidly took the freeway, instead of the surface streets, and got stuck in traffic for half an hour.

arriving about seven, i was famished. the leftovers were sitting on the counter, waiting for me. which meant, they'd been sitting out since before they were eating dinner, say about three hours by then.

took a chance and ate some anyway. they are/were pretty good, even if the sauce wasn't cooked long enough (apologies to my better half).

lost that bet this morning, when i got to work: meatballs' revenge. that'll teach me a lesson, that i already knew and ignored anyway.

sorry dad, i know you're gonna read this. but i really had other things i had to do at work than sit and ponder...


harley davidson softail

not really in a mood to do anything today. heard some stupid crap news yesterday about my younger brother. and it's fucked, and not fair. and i want to smash things. he was already dealing with a health issue, and now it's double fucked and i want to scream, and cry.

i sat for a long time this morning. doing nothing. finally decided i'd go uptown to find a couple of xmas gifts for people i know will get me something, no matter how much i tell them not to get me anything. found one item, that will undoubtedly be tossed aside the next day. looked around. thought about lunch, but nothing around was tempting me.

so i stomped home. sat a bit longer. then decided i would drive out to the con stilo toy drive in montebello, to see what might be there. then would think about lunch after.

i went through the motions, but wasn't really feeling it, but did shoot most of the cars there.

this bike was sitting behind the mayor's car. couldn't get a decent angle on the car, so shot the bike instead. pretty sure it was the owner who watched what i was doing, then asked about it. introduced himself, shook my hand. gave him the cliff notes explanation and a card.

sorry it's a bit funky colored, but i was shooting into the sun, and the sensor misbehaved a little. i banged on the pixels a little, which are a little better, but i'm just gonna let them slide this time.

almost as old as me

1966 cadillac

another busy week. the older i get, the more they just blend together.

supposed to rain for the next couple of days, so will probably stay at my mom's. people drive like idiots on a wet freeway, don't they? i'd rather avoid it, if i can.

another from early in the day from the dia de los muertos show. donut shop end of the street always ends up being where we get started, since we walk in that way.

not my favorite year for a cadillac, but i liked the early light hitting the black expanse of the hood.

my mom used to drive a used caddy, but it was more like a seventy-three, with an eight-track player.