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power on, garth

harley davidson motorcycle

harley davidson motorcycle

well that didn’t last long. power back on just under two hours. so much for my game. just posting to end the game. back to work on today’s pics if my files aren’t corrupted.


bike from the bomb club show at santa anita in june. fortunately, i shot low enough, that you can’t see the little car that was parked a bit behind it.

santa anita

harley davidson

harley davidson

out at santa anita yesterday. sooooo many cars. third year, i’d say it’s a success. perfectly overcast cool weather until about noon, then it just turned into typical california sunny perfect weather. i still managed to get a sunburn either way.

nice to see the other photographers out there early too. they work those lenses and their instagrams show it. we all shoot the same cars, and each has their own sense of style. really good pictures out there. they are uploading lots since yesterday.

i am doing my usual, sorting through the pics, backing them up, and tagging the first few i promised to post first. but then i got sleepy, and took a nap. my nap lasted over four hours. better half figured i’d just sleep all night.

nope, woke up about eight pm, had some dinner. then couldn’t sleep. washed a sink full of dishes, then sorted more pictures. i like to tag them before i do anything with them. sixty-six gigabytes worth of pics…wasn’t moving as fast as i used to, or it would have been more, since the weather stayed cool longer.

next time i looked at the clock, it was one-thirty in the morning. went to bed, and mostly rolled around unable to sleep until about three am. anyway, my internal clock is off, i’m tired, and i don’t want to go to work tomorrow.

…..old chevy just drove by the house. beige with a brown roof, pinstripes on the trunk…heard it before i saw it….

owner of this harley came over to me some time after i’d shot it, to ask where he could see the shot. don’t remember meeting him before, so figured i’d start my posts with his bike. i like that he has bottle on the side. probably just uses it for water. i like that it is a coke-a cola bottle. i like coke; it’s bad for me, but i wouldn’t mind having one now. time for lunch…


harley davidson heritage softail

harley davidson heritage softail

busy week. so burnt out, i didn’t know why the parking lot exit gate wouldn’t go up for a minute.  

then i realized i was angrily waving my iphone at the sensor instead of the transponder. 

hoping to get to whittier at some point tomorrow...i’m so tired.


harley from last year’s bomb club show at santa anita. wonder if they will have figured out what’s killing the horses by the next show in july. lots of cars/lots of horsepower... 

——- -

happy birthday to my big bro...who is just now flying to saõ paolo. 

family first

harley davidson

harley davidson

so many car shows yesterday, and i did not go to a one. sucks. as my better half says, "responsibility is a heavy responsibility." meaning, work and family before fun. 

family is in town with a new baby - one that was kept secret from us until i noticed a facebook post on another family member's post. better half's mom just had her ninety-first birthday, so i guess the baby was somewhat of a surprise visit.

at least having other people in the house, allowed my better half and myself a chance to go out to dinner for the first time in months.

better half's mother still a priority. so i made another batch of enchiladas.

better half bought a new carpet cleaner. it really sucks. i mean it really cleans. literally did half of the carpets to see comparison of before and after and wow, even on this old crap carpet it's like night and day. wish the landlord would just tear it out and let the wood floors be.

meant to go to pomona this morning, but we were up so late last night, it didn't happen, and now it's already too hot for me. i am considering maybe a show in lakewood, where i know there is some shade, and better half can go shop at costco. i suppose next month the fair is in town, so no swap meet, right? maybe by the next one, it will be cooler? ha!

cool bike from the bomb club show. out in the parking lot, waiting for the go ahead to head to the infield. interesting airbrushing, and leather seat - is it ostrich? slap a few skulls on it and call it done.

a weekend | part 4



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after the show, i sat like a zombie in the hotel room for a few hours. watched tv, my head bobbing many times, as i'd temporarily fall asleep, but i didn't want to sleep.

finally hopped a red train out to seaport village, mid-afternoon. too early for dinner. zombie walked over to the ben & jerrys and got a scoop of strawberry ice cream in a waffle cone. yes, overly expensive ice cream, was what hit the spot. sort of a tradition, but my better half wasn't with me, so it wasn't as good.

i settled down on the edge of a planter to eat it, and watched the provided entertainment—a pan pipe whistle blower guy. if you watched that episode of south park, you know he's keeping the world a safer place.

back at the hotel, watched a couple of hours of mindless repeat episodes of some show i used to watch, to kill time. also took a great deal of pleasure staring out the window, watching the stumbling drunk bimbos trying to walk down a small flight of steps, and into the street. total strangers having to stop them from getting hit by cars, or getting into cars with random men. never understood the need to drink to get blitzed that much. hope they enjoyed waking up the next morning.

didn't know where to go for dinner, but knew i was running out of energy to get it. finally decided i was on vacation, so just roll with it, and not worry that anything was going to cost too much. i wanted meat. not going to be an in-n-out anywhere nearby. decided i'd just find a steak. looked up menus of nearby restaurants, and the price of little eight-ounce chunks of cow were forty bucks and up.

i remembered we used to have a joking argument with a former coworker about who had better steak—ruths chris or mortons. he argued mortons because it's where his family had always gone, had gone for his engagement party, etc. 

we argued ruths chris because of the food. it's great, even if it is pricey.

san diego has both. ruths chris was just a red train and a bit of a walk away. been there. it's excellent.

mortons happened to be about a block away. have never been, so went there out of curiousity. no reservation and just after five, so took a chance they could squeeze in a single person. they did, in spite of my scruffy car show jeans and t-shirt outfit. seated me at a nice table in the back. very dark in there. restaurant still pretty empty, but noisy nevertheless.

like ruths chris, everything was a la carte. they brought out a loaf of bread while i looked the menu over. like the diameter of an elephant's foot loaf of bread. sliced off a chunk, and slapped some butter on it. and was disappointed that it wasn't the best bread i ever tasted. took a few bites to be sure, and no, didn't like it.

ordered just a steak and a baked potato, and a coke. turned on my ipad and waited. i'm sure they don't often get a patron lighting up an ipad very often, so i got a few awkward stares from other diners. they were loud, and rude. i ignored them.

the food shows up. waiter stands by with the condiment thingy, wanting to load up my potato to my satisfaction. he seemed disappointed that i only wanted butter on it. then when i started to add salt and pepper from the shakers on the table, was sad that i did want them to run off and fetch the big pepper mill.

my final opinion of mortons: the food was average. the steak wasn't flavorful, the potato was huge, but it was just a potato. i skipped the creme brulee that i would usually have. i could have had the same meal for a fifth of the price, albeit less salty, at sizzlers.

so eric, i think i will just stick with ruths chris for special occasions. you should try it sometime. even the garlic mashed potatoes will rock your world.

after that very pricey meal, back to the hotel to soak my disappointment out in the tub. packed up my bags, so i could sleep in, and be ready to go quickly.

to be continued...

sunday sunday sunday

harley davidson heritage softail

harley davidson heritage softail

spent the day at home, watching my mother-in-law, whilst the better half ran to the market(s), and playing with pictures. ordered some more business cards for my non-business...one hundred new ones...collect the set.

here's a motorcycle for a change. it was highly detailed, with etched chrome all over, airbrushed and pinstriped, custom leather-worked seat. well worth a look.

off to a start...

harley davidson heritage softail

harley davidson heritage softail

new year. new day.

started well so far. for some bizarre reason, i thought i had january second off, same as we had the day after xmas off the week before. and i was enjoying it; slept in until nine, had breakfast, watched some inane youtube videos, and was about to start working on some pictures.

then i went back to the bedroom to get my ipad and phone. picking up the phone, noticed i'd missed an hour old text message from one of my coworkers asking if i was ok. wtf?

texted her back asking what/why? ten minutes later she responded asking if i was coming in or taking the day off. i'd missed a telecon, and no one had heard from me. 

so after pleading idiocy, told her i'd be there by noon. first time i'd ever ever screwed up like that in all the years i've been working.

then i get to the office, and by one o'clock, i'm being asked/told i need to do a photo-shoot of someone for a press release—and they'll be there at two.

i haven't touched a camera in three months. hadn't set up the lighting equipment in three months or more. my brain is not thinking clearly. i looked at some old notes, then texted my better half for what camera settings i should use because he is a tech and camera geek, and dragged the equipment out of the closet.

asked if the other designer could come help me set up. he usually does the videos, and had used everything recently. he was out to lunch, but would be there soon.

so i set stuff up from memory, and it was mostly fine. only the camera was set up for video, and i had to surf through the menus, to make sure everything was good for a portrait. but it was still set for video, blinking standby.

the other guy shows up, i explain it isn't doing what i want, and that i haven't touched a camera for a while, and i'm sort of already having a weird day. he walks over and turns the dial on the camera from movie to manual. omg. duh, so basic.

manual setting wasn't working for me, lights weren't bright enough, didn't want to crank up the iso and add noise. flipped to aperture, like i'm used to shooting cars.

by then, i realize i've left my ipad in my car, because my day is already screwed up, and i have ten minutes before the person is supposed to be there. got there and back with a few minutes to spare. and i have to pee. no time, don't think about it.

then, i hadn't had lunch, so i start feeling dizzy. i think now, it was mostly nerves. suck it up, it will be over soon.

next, i hear the guy will be half an hour late. whew. more time to worry, but at least i can go take a leak.

when they finally do show up, it takes all of five minutes, got the shot, and they were gone. all that for a quick shot. and it turned out all right. i even managed to seem cheerful, to undercut how uncomfortable i was with humor. told them about my day so far, and got a smile from them, so it worked. i'm an idiot, nice to meet you.

so i guess, when i do go out to a car show again, i will be ok. muscle memory will kick in, not to worry. just got to get my eyes refocused, and get my head back in the game.

shot this bike in late november, at the latin gents/dukes toy drive. i think it might be with the majestics club, or maybe it was just parked near their pop-up. mostly, i think i liked the paint job, as it was otherwise, just a harley.


harley davidson

harley davidson

viejitos 2-8091.jpg

there's a car show going on right now at slick's customs. goes until ten p.m. i've been to a couple of shows there, and they usually have a good turnout, and people i know.

just not feeling it today. still feeling like crap. and my face, though not puffed up like last week, hurts. ya, take that joke and run with it.

tomorrow is the belmont shore show. i've never been. kinda interested in going for a change, but being that my better half can't go, and lately, i'm always afraid i'm going to faint, i just don't want to go by myself. 

there's a picnic at legg lake—that's closer, and easier for me. if i go out, i'll probably go there.

saw this bike a couple months ago now, at the viejitos show. i think it belonged to one of the vendors. really incredible engraving on the chrome.

btw, both of my brothers finally had to evacuate their homes in florida. they are safely out of the way, but one of them has a kid who decided to become a cop. guess who is required to stay behind? no worries, right. i feel for them.


evil mistress

saw this great bike the other day at the imperials show. might have belonged to one of the vendors, but so what. it was named the evil mistress.

lots of great details, with skulls and bones hidden here and there. airbrushed women in dia de los muertos face paint and fancy ostrich skin seat. a gun and an oversize bullet there too.  i'll have to add a few detail shots when i have time. totally forgot, and i'm sitting at my desk typing before i'm on the clock at six. enjoying the air conditioning, ya know?

stumbled down the hall in the dark this morning, just before four, to take a shower. it was warm last night, so i was just wearing my underwear. figured my mother-in-law was asleep, so she wouldn't notice as i walked past her door, and i know my better half wouldn't have minded, had he been awake...he'd have been up...  anyway covered my boobs with my hands, just on the off chance she woke up.

in the bathroom, shut the door, turn on the light, start the shower. have seat on the porcelain throne, cuz, ya know, my eyes are floatin'. on the floor in front of me, is a foot bath and a scale, both leaning up against the wall. my tired eyes see a momentary movement, something dark. not getting the total heebie jeebies, i figured it was just another cockroach, courtesy of our neighbors, but a mighty big one.

in a split second the damn thing ran toward me, along the baseboard, and literally ran over my foot, and behind the toilet. i made a stifled squeal, because, ick, and also i didn't want to wake everyone up. 

but then the thing, ran out, and across to the towel cabinet, and back along the tub. 

it wasn't a cockroach. it was a fricking big brown mouse. not a rat, didn't have the creepy tail. but still. 

so i'm sitting there with my feet up, watching this thing do a few circuits around the room, before disappearing under the sink cabinet. finally put my feet down, wiped (yes, let's not forget to do that) and flushed, then out, closed the door. standing in my panties, topless, tapping my better half on the butt. he rolls over and says hi. 

told him there's a mouse in the bathroom, be the man. 

while he's waking up, i went back, peeked in the door. didn't see it, so jumped into the shower--i gotta go to work, and i've only so much time to get ready.

better half shows up with a broom and a dust pan. i guess his intent was to crush and carry.  he poked all the corners, then looked where i'd last seen it.

there's a one-inch gap, with a void to under the cabinet, hidden behind the shower curtain. ya, that's where it went. no idea if it was still under there, or if it leads to a space between us and the neighbors', but that would explain one way for the roaches to get in. 

anyway, that's my morning so far... 


...waiting on the world to change.

my turn to sit my watch at the hospital. better half gone home to take a break and eat i suppose. 

really i have nuthin' to say, much less think. things are looking up, but we're all very sleep deprived. 

had this bike mostly ready, so since i took five minutes to check my email earlier, thought i'd put it out there. i don't think it's one of my best, but it appealed to my mood just now. 

congrats to my son, he's a shiny new uncle as of yesterday.