what's up?

topsy turvy

black widows bbq-93And9more.jpg

this past week or so has just been a roller coaster, and all i can do is just hold on. i know you will either be relieved or terribly disappointed that i won’t spill details here—it’s still a pretty sensitive situation, and i suppose i overshare enough when it has to do with me.

apart from that time bomb, my better half has loaded windows ten on my computer, but i lost all my favorite settings in my programs, so maybe my pictures will all be shit for a while. last few i fiddled with today just seem really dark, though my better half disagrees. he says he can hook up my old drive and for settings i saved, there should be files i can just copy over; just haven’t been here enough to get it done. so excuse my pics while i just wing it for a while.

i did get out to the black widows car club barbecue or picnic or whatever last week. waited long enough other cars did eventually show up. stayed longer than expected, only because there was a breeze and shade under trees. otherwise, just the ugly light of midday, and the sun relentlessly shining on my roasting arms. forgot the sunblock again. hate that greasy stuff.

owner of this lovely said there was still another layer of paint and/or a good buff to do on this new paint job. really nice, and different, no? little bit of pinstripes, little airbrush, some flames, and a lot of glitter—stood out anyways.

power on, garth

harley davidson motorcycle

harley davidson motorcycle

well that didn’t last long. power back on just under two hours. so much for my game. just posting to end the game. back to work on today’s pics if my files aren’t corrupted.


bike from the bomb club show at santa anita in june. fortunately, i shot low enough, that you can’t see the little car that was parked a bit behind it.

one show

1949 chevy deluxe

1949 chevy deluxe

for a holiday weekend, i only hit up one show, err, barbeque. was meant to be a quick stop and shoot, as my better half had to get out and get some stuff done, and i was meant to watch his mother while he was out.

it was overcast in the morning, so worked for me, keeping the heat at bay, though it seemed humid, but that could totally just have been me.

as it was, she had a heart thing happen while i was out, so i cut my visit short, missing out on the offered ribs, chicken and potatoe salad. she ended up being fine, and let's hear it for nitroglycerin tablets. saved us an evening at the hospital.

anyway, everyone was friendly, and didn't mind me shooting their cars. felt a little awkward invading a bbq, so i asked if they minded first. i saw some familiar faces and cars, so it was all good anyway.

i believe this was the car belonging to the lady that came over to inquire if i post my pics, as i was packing my bag to leave. up close, there is some microscopic glitter in the black paint, though hard to see at this size/this distance.

sun came out by the time i got home, so timing worked out anyway.

aches & pains

1950 chevy

1950 chevy


so many car shows lining up, while it's still not raining, and i have to go sprain my arm. makes it difficult to carry a tripod and pull a bag on my own.

i've been moving stuff from one storage unit, to a bigger one, in anticipation of moving my daughter's junk in with mine. at least until we figure out where she's going.  

been mostly moving it after work, for a few hours at a time. anyway, reaching up to snag a box too high on the stack, another box fell down and whacked me near my wrist. was aching so much after a couple of days, i went to a walk-in clinic yesterday. x-ray showed no cracks, so i just need to wrap it up.

feel like i should wrap both forearms and pretend i'm a boxer, or better yet, wonder woman with those stupid metal things that she used to deflect things. nah, more like the metal things they wore in 300. 

anyway, not sure how much i'll get out for a few weeks. still have a month to move stuff. guess i'll get my other kid to do it. piece of cake for him; probably can move all the boxes in a day and not break a sweat. 

was talking to tudy a couple of weeks ago, and somewhere in the conversation he mentioned the showlows st hilary car show. said he hadn't made it there this past year, but his son had. described the car, wondered if i'd seen it.

looking through pics, yes, yes i did.  

it's the medicine

1947 chevy fleetmaster

i've decided that i feel like shit because of the meds i've been taking for the past week. three more days to go. because if it's not that, then there's something else, that i will not want to deal with, things being so beyond my control just now.

my dad says his one doctor is recommending that he opt for open heart surgery vs the up the leg bit that he'd settled on. i know he has more appointments scheduled to discuss it with several docs this week, so we shall see what happens.

we had been talking our tenth anniversary/vacation just a couple of weeks ago, but that is totally on the shelf now. life happens. as my better half says, it's the tenth year all year, so we can go some other time.

still hoping to squeeze in some car shows when i can, when i feel better, when it's not so hot out. i still have time to get over to legg lake, if i just feel a bit more myself. i'll think about it. batteries charging, just in case.

saw this car out at the bomb club show at santa anita. here it is, sitting out in the parking lot, waiting for them to open the tunnel to the infield. interesting paint job. color coordinated hood ornament. nice car, overall.

disco disco. good good.

1952 chevrolet

i have a craving for lasagna today. so i've been busy making the sauce all afternoon, and just now have finished layering it in the dish with all the cheese, and got it in the oven.

better half chopped the onions for me. i think the doubled the garlic that the recipe called for, so, i may be sweating odiforously for a day or two, thanks to him.

have also watched the old cars drive by today. saw a really beautiful mint green bel air drive past the window earlier. walked uptown and saw an old merc drive by.

drove over to whittier boulevard at lunch, and saw an intriguing old gray chevy of some sort waiting for service of some sort or oil change, down by the ymca.

saw this completely glitter covered chevy at frisco's on friday. i think the light hitting all the facets of glitter at different angles fooled the sensor on the camera a little, so it's blurrier in some parts than i like, and others, the glitter disappears.

owner says at night, it looks like nothing. just flat paint. hard to imagine, but i guess so.

i don't think i'd do this to a car of my own, glitter isn't really my thing, but it is different. and it caught my eye.


i have a craving. chocolate chip cookie dough. and i'm going to go mix some up right after i post this. probably should eat dinner first, but i don't know what to have for that. but i'm sure i want cookie dough.

i've put a few other pics up on instagram today. i'll post them here eventually. when i have something to say. tired of writing about a cold that's almost gone. 

i like the curves of fleetlines. this nice, round booty, makes me happy. the paint job is a bit over the top, but it's masterfully done. better half called this one an enchilada car. he just clarified it is only because of the colors, the colors of the ingredients of an enchilada. not the first thing that jumped into my mind, but yes, it does remind me of cheese enchiladas.

og cruzn

i haven't pulled my cameras out of the bag in a few weeks. been resting my side, like the doctor said. still hurts, so waiting on results of xrays. maybe monday.

got the batteries charged, getting up early for a show tomorrow. always somewhat nervous about going out after not shooting in a while. shouldn't be; it is sort of like riding a bike, and it doesn't take long to get back into a groove.

at least it will be cooler than the last few shows i went to, now that winter is moving in. weather people keep flip flopping on whether it will rain or not. now they've settled on a ten percent chance, so very doubtful.

so, old memories, we will be there early early. hoping for a decent parking place again.

saw this impala at the uptown show back in august. i like the back ends, with the wingspan out to there. didn't care much for the color and glitter, but it isn't my car to stare at all day, every day. 

shot early, still in the staging area...can tell because of location and how they are not parked in the spaces; just sitting in the middle of the street.


look what ronnie has been hiding in his garage. said he'd had it there for five years, and finally got it fixed up and running. so he brought it out to the whittier uptown show. he was helping with the early morning setup of the show, so he got this choice spot on the street. just one of the advantages of getting there early.


check it out. this is my thousandth rambling post here. who knew? nobody. who cares? nobody.

wondering if it's worth continuing with this website. i like it, but really, i'm running out of things to say, or maybe it was the need to say things. maybe i'm just going through a period of climbing back in my shell, migrating south for the winter, i don't know. i'm blaming the blood moon tonight.

most people just come looking for the pictures anyway. got flickr for that. and this doesn't satisfy the instant gratification most people are seeking, looking for that photo dump from that day's show.

i think i'll kill of the other site for ordering pictures, since so few people ever used it. ya, i'll start with that. not renewing it.


skipped the dead sled show yesterday. figured i'd spend some time with my better half, and give my side a rest. i don't understand. if it's one particular rib with a crack in it, why it hurts randomly in different spots on that side, and not relating to any rib.

butt, gumby

saw this car at bob's big boy in downey, back in 2011. saw it drive onto the back field here at san fernando, and headed over.

usually, it's nice to see another car reflected in the paint, kind of a two-fer-one deal. i knew that bright orange car was there, didn't think it would be too bad, since it's a complimentary color. but now, all i can see is the butt:

kinda ruins a good picture for me. but the butt makes me smile. maybe next time i'll catch the car in a field without such a close neighbor, or ask him to move it—something i don't typically do—shoot it where i find it.

anyway, the owner, let's call him noah, since his shirt was stitched with "noah" on it, was very nice. chatted a bit. i mentioned i'd seen the car before in downey, and he did remember being there. said he'd seen a picture of it on the computer...thought maybe it was one i took? possibly, but i'm sure than one person that's shot it before.