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1939 chevy master deluxe

1939 chevy master deluxe

at my mom’s tonight. she accused me of playing a trick on her. said there were several phone calls today that she didn’t answer. she screens her calls…so many robocalls come in.

these calls popped up with my dad’s name. calling from the house phone. sort of creepy to say the least. told her it was probably a spoof call.

for chuckles, i had the phone call it back, which got the “number has been disconnected” message…a “dead” line. lol.

told her it was dad, just playing a joke on her. wouldn’t put it past him if there was a way to do it from whatever/wherever you go after this life. welcome to the twight zone. dun dun dun.

you always wish to hear their voice again…but what would you do if you really did? don’t answer the phone mom…


one of the bomb club’s own, front and center, er, off center, on the grass. pretty blue thirty-nine.

so many spindly palm trees though; if you don’t shoot up from down low, you get a lot of pictures with what appear to be random-looking lines in the background.

for the gentleman

1952 chevy deluxe

1952 chevy deluxe

another car from yesterday. owner was sitting on the far side of the field, under a pop-up tent. asked if i’d shot his car. had to point it out…”that one over there.”

hadn’t. shot the truck, but didn’t turn around for this one at the time. went back over before i forgot. liked this shot the best, i guess.

santa anita

harley davidson

harley davidson

out at santa anita yesterday. sooooo many cars. third year, i’d say it’s a success. perfectly overcast cool weather until about noon, then it just turned into typical california sunny perfect weather. i still managed to get a sunburn either way.

nice to see the other photographers out there early too. they work those lenses and their instagrams show it. we all shoot the same cars, and each has their own sense of style. really good pictures out there. they are uploading lots since yesterday.

i am doing my usual, sorting through the pics, backing them up, and tagging the first few i promised to post first. but then i got sleepy, and took a nap. my nap lasted over four hours. better half figured i’d just sleep all night.

nope, woke up about eight pm, had some dinner. then couldn’t sleep. washed a sink full of dishes, then sorted more pictures. i like to tag them before i do anything with them. sixty-six gigabytes worth of pics…wasn’t moving as fast as i used to, or it would have been more, since the weather stayed cool longer.

next time i looked at the clock, it was one-thirty in the morning. went to bed, and mostly rolled around unable to sleep until about three am. anyway, my internal clock is off, i’m tired, and i don’t want to go to work tomorrow.

…..old chevy just drove by the house. beige with a brown roof, pinstripes on the trunk…heard it before i saw it….

owner of this harley came over to me some time after i’d shot it, to ask where he could see the shot. don’t remember meeting him before, so figured i’d start my posts with his bike. i like that he has bottle on the side. probably just uses it for water. i like that it is a coke-a cola bottle. i like coke; it’s bad for me, but i wouldn’t mind having one now. time for lunch…