what's up?

power out again

1946 chevy stylemaster

1946 chevy stylemaster

same game as last week, posting one an hour until i’m out of the pics in my draft mode. power only seems to be out on this block and not uptown. just back from lunch. it’s hot.

left clothes to dry while i was gone; wonder if they finished. trying to cool off first, but no fan…guess a cold shower will work just as well.


shot this several months ago in diamond bar. nice and overcast. decent turnout. kinda liked the matte blue color for no reason at all.


setting my timer for one hour….

hangin’ out

1946 chevrolet special deluxe

1946 chevrolet special deluxe

i don’t have much to say. wanted to go out to an evening show, when it was cooler, but instead stayed home with an upset stomach.

last time i was home, just chatted all evening with my better half. never turned on my computer for one minute. only here a couple of days a week, and it’s like i never get to just hang out with him. and he needs a fresh face to give him a mental break. taking care of older parents is not the easiest thing in the world.

too hot outside all day, and i just want to sleep. got a lot going on in my head.

better half is going to try and get out of the house for a few hours tonight. we’ll see if his mother will be ok long enough for him to enjoy it.

did see an old gray chevy drive by. a little bit of happiness in the sputtering of the engine. doubt he stopped uptown; they mostly just drive on through to cruise down whittier boulevard or something.

you must be bored of sunrise shots, but here’s another. i’m usually at shows early to miss the heat and the stark shadows. and i look for where the sun is hitting cars just right.

i think this car was a bit lighter in color, but the sun is warming it up a bit.

chilly tips

1946 chevrolet fleetline

1946 chevrolet fleetline

hauled my ass out of bed at four am today, and got over to pomona about a quarter after five. strangely, no traffic, no waiting at the gate to get into the parking lot. almost thought i had the wrong date or that it had been cancelled.

got a fairly close to the fence parking spot, and noticed others with their little wagons, so i knew i was in the right place at the right time.

strangely, once inside, the cars were few and far between all the way over to the bleachers. really weird, since the place is usually packed that early. no cash left after xmas? too cold?

well, i was still fine—fewer cars and people cruising through my early shots. first time out in almost a month, and didn’t really feel up to talking to anyone. wore a thin hoodie jacket, which was fine when i was moving, but got a little bit chilly waiting for long exposures until the sun came up.

saw a group worshipping at the foot of the old man, waved, and went back later to shoot his car.

someone did come over and ask if i was the one that posts on instagram…sorry if i seemed a little slow on the uptake. he pulled me out of zone or whatever. should have handed him a card.

this car was sitting off by itself, a little too close to the cheap barriers, so they cast shadows on the side of the car. all the different light sources, make the shadows bounce around in weird directions.

aaa again

1946 chevy fleetmaster

1946 chevy fleetmaster

another strange week starting. i’ll blame it on the santa ana winds... 

quick post, since i’m pretty tired from this day’s issues. 

second night of few hours of sleep, got up and off to start work after five am, as i had a doctor’s appointment later in the morning. better half also warning he may still need to take his mom in to doctor later as well. 

worked a couple of hours, then off to my appointment. nothing special, just annual physical. but that also requires fasting for the blood tests, so i’m also pretty hungry, but not quite hangry.  no surprises, just getting older and fatter, of which only the latter i can do anything about.

needed to pee in the given cup, and i really needed to pee by that point. of course, as they send me around the corner to the designated collection point, some random patient is locking the door to the designated bathroom, and seems to be settling in for some thoughtful time for reflection. they should have used the public restroom down the hall. 

instead, i wait impatiently just outside the door, so i could glare at them when they eventually made their exit. took a while, and was dreading what i might be walking into. ended up being an ancient asian lady with a cane. she just smiled as she slowly moved towards the lab waiting area. so i had to stifle my hangry outburst, cuz she was just old and needed to go. 

anyway, done did that, and also felt like a keg getting tapped for vials of blood. not a fainter, love horror movies, but don’t want to see the needle stuck into my own arm. “that hurts, you bitch.”  thanks for the flourescent pink bandage; i would have preferred the blue.

quick breakfast/lunch, and back to the office. wasn’t really busy, and no one noticed anyway. 

mom calls around four. she’d just arrived home. something wasn’t right with her car. felt wrong at freeway offramp. neighbor checked it out...discovered a bolt in her tire. she wasn’t sure what to do, as dad always takes care of these things.  

told her to call triple a, that’s what you pay them to help you with, when you’re a damsel in distress. 

cancel the drive to meet up with my kid for a chat, and head over to the house. she’d tried calling for help, but the number didn’t ring through or something. 

i call from the house phone, forgetting to dial a one first, and get someone named rachel, not sure if it was a business or personal number. she must get these calls all day and night. hang up dial again. truck will be there in ten minutes. 

driver gets there, says it can probably be patched, and pulls the spare from the back of the car. like new, never used, completely flat. he fills it with air, and is ready to change tires, only to realize there’s a wheel lock to remove. tear the car apart looking for the key thingy. stupid lugnut. look in the garage., nope.

dad couldn’t find it a few months ago, and had just had them cut and replaced. driver’s boss is telling him to hurry up, this is taking too long. tried calling dad at hospital on his cell phone, no answer. tried the front desk to nursing station to room phone, no answer. nurses station said he was just sitting on side of his bed, but didn’t bother to go hand him the phone. no doubt he didn’t have his hearing aid in, and heard nothing at all.

even tried calling my ex, as he probably helped him at the time and might have an educated guess on the location. no, and sorry to bother you. 

i’m sure we’ll find out tomorrow, the key is just sitting in a drawer somewhere, useless in case of emergency. 

mom is stressing out, her heart is doing flip flops or some other syncopated rhythm. so i just tell her to stay home and i hop in the truck and go with the driver to a tire store that stays open later than the two i have already called. 

long story short, they were just able to patch it, as it was sort of close to the edge, but treads are low on both front tires, so we’ll have to go back soon and fix that. thanks dad, yet another reason to get the car serviced and rotate the tires once in a while. but he’s old, and can’t do it himself anymore, and it costs money, he’d say. ya, but mom drives it, and it needs to be safe. 

and better half said his throat is kinda scratchy and he’s starting to cough... 


getting late, and not hungry, just angry now. going to contemplate this fleetmaster from the veterano’s show. pretty, isn’t it? wishing the green machine behind it, while equally lovely, wasn’t there messing up the shot, with the sparsely leaved trees nicely framing it up. always something i can pick apart in my pictures if i really want to.

really felt good to get out again. been too long, and they definitely did not have these kind of cars in italy.

week off

1946 chevy truck

1946 chevy truck

i got back from my road trip two days early. caught up on some sleep today.

i should go for a walk, but i've only been out of the house to drive somewhere to pick up lunch. so tired of the food places uptown, but i don't know what else i'd have. kinda craving a salad right now. one out by house, not here in whittier. maybe when i go visit my parents...

i noticed some bananas getting over-ripe in the kitchen, so i guess i'll make some bread. way to spend some free days, right?

truck from the veteranos' kick back at in-n-out...was just a week ago now? two? haven't seen one of these models in a while.

missed you

1946 chevrolet fleetmaster

1946 chevrolet fleetmaster

got up late, but mostly because the time changed. stupid daylight savings time. well, it didn't matter. the weather forecast said no rain, just cloudy all day. oh hell yaaas. love that. giant softbox.

took a bit to get moving, but out i went. drove past where a cruise was supposed to be, on the way to the workman high school show, but i guess they had already left. no big. arrived at the high school just after ten, when it was supposed to officially start.

workman hs 2-2423.jpg

the cars are hidden down on the basketball court, which you can't see from the parking lot. but in the parking lot, there some semi-trucks parked, followed by some muddy dirt buggies in the next lot.

sort of disappointed [not] that i came to find not so many cars on the court. last year had been jammed, and hot. here, there were maybe about thirty cars, half the kind i don't like, and the other half my favs, just parked around the perimeter.

fewer cars, more focus, more pics, less people in the way. look at the glass half full. make the most of it. any time i walk away with at least one car and one picture that makes me happy, it's cool. 

this guy parked over in the corner. was hoping some of his friends from his club would show up, but didn't. that was ok too. i think this was one of my favorite pictures i shot today. and the clouds are ok too. owner even pulled the show tag out of the window too. thanks for that.

waited a bit for a jump-off between two cars, but it kept not happening, and i had to get back home. wished more cars had been there, it never did rain, still isn't, missed you all, but was still good with it. one guy theorized everyone was at the dub show. whatever.

dead president's day

1946 chevy fleetline

had things i absolutely had to do today. different circumstances would have had me at la puente park, shooting cars, of course, but things were 'beyond my control,' so i wasn't.

this weekend was sort of messed up, and it's almost over. holiday weekend blew by. thinking i might have to reschedule a vacation, which kinda sucks, or see if my bro wants to go somewhere, which could be fun.

made it to one show, but this shot is from last month's pomona swap meet. just liked the mood of it for some reason. it spoke to me, and said post me, so i did.

i got nuthin really to talk about, and it's back to work tomorrow, so i should probably end it here.

meatball rebellion

1946 chevrolet fleetmaster

from last month's con stilo toy drive in montebello. i was told by someone on flickr that i had mislabeled it, and it was either a forty-two or a forty-six. chevy had stopped production in between, during world war two. so i'm going with forty-six, unless someone really knows for sure.

i remember someone telling me that certain years during war time had a specific number side bars, equating to military rank, but i've forgotten the specifics. no bars on this car. i'm just going by the hood ornament, but that doesn't look original.

was out on the street, along with a couple of other clubs' cars. a los angeles bombs car was behind it, but there was no plaque in this one to tell what club, if any it was with.

i don't think i've seen it before, or if i have, not with the top up, so it's all new to me.

there's a general loose rule my siblings and i follow when staying at my parent's house: if it isn't thanksgiving or xmas, or you didn't bring it with you, don't eat the food.

i'm not saying my mom isn't a good cook, because she does very well at it, even while apologizing about the food at the holiday feasts, but that's just an ingrown tradition, and almost expected.

let's just say, my dad likes to shop. a lot. and often. and at costco. so there's always way too much for the two of them to finish. fruit is ripe the day he buys it, and really what does one do with two dozen ripe pears?

i've probably mentioned all this in past posts. if so, stop reading now. same old, same old.

they have two refrigerators: one in the kitchen, and one in the garage for the overflow. i don't remember the history of how they ended up with two, but they are pack rats, so i think the one in the garage was a castoff from my brother.

anyway, the one in the kitchen is filled top to bottom, like a tetris game. no, better—jenga. if you pull something out wrong, the whole pile of stuff on the shelf might shift and dump out on the floor.

actually, my mom is frequently found cleaning up the mess made by a can of diet pepsi, that my dad had placed in the freezer and forgotten. used to never hear her use curse words, but this clean up is usually accompanied by a muttered string of them.

nevermind trying to reach something in the back of the shelf. my sister-in-law has been known to empty the fridge and toss out of date items, leaving whole shelves sparse with edible food. but now, she's moved to the east coast, and i'm not going to do it.

i've seen my parent's carve off moldy bits and eat the rest of a slice of bread or cheese. they sometimes leave out a carton of juice clearly marked refrigerate after opening, because a) they've forgotten, or more likely b) there isn't room.

at least when visiting at holiday time, you know the ingredients for the meal are going to be fresh(er). i've seen her working up her menu and shopping list in the days ahead of the feast.

anyway, the point of this background detail, is that they seem rather careless in their old age with the food situation, and their generation tends not to throw stuff away. 

when i went over there the other night, i brought a batch of sweet hawaiian meatballs i'd made that same day. they'd already been chilled, so they made the not quite hour drive down safe enough. i watched as my mother ate a plate full, and then promptly put them in the fridge.

fast forward to the next day, i call them at five p.m. from work, to tell them i'm working a bit late, but because of the rain, would be staying the night with them. wondered if there were any of the meatballs left, so i wouldn't have to stop for dinner on the way.

they were having them for dinner right then, but there were still plenty left for me. they'd save some for me.

so, left the office after six. stupidly took the freeway, instead of the surface streets, and got stuck in traffic for half an hour.

arriving about seven, i was famished. the leftovers were sitting on the counter, waiting for me. which meant, they'd been sitting out since before they were eating dinner, say about three hours by then.

took a chance and ate some anyway. they are/were pretty good, even if the sauce wasn't cooked long enough (apologies to my better half).

lost that bet this morning, when i got to work: meatballs' revenge. that'll teach me a lesson, that i already knew and ignored anyway.

sorry dad, i know you're gonna read this. but i really had other things i had to do at work than sit and ponder...

spring cleaning

1946 chevy fleetline

i've found, the best part about the end of the football season, is the super cruise at hillco fasteners in garden grove, on super bowl sunday. basically a car show in an industrial park, and cars cruise by up and down the street, in the early hours before game time. we get there early, so avoid so many people moving through shots, or cars crowded together.

found this chevy next to this building with some interesting cinder blocks, that catch the morning light with the embossed patterns. can't quite tell if it belongs to a club, since i don't see any plaque. it's close to where the dukes usually park, but i don't think it's one of theirs.

spent a good portion of my day off bagging up clothes i don't wear anymore, tossing stuff in the closet. better half has been complaining that he doesn't have enough drawer space, so now he has three more back. now if i could only figure a way to give him half the closet back for his giant tshirts or pants, he'd be a happier camper.

looks like the transfer of my website stuff to a trial design completed after only three days. i still have some time to fart around with layouts to decide if i want to bother changing it up now. i suppose i will end up doing it anyway, to stay current with my web provider. just another system to figure out how to make it do what i want. they think it's simpler to work with, but i don't, and i can't figure out some things yet.

not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. i think they should just make all holidays require four day weekends, not just because the specific holiday happens to be on a sunday.

better half's mother is already asking about taking down the tree. he'll leave it up as long as he can possibly delay it. i think he told her by valentine's day. that will also piss off the landlord, cuz he can't make him take it down.


spent a few hours in rialto today. figured a lot of people would be at ink n iron, so i'd go inland.

saw a lot of cars i've seen before. lots i didn't give a second thought about. had one guy offer to pay me to take a picture of his car, because he says no one ever takes a picture of it. when he pointed it out, i told him he'd have to close the hood, before i'd do it. he said he liked the hood up. i think he was kidding anyway.

this car, i've seen a few times. and i shoot it every year. the owner, sitting there, still as a statue through my set of shots, remembered me, and my better half from a previous year. my better half had taken his video tripod on a wheels out to this show the first time he tried it out, and must have chatted with this owner. 

that, and also that i didn't see any other tripods being used.