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1946 chevy fleetmaster

1946 chevy fleetmaster

made it out to the roadhouse show last weekend. brief stop, only two or three hours.

for one thing, it got too warm, and i was just over a cold or whatever, so i was starting to feel dizzy and just sweating profusely. i felt like pedro, wanting to shave my head because it was too hot with all my hair. need to carry a towel to soak in cold water and hang on my neck.

i also had somewhere else i had to be an hour and change away, and needed to eat and shower before skeedaddling on down.

there was just about the right number of cars to shoot in my limited amount of time, but the heat did slow me down. you see, i should have headed out when the alarm went off, instead of having breakfast first, before the sun got too high in the sky. eh, i would have felt worse without it, so here is the trade-off—sun up, lens flares, god beams—whatever term you want to use for fuck the rules and shoot into the sun…i wanted that angle.

i have a few other shots i liked, but this was the only one i had time to post. i’m away from whittier and my computer so much, i should either stop shooting or see it as saving for a rainy winter; so far, i’m going with the latter.

oh, and that other thing i had to get to—found out i’ll be having a granddaughter in a few months—first grandkid. oh i’m getting older, but that’s the trade-off, right? it’s a good thing.

looking back

i've been out for a few walks this weekend, but otherwise, have stayed in the house. worked on stuff for the office most of the day yesterday, except for a couple of hours spent watching game of thrones and walking uptown for dinner with my better half.

being that i use my old computer when i have to connect to the office, i left it hooked up after finishing work last night. figured today, i'd have a look around on the hard drive for any interesting old shots stored there, before getting back to work again.

found this old ford made new again. it's an ok shot. the car is damn near too perfectly polished that it's almost boring. but i liked the lens flares catching the light of the sunset, and bouncing it around on the camera sensor. photography purists may say this is a throw away, but some of my favorite shots are sprinkled in flares.

now, off to work toward a deadline...


1948 chevy fleetmaster

i have monday off from work. only know of one show, out in norco. i went to one there last year. lots of cars. worth the trip, but also very hot. used to have a reason to drive that far out of my way, but not really now. so i'm thinking about it, but haven't decided for sure if i really want to drive out to east jesus nowhere yet.

i should just hit up a couple of shows tomorrow and fill up my memory card with enough to keep me happy for a while. still a couple of weeks for my favorite monthly shows, so i'm just idling through older pictures in my collection.

i think this is one of the latin gents cars, out at ruby's last summer. they don't usually make it this far north for a smaller show, but i think there were a couple of them out that night.