what's up?

fun times


watched a kid playing around with this model car. he noticed me standing there watching, so he put it down.

quickly took a few sloppy pictures of it, for chuckleberries.

then i took a picture of it in front of the car he parked in front of.

this club was parked in a corner, soaking up the shade. sun starting to set, bounced the light around a bit, and flared off my lens, so it's slightly funky. just thought i'd post it, in case the kid and/or the owner happened to notice this post.


back in whittier for a few hours. don't think i'll stay the night. stopped to say hey to the better half, grab some clothes, write this post. too late to hit up a picnic show in montebello, or is it?

leaving also means i'll miss the show over in la puente tomorrow...decisions decisions. i have a headache...probably caffeine related.

couldn't post this set of images from the app, without losing the format, so i'll just do it now, while i'm at the computer.

don't know why i shot this car, since the hood was up, and no one asked me to. probably because i was running out of cars i wanted to shoot at this small show. 

don't get me wrong, it's a lovely car, i just don't like hoods up. but the hood ornament...love those, whenever, wherever...

1938 packard

home sweet home

chevy impala

got my home back for a week. kid is in kauai with his wifey. 

if the place wasn't so full of their stuff, i'd be tempted to not let them back in. ;) soon, they tell me, as they complain that rents are too high everywhere they look. yep, and good luck with that. pretty sure their dog will live out his lifespan here before they move. 

that's ok, as long as my better half is good with me hanging with him. 

here's another from manny's el loco cruise. squeezed in here between a big storage dumpster and the back end of this impala. i managed to get the shot i wanted. 

i think the owner sent a kid over to ask for a card first, then he later came over and gave me a flyer for his club's upcoming show. seemed nice enough, actually everybody at the show did. i'll have to add it to my growing list of shows i read about, and consider going to. i think it's out in fontana somewhere; will have to pull the flyer from my camera bag when i get back home in whittier. for the deets.


1936 buick

another monday. empty parking structure at work. this early, not expecting too many, but monday is always empty. holiday is next week, right? 

made it out to a cruise at manny's el loco this weekend. i seem to be only squeezing in one show a week nowadays...how times have changed. go with the flow at home. not expecting things to get better anytime soon.

anyways, what was i saying? oh ya, manny's...smallish turnout.  not sure if that was typical, but there was enough i like to shoot to have made it worth the trip. saw at least two clubs i know, and am always greeted warmly by at least one of their members. good to know someone at a show i've never been to, and when my better half isn't with me.

didn't make it to a morning show, so waited till the end of the day, avoiding the heat for the most part. should have stayed later and worked on some night time images, but i'll settle for sundowners. 

don't think my camera sensor is too happy about shooting the sun, but i like catching the rays and sun flares. it's a little different, and need to change things up sometimes.