what's up?

home sweet home

chevy impala

got my home back for a week. kid is in kauai with his wifey. 

if the place wasn't so full of their stuff, i'd be tempted to not let them back in. ;) soon, they tell me, as they complain that rents are too high everywhere they look. yep, and good luck with that. pretty sure their dog will live out his lifespan here before they move. 

that's ok, as long as my better half is good with me hanging with him. 

here's another from manny's el loco cruise. squeezed in here between a big storage dumpster and the back end of this impala. i managed to get the shot i wanted. 

i think the owner sent a kid over to ask for a card first, then he later came over and gave me a flyer for his club's upcoming show. seemed nice enough, actually everybody at the show did. i'll have to add it to my growing list of shows i read about, and consider going to. i think it's out in fontana somewhere; will have to pull the flyer from my camera bag when i get back home in whittier. for the deets.