what's up?

miss you

1951 ford

my original plans for this holiday weekend included backing up files, going to several carshows, and helping out my better half at home, by going to the market, etc.

the opportunity came up, and i've been at my place for four days now. i like it a lot. i've done my usual cleaning and repair work when i stay here for too long.

those kids tell me they spend weekends cleaning, but apparently, that NEVER includes bathrooms. i mean, come on, how hard is it to swirl a brush in the toilet? sweep the floor? i could write a message in the dust bunnies along the edge of the wall. gave the showers a good scrub, so now i think i'll take a bath for a change.

they have so many clothes! i assume the dresser is full--i'm not a snooper--but they also have two closets crammed and at four hampers full, as well as a pile of clothes on the floor of one closet.  i cannot tell what is clean or not, or i'd wash them. i did wash one of the hampers full that was downstairs, as well as re-doing what they had left in the dryer.

ugh. dug lint out of the dryer vent. and that load was too big (that's what she said.) i've told them before they'll start a fire. oh, and there were no batteries in the fire alarms...wtf.

ya, might be time for them to find their own place. 

i think i'll drive up to see my better half today. i'm sure he's been too busy to notice that i'm not there. j/k. maybe i can can talk him into leaving the house for a walk or dinner. 

saw this merc at the memo ortega anniversary show as i was heading out. it's different, and a beautiful, deep maroon color. 

if i stay in whittier tonight, i can make it to a show tomorrow. otherwise, see you next week at the uptown show. except for that one guy, and richard; they know where they can go--someplace extra hot and crispy.