what's up?

hell. o.

1948 chevy fleetmaster

so, i've started working at home on fridays, so my sister-in-law can have weekends at home. she's six hours drive away. boss is ok with it, at least for a while. at some point, might have to make some changes or fill out paperwork somewhere. really, i am working, but i am also helping care for my mother-in-law.

the worst part, and one of the most hated things about this house, is no air conditioning. now that we're firmly smack in the middle of summer, it really is hell living here during the day.

at least at this point, it still cools down a good bit at night, but fuck it during the day. there's no escape. i tried laying on the floor of the pantry, but it's still eighty-two degrees in there, so the coolness you initially feel, is gone quickly, once you acclimate.

we have fans all over the place, but they just push hot air around the room. tomorrow, i'm going to try hanging some frozen bottles of water in front of the fans, to see if they really will blow colder, as i've heard.

other than that, a cold shower, is really just tepid, but it is a bit cooler afterwards, for a little while.

thinking i'll probably only get out to one car show a weekend, very early, before mom wakes up. thinking i'm just going to start dumping water on my head when i'm out there and the sun comes up. i'll already be sweating profusely, and i don't really care how i look under a hat. either i'll wear a bathing suit underneath my clothes, or just wear a dark shirt...no reason to go full wet t-shirt on everyone.

nice fleetmaster from the anti-bomb show a couple of weeks ago. i just love the lines of fleetmasters and fleetlines. and the two-tone look, is really growing on me.


1951 chevy deluxe

during the course of the two hours i was at the anti-bomb show, i felt welcomed, both personally and as a photographer. the people that know me, greeted me with hugs, the others were very friendly.

i, of course, was slowly dying from the heat, and bartering in my mind how long i could stay, vs how red i was willing to let my skin get. top it off with a hot flash while standing in the shade, and an instant slick of sweat on my face, and that feeling of that one drip sliding down my spine, pretty much sealed the deal, and had me considering buying an ice cream from the little ice cream cart vendor. 

i wanted an ice cream sandwich, but those get too messy with the chocolate on the fingers, so then decided on a bomb pop. nope, he didn't have the one i wanted, so passed on the ice cream. 

was heading over to the hosts' door, where everyone seemed to be hanging out, to buy a bottle of water, when my friend from the veteranos offered me one. that guy saves me every time. gotta pay him back with a case and a print of his car one of these days.

this car is simple and clean. i just like the angle in this shot, not too distorted by the lens.


1953 pontiac

woke up this morning around three am. windows are open, cool breeze, and an overwhelming smell of smoke. being near the hills of whittier, had to get up and see if the hills were glowing nearby.

nope, but worrisome enough, breathing that strong smoke, that i couldn't get back to sleep. 

alarm went off at four. so about five hours of sleep. going to be a long day. 

dressed quickly, hoping to get out of town, on my way to work and away from the smoke. hungry too. 

fifty miles away, still smokey. turns out camp pendleton/san clemente had a fire going too.

anyway, two more days to a four-day weekend, and i have no plans. one or two car shows, and backing up files i guess. kid wants to go see that aliens covenant movie that all but disappeared quickly. did it suck?

hoping the smoke keeps the temps down, but doesn't force cancellation of the bomb club show at santa anita for a second time. 

nice green pontiac found at slick's anti bomb show. i had the cars here all to myself for the couple of hours i was there--everyone else in long beach at the bombs magazine show. 

got there at start time, after driving up from orange county. brief stop in tustin, to see if anything was at the biweekly show at enderle center. hadn't been there in a couple of years, being that it's more out of my way since spending more time in whittier.

was busy, but on a quick look around, only saw a couple i would really shoot, so didn't pull my camera bag out of the car, and left quickly, hoping for stuff i like out in montclair. 

driving into the lot at slicks, almost thought it had been cancelled or i had the date wrong. there were just four or five old chevys parked, and a tent setup but not much, compared to the memo ortega show there earlier in the month. 

parked in the shade, unloaded my bag and was about to go see what was going on or not, when one of the guys asked if i could move my car around the corner, as they were expecting more cars. bag back in the car, move to another shady spot under a tree. he starts taping off the show area. 

about that time i hear a siren, as the veteranos club shows up, and some other cars. so, ya, i had enough to shoot and keep me happy, until i couldn't take the heat anymore. 

three way

saw this impala in the back lot at the memo ortega show. pretty color, sitting mostly alone...had to crop out a newer car behind it, was easy to get a decent picture.

maybe if i backed up a bit more, the wheel would have distorted a little less.

there are at least three tempting car shows tomorrow morning, as far from each other as to have to decide on just one, or none...sleep in, and just go to the latin gents' monthly show in the evening. what to do, what to do...upland, riverside or santa ana?

flip a coin? play roulette...if i wake up early enough without an alarm, just decide as i back out of the driveway? 

i've been to the show in santa ana, and it is usually pretty good, and the lot gets full early, and is convenient to hit the gent's show on the way home if i stay there all day. used to go to disneyland in between, but who can afford the damn annual pass anymore?

could go hang out at my mom's for a few hours, or just go home in between.

that also argues to go to either upland or riverside, and just stop on the way home, to charge batteries and download pics. my fear is that once i get home, i won't want to go back out. it happens. usually too much sun, but it is only supposed to be in the seventies tomorrow...perfect weather.

guess i'll sleep on it. i still have hardly touched last week's pictures yet...not done sorting them out.

miss you

1951 ford

my original plans for this holiday weekend included backing up files, going to several carshows, and helping out my better half at home, by going to the market, etc.

the opportunity came up, and i've been at my place for four days now. i like it a lot. i've done my usual cleaning and repair work when i stay here for too long.

those kids tell me they spend weekends cleaning, but apparently, that NEVER includes bathrooms. i mean, come on, how hard is it to swirl a brush in the toilet? sweep the floor? i could write a message in the dust bunnies along the edge of the wall. gave the showers a good scrub, so now i think i'll take a bath for a change.

they have so many clothes! i assume the dresser is full--i'm not a snooper--but they also have two closets crammed and at four hampers full, as well as a pile of clothes on the floor of one closet.  i cannot tell what is clean or not, or i'd wash them. i did wash one of the hampers full that was downstairs, as well as re-doing what they had left in the dryer.

ugh. dug lint out of the dryer vent. and that load was too big (that's what she said.) i've told them before they'll start a fire. oh, and there were no batteries in the fire alarms...wtf.

ya, might be time for them to find their own place. 

i think i'll drive up to see my better half today. i'm sure he's been too busy to notice that i'm not there. j/k. maybe i can can talk him into leaving the house for a walk or dinner. 

saw this merc at the memo ortega anniversary show as i was heading out. it's different, and a beautiful, deep maroon color. 

if i stay in whittier tonight, i can make it to a show tomorrow. otherwise, see you next week at the uptown show. except for that one guy, and richard; they know where they can go--someplace extra hot and crispy.

stepped up

1941 chevy special deluxe

staying at my parents' house this evening. went out for a walk after work. felt good to get out, though it was hotter than the last few days have been.

decided i needed a destination--seems to be the only way to make me take that first step. i needed dinner, so headed to sonic for a burger. i know, doing something good to get something bad, but i don't eat the whole thing, and only a few fries, so sorta ok. 

well, my phone shows just under five miles to show for my trouble, so, got more than the mythical ten thousand steps the mythical "they" recommend. 

therein lies the problem: finding the time to do it consistently and often. say if i don't post a picture unless i've put in my steps, i'd probably post as often as my better half...not anymore. easier to do at my mom's because there's no computer here for me to work on my pictures.

but then, i have my phone or my ipad, and a couple of pictures all ready, waiting for some words to go with them, however meaningless. my blog, my blather, doesn't matter. 

this couple, (or brother and sister?) asked me to take a picture of them over by this car. not theirs, i think, but a friend's. no time to set up a typical shot of the whole car, and lots of people walking around at the time, so opted for my macro lens, for more of a quick portrait.

probably not what they wanted, since they posed in front of the car. guess i should have clarified that it would take a few minutes to set it up, change my camera settings, etc. maybe another time. i could have just flipped it into auto mode i suppose. brain wasn't clicking quick enough to flip from cars to people. stupid, right? 

anyway, nice people, and have since let me know they did like their picture after all. and i had taken a picture of the friend's car earlier.  turned out ok. maybe i should enter it in the fair.


1953 chevy bel air

first of all, let me apologize to the person(s) on the freeway at four in the morning, who do not think eighty miles an hour is fast enough. it's not like there aren't other lanes you could be in, yet feel the need to crawl up my tail pipe.

oh how i wish a cop on you after you give up and take off at a hundred miles an hour. even a flipped car, but then i take that back--it would mess up my drive to work more than you already have, asshole. 

quick post, as i do have to get to the office. this is memo's baby. it was his anniversary show, so had to get a shot of the car. where it was parked, couldn't really squeeze in for another angle, with cars and people congregating in this prime apex of the lot.

pretty sure i've seen it elsewhere, just didn't know it's history. if i tagged it right in my digital garage, i'm sure i could find other shots of it. 

gotta get movin'...weekend isn't gonna get any closer if i don't. ttfn. 

full monty

1956 mercury montclair

or at least a three-quarter monty. another of the few cars worth shooting at the show in san diego. orange and off-white was fairly striking under the hot sun. imagining the chrome would burn something fierce if you touched it long enough—put a real good grill mark on your buns.

just an aside: hey geri, were trying to rig the raffle? party on...