what's up?

stepped up

1941 chevy special deluxe

staying at my parents' house this evening. went out for a walk after work. felt good to get out, though it was hotter than the last few days have been.

decided i needed a destination--seems to be the only way to make me take that first step. i needed dinner, so headed to sonic for a burger. i know, doing something good to get something bad, but i don't eat the whole thing, and only a few fries, so sorta ok. 

well, my phone shows just under five miles to show for my trouble, so, got more than the mythical ten thousand steps the mythical "they" recommend. 

therein lies the problem: finding the time to do it consistently and often. say if i don't post a picture unless i've put in my steps, i'd probably post as often as my better half...not anymore. easier to do at my mom's because there's no computer here for me to work on my pictures.

but then, i have my phone or my ipad, and a couple of pictures all ready, waiting for some words to go with them, however meaningless. my blog, my blather, doesn't matter. 

this couple, (or brother and sister?) asked me to take a picture of them over by this car. not theirs, i think, but a friend's. no time to set up a typical shot of the whole car, and lots of people walking around at the time, so opted for my macro lens, for more of a quick portrait.

probably not what they wanted, since they posed in front of the car. guess i should have clarified that it would take a few minutes to set it up, change my camera settings, etc. maybe another time. i could have just flipped it into auto mode i suppose. brain wasn't clicking quick enough to flip from cars to people. stupid, right? 

anyway, nice people, and have since let me know they did like their picture after all. and i had taken a picture of the friend's car earlier.  turned out ok. maybe i should enter it in the fair.