what's up?

hell. o.

1948 chevy fleetmaster

so, i've started working at home on fridays, so my sister-in-law can have weekends at home. she's six hours drive away. boss is ok with it, at least for a while. at some point, might have to make some changes or fill out paperwork somewhere. really, i am working, but i am also helping care for my mother-in-law.

the worst part, and one of the most hated things about this house, is no air conditioning. now that we're firmly smack in the middle of summer, it really is hell living here during the day.

at least at this point, it still cools down a good bit at night, but fuck it during the day. there's no escape. i tried laying on the floor of the pantry, but it's still eighty-two degrees in there, so the coolness you initially feel, is gone quickly, once you acclimate.

we have fans all over the place, but they just push hot air around the room. tomorrow, i'm going to try hanging some frozen bottles of water in front of the fans, to see if they really will blow colder, as i've heard.

other than that, a cold shower, is really just tepid, but it is a bit cooler afterwards, for a little while.

thinking i'll probably only get out to one car show a weekend, very early, before mom wakes up. thinking i'm just going to start dumping water on my head when i'm out there and the sun comes up. i'll already be sweating profusely, and i don't really care how i look under a hat. either i'll wear a bathing suit underneath my clothes, or just wear a dark shirt...no reason to go full wet t-shirt on everyone.

nice fleetmaster from the anti-bomb show a couple of weeks ago. i just love the lines of fleetmasters and fleetlines. and the two-tone look, is really growing on me.