what's up?

three way

saw this impala in the back lot at the memo ortega show. pretty color, sitting mostly alone...had to crop out a newer car behind it, was easy to get a decent picture.

maybe if i backed up a bit more, the wheel would have distorted a little less.

there are at least three tempting car shows tomorrow morning, as far from each other as to have to decide on just one, or none...sleep in, and just go to the latin gents' monthly show in the evening. what to do, what to do...upland, riverside or santa ana?

flip a coin? play roulette...if i wake up early enough without an alarm, just decide as i back out of the driveway? 

i've been to the show in santa ana, and it is usually pretty good, and the lot gets full early, and is convenient to hit the gent's show on the way home if i stay there all day. used to go to disneyland in between, but who can afford the damn annual pass anymore?

could go hang out at my mom's for a few hours, or just go home in between.

that also argues to go to either upland or riverside, and just stop on the way home, to charge batteries and download pics. my fear is that once i get home, i won't want to go back out. it happens. usually too much sun, but it is only supposed to be in the seventies tomorrow...perfect weather.

guess i'll sleep on it. i still have hardly touched last week's pictures yet...not done sorting them out.