what's up?


1951 chevy deluxe

during the course of the two hours i was at the anti-bomb show, i felt welcomed, both personally and as a photographer. the people that know me, greeted me with hugs, the others were very friendly.

i, of course, was slowly dying from the heat, and bartering in my mind how long i could stay, vs how red i was willing to let my skin get. top it off with a hot flash while standing in the shade, and an instant slick of sweat on my face, and that feeling of that one drip sliding down my spine, pretty much sealed the deal, and had me considering buying an ice cream from the little ice cream cart vendor. 

i wanted an ice cream sandwich, but those get too messy with the chocolate on the fingers, so then decided on a bomb pop. nope, he didn't have the one i wanted, so passed on the ice cream. 

was heading over to the hosts' door, where everyone seemed to be hanging out, to buy a bottle of water, when my friend from the veteranos offered me one. that guy saves me every time. gotta pay him back with a case and a print of his car one of these days.

this car is simple and clean. i just like the angle in this shot, not too distorted by the lens.