what's up?

at the races

1948 chevy fleetmaster

bomb club finally got their day at the track, to make up for the rain cancellation from cinco de mayo. 

i hadn't been to santa anita in years, and though i drove as far around the lot as i could when i arrived, until i came up to some cones blocking the way, i could not find any classic cars.

i was there early, but got out and walked past the empty 626 night market, down to where a security guard told me to go out, and follow the green line to gate six, further than i had gone before. basically, the opposite side of the park.

this time, i was able to keep going, since the cones had been moved. found the cars, parked up close. took a few pictures and a few videos before they said i could go down into the tunnel to the infield too.

was great to see all the cars in a new venue. same cars, different place. perfectly fine day, even if it did get hot and sunny fairly early.

i'll post a few, though i know most people don't bother reading this, and stick to the pretty pretty pictures on instagram, without the extraneous blather.

i almost didn't go either. had a backache all day, the day before. sat around and did nothing all day, and it still hurt. got up when the alarm went off, and it still hurt, but figured, maybe if i got up and moved around at a show, it would go away, and i'd be distracted. it worked, as usual. i did feel it, but was able to ignore it, and focus on the cars, and only had to worry about getting water, and taking breaks in the shade. thank goodness there was a cool breeze.